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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Sydney That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Sydney That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Sydney?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Sydney, one of the biggest cities in Australia, specifically the capital city of the state of New South Wales, is filled with people. It is known as the most populous city in Oceania and Australia. This condition gives the city have potential to become the center of many jobs and services, including designers' headquarters and many talented freelancers. 

It opens up possibilities for working with logo designers with their unique and professional services. But what are the options there? To help you pick up some of the best people in the area, the following list has put at least 15 best creators serving Sydney. The list is made up of varying sources, including online work platforms and search engines.  

Before going straight to the logo designer Sydney list, the biggest question people have is how much the logo costs in Sydney. With the more competitive market, a good content strategy is not enough. Businesses or companies need to find the properly paired-up visual to support and tell well the concept and story. It makes the brand designer have significantly vast rates. 

In this case, the estimation is around $300 to $800 for the medium-sized project range. But with more factors to consider, a starting piece logo can go as high as $2,500 or more. It goes or depends on certain factors, such as the complexity, element, story, compensation, deadlines, number of edits, and more services. 

With the idea of splurging big investment in the logo designers, it is best to carefully pick the individual. In the following list, the options include varying possible creators. It can be in the form of a freelancer, individual creator, or agency with the highest score/rate/star from an online platform or search engine. 


1. Design By Mouse 

Appearing as one of the best recommendations of Google Maps, Design by Mouse is a freelance designer with a high rating of 4.9. The business is located in Hayberry and has been running its business for more than ten years. You can find its information on the official site of The site will show how vast the services and jobs are offered by the creator. 

Looking at the site, Logo design is one of the jobs under its graphic and branding services. The Sydney company has the ability to create strong brands through varying emotions and brands to make them alive. The portfolio of the creator itself showcases a range of modern styles for varying brands and industry companies. You can send job details or ask for a quote through its site. 



2. Made Agency 

Available as another high-rated logo designer in Sydney by Google Maps, the Made agency is a professional design agency you can find online or offline. It is located in Double bay, Australia, and serves Sydney or Australia in general. For more information about the company, you can visit, where the company showcases its jobs and services. 

Based on the site, Made Agency has various services, including logo, graphic design, web, branding, packaging, copywriting, SEO, and many more. With a 4.7 rate from Google, the company is pretty much the higher quality designer for logos or other services. You can check more of its portfolio, which covers varying styles for famous clients as your references.  



3. Creato 

Creato is not only one of the best references from Google, but it also appears as one of the websites on the first page of Google Search Page. It explains not only its quality but also its popularity as a logo designer in Sydney. With that, the company website ( can help prove the job services and their quality, especially with a renowned clients list. 

The company pinpoints some of the best clients it ever works with are BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur, Inc., Just Creative, and the Huffington Post. One thing is for sure, Creato offers varying designer jobs and services for local Sydney or universal. That is why one of its offers is a startup success package including logo, website, stationery, social media, to brand guideline design. 



4. Team Lewis 

Having its focus working in Asia, the Sydney logo designer company has focused on creative branding projects. Reachable through, you can find much more information about brand design creation the company can develop. Thanks to its focus on branding, the services include logo creation, marketing research, public relation, and transformation. 

Each comes up with its unique offers, which you can find more information about on its official website. The logo design itself is located in Sydney and many other cities across continents and countries. It explains the quality and the company's reach, which is a great deliberation when working for a huge company's investment. For quotes and details, be sure to check out the official site.  



5. Mesh Media 

Mesh media is one of the companies appearing on the first page of Google Search with the website domain of You can check and go to the site to find out more information about the Sydney-based designer's agency. One thing that stands out from the company is its focus on graphics and branding. 

It means that Mesh Media has expertise in creating logos, brand development, and graphic design. Some other services also include printing, which means supporting marketing and branding services. One thing is for sure, the designers' agency has a range of work portfolios to showcase its credibility and quality. 

From the side, the logo designer Sydney's site showcases its job process that starts from visual identity to many other branding functions. It can be seen from the varying jobs the company has done before. You can see from the site that the company has varying logo design styles, composing modern, wordmark, to casual work for different industries.  



6. Logo Designs 

As the name says, the company focuses and mainly works on sign-creation projects. The logo designer has all of the information shown on the official site of There are details on job inquiries, inclusion, and all of the details the client can get. If you are a company residing in Sydney, you can get in contact easily for better inquiries. 

Looking at the site, the logo creator or designers show off its quality and work through a vast type of symbol. There are mascots, modern, vintage, wordmark, to icons, which are great options for you who are looking for an authentic visual identity. 

The website design itself has shown the quality and professionality of the company itself. You can find all of the information there, including testimonials, blogs, and special offers. It indicates the possibility of getting reasonable prices, working from everywhere, and getting disinters with years of experience to customize your visual identity needs.



7. Visibility Marketing

Known as a branding and rebrand specialist in Sydney, Visibility appears in this list due to the high Google Rating and appears on the first page of Google Search. The site is under the name, which you can visit to find more information about the company's details and offers. 

Working for a branding function, the logo designer Sydney also has many to offer in its services. It mainly focuses on logos, but there are also rebranding, business identity design, brand style guides, and brand management. At its root, the Sydney-based agency offers its job to the next level, especially with specialists in building or rebuilding the brand from the ground up. 



8. Truptibahen G 

After going with varying agency and company logo designers, many Sydney creatives are working as freelancers or self-employed. With that in mind, some of the best designers' recommendations are from It is a freelance and job portal where you can find people from beginner to professional logo creators everywhere, including Sydney.   

