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Nathan Typeface is a free script font with a vintage retro look packed with a more modern look making it suitable for all today's design needs. Vintage and retro looks have indeed been on the rise lately, along with the return of the popularity of old styles. This free font can be your mainstay to create a more stunning design.

Even though it has a retro look, this free script font can also be implemented with artwork with a modern and minimalist theme. Because of its unique appearance, designers can use the Nathan typeface as the main font in an artwork that can attract the attention of the audience.

Nathan Typeface is one of the works of a famous design studio called Vultype Co. This design studio has catapulted its name in the world of graphic design by producing various interesting and unique letter styles. You can see a complete catalog of the products they offer on CreativeMarket.

Vultype Co also provides many free fonts that you can download on our site. All the graphic assets made by this studio are pretty fantastic as several big brands have collaborated with Vultype Co as well.

This free font is designed with a traditional look. If you're looking for a unique letter style, Nathan Typeface might be your best choice. This typeface uses a hand-drawn style that makes it look authentic.

Because it looks like it is handmade, there are several natural brush flow that the designer deliberately made to make this font even more unique. Styles like this might be very suitable for use in apparel, branding, logos, advertisements, and also poster designs. With its retro appearance, this font gives off a very attractive masculine feel.

This type of writing comes in 2 types of versions that you can choose according to your needs. If you want to use this free font for your personal needs only, you can choose the free version, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, if you want to use this typeface for commercial work, you have to download the full version available on CreativeMarket page. In this full version, you will get a commercial license to use this font in your projects. Prices are set between about $19. The price varies depending on the type of license you want to purchase. 

Both the free and full versions contain the same files. Both bundles include 5 features (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual) that you will need to create amazing artwork.

What do you think of this font? You can always let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section below. We hope you can enjoy this graphic asset and use it for your projects. Have a great day, and cheers!

  • 1 Font Style
  • 5 Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual




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