Cheapsman Typeface | Free Sans Serif Font

This free font is highly recommended for designers who like designs with a vintage theme but are still minimalist. Cheapsman typeface can be downloaded without any cost.

This font is included as one of the free sans serif fonts. The letter design is minimalist and simple, so it can be applied to various types and design themes. Starting from vintage, modern, and also classic themes, all themes would definitely match this typeface.

Cheapsman typeface is one of the best works that is created by Typetemp Studio. This studio that is based in Indonesia, has produced lots of other interesting fonts that you can incorporate into your designs.

Starting from simple and minimalist letter designs to elegant and stylish letter designs, all are available on their website, Typetemp art concepts mostly focus on creating simple and flexible typeface designs. The fonts produced by this studio are fonts that are frequently trending and in high demand.

With a design style that carries a vintage theme, the Cheapsman typeface might be the perfect choice for designers who are looking for a simple yet classic style. This free sans serif font also emphasizes simplicity, just like most other sans serif fonts.

It looks bold and also stands out, making it perfect for use if you want to make big signages or an eye-catching design. This letter design might remind you of the types of writing that are usually used on sticker store displays in vintage Hollywood films.

With its unique characteristics, this free sans serif font is highly recommended for designers. There are two types of versions that you can choose from, which are the free and the full version.

A free version of this free font is downloadable at the bottom of this page, and you can enjoy 8 features (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual, Ligature, Alternate, Symbol). However, you will only get 1 font style (Regular).

When compared to the full version, you can enjoy much more complete styles and letters. If you purchase the full version of this free font, you will receive the 8 features in 4 different letter styles (Regular, Extruded, Outline, Slant). You can purchase the full version on Typetemp studio official website.

For the standard license version, you will only be charged about $20 dollars. As for the commercial and extended license versions, they will be charged for $100 and $500, respectively. And we do think it is worth the price with the unique design quality.

You can use this free font to design your power points, posters, invitations, stickers, and other art projects. Most designers use this type of letter design to be used in their poster designs because of the characteristics of the type of writing, which is bold and eye-catching.

Cheapsman is also very suitable to be used as the main element for a logotype. It is also often used for barber business logos, as well as shops that carry a classic vintage concept. Try it out!

  • 4 Font Styles: Regular, Extruded, Outline, Slant
  • 8 Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual, Ligature, Alternate, Symbol
  • Full Version is available here >
FREE VERSION (Personal Use License)
  • 1 Font Style
  • 8 Features: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeral, Punctuation, Multilingual, Ligature, Alternate, Symbol


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