The first to appear as the recommendation is Truptibahen G, located in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. The person behind it has proven her job by receiving five stars rating with more than 900 clients under its job portfolios. The creator also showcases its portfolios that cover varying jobs and design products, from logo, web, photo, and programming. 

Based on the profile, the creator also serves Sydney with its varying specialties. For more details, the education details explain multiple computer courses with bachelor degrees. The creator also has more than five years of experience in web, design, and graphic services while presenting their job mainly online. If you are interested, check out Truptibahen G in Airtasker. 


9. Mohammad T 

Also found as one of the highest recommendations in Airtasker, Mohammad T has 4.6 stars and more than 600 jobs as a designer serving Sydney or Australia in general. The freelancer states that he is a creator based in Melbourne and has a range of industrial experience as a logo designer. There are also some details explaining expertise with varying software. 

As one of the recommended logo designers in Sydney, Mohammad T serves a lot of possible logo design ideas. It is shown from the portfolio, which covers varying styles from icons, mascots, and wordmarks. Each has its authentic touch, especially for mascots. If you are looking for an online Sydney designer, consider this person since he also works online.  


10. Zafar H

Located in Derrimut, VIC, Australia, Zafar is another member of Airtasker. Working as a single freelancer, Zafar has some offers in working with graphic design in varying forms. Logo design is one of the services, but it also includes other services such as mobile apps, web, T-shirts, video editing, and many other print materials. 

Having more than 200 reviews in Airtasker, Zafar has almost perfect 4.9 stars for his services. Looking at his portfolio, Zafar mostly works with varying mascots and unique logo designs with more affordable prices starting from $50. Some of them focus on gaming design, which is a great reference for companies in the same industry in Sydney. 


11. Melissa C

Another professional logo designer in Sydney to consider is Melissa C, one of the best members of Airtasker. Melissa has a lot of jobs, and reviews exceed more than 800 reviews with an average 4.9 rating. One thing that catches people's eye from the profile is very simple information about her service, which includes logo design and branding solutions in Sydney and Australia. 

With that details, it is best to say that the freelancer has her hand focusing on creating a logo or branding design. You can see it from the portfolio information, which showcases all of the jobs, or by Mellisa. Based on the portfolio, Mellisa's design style tends to appear more on modern and feminine ideas. Many of the projects use female-relevant colors and font. 

Other than that, most imagery of the Sydney freelancer's portfolio are wordmarks with many touches of modern style in it. The price listing is pretty affordable, with a range of $50 to $150. Skill-wise, the profile shows that the designer has a degree in media and creative arts with specialties in working with logos, book covers, brochures, and many other branding items. 


12. Usama R

With more than 300 completed tasks from Airtasker, Usama has 4.9 stars as one of the most recommended logo designers in Sydney. There is no exact information about the services, but surely the freelancer has some specialties in working graphics, Photoshop, and WordPress. Looking at the profile, the designer is pretty much a professional creator from Sydney. 

The man also has a bachelor's degree in community services with a certificate in security operation. While education does not relate to design works, there are several design works from Usama. You can also check out the Airtasker profile for job references covering varying styles or design models.  


13. Muhammad I

Muhammad I also has its spotlight as one of the recommended designers through Airtasker. The man is based in Parramatta, Australia, which allows him to work and serve Sydney. With 4.8 stars from 71 reviews, the man has services focusing on varying design, branding, and marketing services. It includes print, digital, mobile app development, web development, and digital marketing. 

Some detail from his profile also shows that Muhammad also works for various industries. But he specifically highlights some industry expertise in beauty, real estate, services, health, retail, startups, e-commerce, services, or construction. For the price list, the logo designer Sydney offers professional services starting from $99.  


14. Future Brand Australia 

From freelancers, some Sydney companies can provide professional logos. The designers are found in, a job platform that lists a range of creators from freelance to agency. Among many, Future brand Australia gets high recommendations as a branding company.

Based on its profile, the company is an entrepreneurial group of brand strategy, experience, and identity experts. It is a locally owned business with global relationships and services. Thus, whether you are from Sydney, America, or anywhere can checkout FutureBrand Australia for professional logo design. 

The company itself is specifically located in Melbourne but can give online service to Sydney. The company set its minimal design project for more than $100K with a rate starting around $200- $300/ hour. For more information about rates and offers, you can check out the Logo designer Sydney clutch profile or go to its official website at 



15. Brandcraft

Another one from Clutch's recommendation is BrandCraft. It is a small design agency with two to nine employees based in Sydney. Despite being a small company, BrandCraft has long experience in the design world, as it was founded in 2015. The job offers are not only limited to the logo. Most of them also include symbols and many digital works. 

The person behind the company is Richard Sauerman and Nick Buckhurst. Richard himself is known as the #3 top world 30 branding guru. With that qualification, Brandcraft can deliver high-quality jobs at a pretty approachable price. The minimum project size is around $10K, with a $150 to $199 hourly rate. For more information, you can also check out  



Final Words

Being one of the most populous cities in Sydney, there are many professional designers to work with. If you are a business owner seeking a better or professional creator, the list has picked some of the best recommendations found on the internet and online work platform. Each also has its unique offers, as some can appear as an agency or individual logo creators. 

Price-wise, the cost for logo designers and their services in Sydney can range as low as $300 to as high as more than $2500. Each depends on the project's difficulty and demands, which include the complexity of the story to elements. 

The list of logo designers in Sydney in this article is not sorted by any means. The details and more services information can be found on the official site or job platform every designer are found at. One thing is for sure, each person or designer has unique offers, which is why it is better to find more information beforehand. 

Checking out the information of the designers also helps in preventing any fraud and possible disappointment. Be sure to check their profile, information, logo expertise, job details, location, or offers. Thus, you will get the best offers or jobs for your logo project.