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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Tampa That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Tampa That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Tampa?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Logo designers are sprucing like a Spring bloom. There are tons of people offering their expertise in creating professional logo works for varying prices and services. It includes what you can find in Tampa, Florida. If you reside in Tampa or a nearby location, you will be bound to find many talented creators. 

To help pick logo designers in Tampa, this article has compiled the 15 highest results in some job marketplaces. The sources are Yelp, Thumbtack, Clutch, and Google. Some people with the highest rating and those who appear on the first page are listed in this article. However, it does not identify that everyone is the best. 

You, as a customer, need to find more information and consider some aspects before sealing the project creation deal. Be sure to consider some aspects mentioned below to make sure the designers in Tampa are the best-suited option for you. Please remember that popularity is not the key to everything. Logo design is an investment you need to make carefully.  


Things To Consider About Picking Logo Designers

Before picking the designers, owners need to pay attention to some aspects to ensure their logo project will turn into the best one. At least there are some bounding points to highlight. The first one is to understand what kind of sign to make. The information includes the target, the message, the imagery, or the idea to give to Tampa's Designer. 

The second factor is to pick Tampa's logo designers that reflect your style. There are many designers out there with their styles and model, including expertise in certain logo works. Picking one that fits your demand helps minimize the chance of disappointing work. After that, the next factor goes to the business details and values. 

Company owners need to have a definite idea about the important details to showcase. It will help the planning easier to grasp for both customers and designers. After that, the aspects cover the customers and designer chemistry. It includes reflecting and checking out every possible logo work design made by the potential Tampa creator. 

You need to check the portfolio, consider the pricing, and the matching factor of you (customer) and the designers. Take the logo designers in Tampa as an investment, so you have to put extra care into picking one. If you are not sure, try to pick a professional with branding ability. Going with a specialist can cost more, but it might bring better results. 

For logo creation, creators in Tampa might offer varying other relevant offers. The offers or services can include working for the website design, branding, SEO, or other logo uses. It is a great option if you can afford it. But, the last thing to consider is to go with your gut. In other words, a fuzzy warm feeling or first love on the portfolio might lead you to the best logo creators in Tampa. 


Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers / Agencies / Studios

1. ElephantMark LLC

Clutch listed ElephantMark LLC as one of the best logo designers located in Tampa, with a 4.5 out of five stars rate. The agency is a company founded in 2009 comprising 2-9 people in it. The company itself focuses as a branding agency, offering more than just sign design offers. It includes SEO, CRMs, theme, website design, branding, UI/ UX interactive design, etc. 

ElephantMarks LLC is located in Lakewood Ranch, Tampa, Florida. For the price tag, the company suggests around $150-199/hour rate and has a minimum project of $10,000+. It is pretty much one of the professional logo designers in Tampa. For more information, you can find more details on its official site at 



2. The Digital Agenda 

The Digital Agenda is one of the top creators listed as a Tampa Website Design Company by The marketplace lists the company with 3.8 stars out of five, but it is still a good option for a company focusing on a 20% logo creation project. If you are looking for a smaller project size with a modern style in Tampa, this company should suffice. 

The company that was founded in 2010 has some experts in branding, including working with SEO, PPC, and other web design functions. For a company with a 2‚Äď9-person scale, the price tag is pretty low. It offers designers' rates starting from $25 to $50 per hour with a minimum project scale of $1,000.¬†

The Tampa design's company website is at Based on the company website itself, The Digital Agenda is one of the studios with varying awards in the marketplace. It was the top small business in Clutch under the web designers' category. The Tampa logo design agency also has a Certificate of excellence from Bark and a Five stars rate from Thumbtack in 2019. 



3. Dolomites Consulting group

Categorized as one of Tampa's business consulting, advertising, and marketing Agencies, the company has its long service offers. The Dolomites are included as the top logo designers in Tampa, according to Yelp. There is not enough information about the rate on Yelp, but the company has everything stated on its official site at 

One of the reasons is the branding expertise and focus. The company has its history as one of Tampa's best business consultation and branding services. It covers different brands and styles, including different industries. The company provides experts for this matter, bringing better messaging, story, and bridge between the customer's audience and their creation. 



4. One Stop Print & Copy Center

Yelp marketplace provides a different list of top logo designers located in Tampa. One of them is named One Stop Print and Copy Center, which is Tampa's business focusing on sign making, graphic design, and printing services. The Local company has five stars on Yelp's user review. This place the company is located in Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay, Florida area. 

Due to its Printing and Copy center business, the company has a lot to offer to Tampa's companies. It can provide varying services, including copies, making logos, cards, brochures, and other print-related jobs. Design is one of the options, which is why the company comes as one of the top Logo creators list and other related job options. 



5. Braintech Systems

Braintech System is one of the top web and logo designers in Tampa. Even though the agency has more focus on the web and software development, it also has a good reputation as a branding expert. There are certified professionals, budget-friendly rates, customization solutions, and free estimates. It is a great graphic designer you need to check. 

For the detail, the company is located in the Town N Country and serves Clearwater, FL Area, Tampa. Looking at the portfolio (, the agency can be a great logo creator option under the more modern and traditional design. It worked with varying companies, which more or less have a rather formal design for its branding and design. 



6. Moloko Creative Inc

Rated 4.9 from, Moloko is a creative agency in Tampa that deserves its position on this list. The company is pretty big with a size of 10-49 employees. It was also founded in 2014, making it one of the best experienced creative companies you can work with in Tampa. The company also signifies varying design-related jobs and offers, from logo, animation, videos, and branding. 

Moloko highlights creativity as its focus, bringing original ideas for advertising projects. It includes working with logo, packaging, or any brand development. For a professional company, the company set $5,000 as a minimum project with rates starting from $25 -$50/hour. Moloko also has its website at



7. Custom Design 360 

Ranging its rate from $25-$50/hour, Custom Design 360 has a minimum project of around $1,000. The company is pretty new, founded in 2021 with a size of 10-49 employees. This is an agency that focuses 20% on logo graphics, promising a compelling custom logo design with professional hands in Tampa.  

Again, the company is located in St Petersburg, serving the Tampa area and Clearwater beach. For its logo designers in Tampa services, the styling is mostly on a modern setup. It also has many other branding-related offers, which customers can pick based on need. The Agency has its company website at   



8. Designanhour

Designanhour is a design agency found in the Google search engine. It is the first data to appear on the page associated with the map of Tampa. Based on its site (, the company offers a focus on logo creation with different rate brackets. It starts with packages of $99, $149, $249, and $399, with different offers and products to offer.

Based on the portfolio, the logo creation made by Designanhour is unique. It has a lot of customization based on its images and models. The agencies highlight professional workers with complete copyright or ownership of their job. For its commission and services, customers can send requests, email, or visit their office in Tampa.   



9. Design Raptor  

Another agency that provides logo creator offers is Design Raptor. It is a company situated in Tampa with more than 15 years of experience. Design Raptor is listed as one of the best logo designers in Tampa on Clutch. It also has a five stars rating for a big company with a minimum project of $5,000. Even with a large scale, the company's rate starts from $25-50/hr. 

The design style is pretty unique and fun, with some modern taste in the logo. With the large minimum project scale, the designer's agency might not be for small business owners. But with the rate and expertise, the company can give great investment in branding. It also has a reliable website at with varying portfolios to look at. 



10. RT graphix 

Along with varying agencies offering professional logo designers' works, there are also some top creators listed in Thumbtack. RT Graphix is one of the best options in Thumbtack, with the top designer rate category. For the job, RT Graphix has a starting cost of $175/ logo. The agency is composed of 3 employees and has been serving Tampa and international clients for more than seven years. 

Looking at its logo design portfolio, the designers tend to have custom characters and ideas with cartoony imagery. Even as a small company with three employees, the agency is one of the current top pro designers in Thumbtack. It also has varying other services, including design graphics for other branding attributes, such as business cards, posters, websites, etc. 



11. Moonlit Media 

Another Top Pro on the Thumbtack marketplace is Moonlit Media. The company offers its service with a starting price of $195/ design. Each rate comes with different services, including Text only logos, complex packages, to website development. It serves Tampa areas with more than 23 years of experience in the business. 

As one of the best logo designers in Tampa, the agency has 4.9 rates in Thumbtack. There are also varying types of styles, comprising the more modern to the traditional model. The agency works for corporations, business, or personal clients, which make it a great option for people from Tampa. Moonlit media is also available on social media or website at 



12. Ctrell Designs

Ctrell Designs is not an agency or logo designers' company; rather, it is a personal freelancer. Under its name, the service provider has more than 19 years in business and is ready to serve Tampa. For a personal running business, Ctrell Designs has a pretty good rate and is considered as one of the Top Pro lists in Thumbtack. 

Based on the Thumbtack information and details, the designer focuses on logo creation with some unique imagery in work. It has many modern styles making it a nice addition for varying industries and brands. The logo designer mentioned expertise in using Adobe Creative suites, including Photoshop and Illustrator.  



13. LogoOctane  

Offering a design job starting from $99 per logo, this is a small agency that has served Tampa for some years. The team consists of professional designers who are experts in creating a logo in various styles. It includes design styles in vintage, feminine, classic, retro, modern, or flat and minimalist styles. 

Not only for logo design works, but the agency also has other offers for varying projects. It includes banners, websites, t-shirts, UI/UX, posters, etc. LogoOctane is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, where they showcase portfolios and offers. As one of the logo designers in Tampa, this small business successfully has a top pro-rate with 4.9 stars in Thumbtack. 



14. Dekree Studio

Offering a starting cost of the design of around $500/logo, Dekree Studio is a professional design studio serving Tampa. It is a background check job with more than 7 years of experience in the business. As a creative agency, Dekree Studio focuses on design as its services. It includes working and creating decals, fashion print, to digital content. 

One of the great offers by them is logo design and branding services, where they can help you start from scratch. They have the business open for Tampa's or international corporation, personal, or business work. The logo style also includes varying styles and approaches, such as a modern or text-based sign model. 



15. Spark Creative

Available to serve Tampa, FL, Spark Creative is a graphic design studio providing quality logo works to the table. The main software used includes working in Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and InDesign. The logo design rate starts from $300/ work. However, there are also varying other design projects. 

Currently one of the top pro logo designers in Tampa listed at Thumbtack, Spark Creative introduces themself to have been more than 9+ years in the graphic design business. There is also varying expertise in major social media works plus networking platforms, which provide varying options for working with different brands, industries, and companies.  



Final Words 

The said list are some of the best designers in the form of agencies, studios, or freelancers. It is best to note that each option comes with its offers. It is always best to make proper contact and pitch your offers to make a logo. Each designer might also come with different ranges of price, services, and help, which affect their payment. 

In one way or another, picking the best designer that fits your needs should not only depend on popularity. You, as the business owner or consumer, need to prioritize some points before engaging and sealing the design deal. Make sure the designers are capable of working with you, reliable, legible, and professional. Sometimes it is best to visit and meet face to face. 

It is also worth mentioning that Tampa composes a huge area to cover. Some of the logo designers in Tampa might be located far from the customer's place. In any case, it is always best to meet and discuss the logo project. You can find more details on their official website or go to the designer marketplace at Yelp, Thumbtack, or Clutch. 

The list given is only the small surface of Tampa's graphic designers. There are more options out there that might not be listed on the internet. The information given is based on some online job marketplaces, Yelp, Thumbtack, Clutch, and Google. It is always best to check on the candidates before sealing the deal.