Top 15 Logo Designers in Singapore That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Singapore?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Singapore is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is very design literate. One of the designs that are growing rapidly there is logo design. This country is a mecca for logo designs for other countries because it is considered that the logos that are launched are always successful. These logos include brand logos, school logos, and so on.

The success of the country bearing the merlion symbol is also inseparable from the support of professional logo designers. Many professional designers work both freelance and full-time. Most of them have established nationally recognized design companies, and some have even gone international.

Although there are many designers and many design companies there, the competition there is fairly healthy. Each of the logo designers created their own creations and launched them without anyone knocking each other down. They care so much about copyright that no one plagiarizes other people's work. In addition, each designer also has characteristics and specialists in their respective fields. This healthy competition is difficult for other countries to imitate.

If you want to learn logo design, then study the designers in this country. Later, you will get a lot of knowledge and management of professional design company management. Therefore, know the top 15 of the best logo designers in Singapore in the full discussion.

As your inspiration to continue to be enthusiastic in developing logo design skills, then you need to know the top 15 best Logo Designers in Singapore. These professional designers have worked for decades with works that have traveled abroad. In addition, now they also have their own designer logo company brand. Don't you want to be like them?


1. 8traordinary

This one blends human-centered design, excellent branding, creative work, and digital knowledge to help brands be special. It is an award-winning brand consultancy. These are the company's guiding principles:

  • People are not all created equal.
  • Similarly, not all businesses are created equal.
  • Choose to be mediocre. Excellence can also be chosen.

    This decision to stand out is what led to the creation of 8traordinary. To decide to be exceptional in your methods, concepts, and executions. The philosophy focuses on understanding the Whys, conceptualizing the Particular Hows, and carrying out the What's in an Extraordinary manner. Each of these logo designers offers the world something unique. 

    Each of us has a distinct perspective because of the various genetics, histories, and experiences that make us each different. The goal of 8traordinary is to create enchantment by bringing together these businesses and people, each with their own distinctive viewpoints. The company specializes in creating products that are both easier to use and superior. The goal of the organization is to find solutions that will benefit their clients, their brands, and the business overall.



    2. Optimise

    Optimize is the next top 15 best logo designers in Singapore. Performance Advertising goods from this organization offer rapid reach to over 1,400 premium Advertisers across more than thirty countries on a far larger scale than city organizations and networks. Advertisers may target in-market consumers at scale across all digital channels thanks to its affiliate network, mobile advertising, native advertising, and lead generation tools. 

    The company increases the percentage of customer trips that result in a sale by utilizing sophisticated tools and in-depth data analysis, and this allows our advertisers to reach the greatest number of clients at the greatest ROI. 

    However, With a $46 million revenue in 2016, Optimise provided clients with over 17 million transactions. Over 185 highly qualified and experienced individuals make up the team, who are situated in our global headquarters in Norwich, United Kingdom, and satellite offices in Asia-Pacific (India, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong & Australia), Europe (UK & Poland) and Latin-America (Brazil).


    3. Diseno Advertising

    The term "Diseno," which means "design," is where the name came from. The notion that design is a vehicle for communication that conveys in its most basic form inspired the company's name. Design should be straightforward, to the point, and basic with a dash of beauty. 

    Diseno Advertising was to merge design and advertising to produce stunning graphics that relate to and communicate with your target audiences. Minimalism is not static or monotonous. The creative approach and design thinking both incorporate the idea that less is more. 

    The team has the know-how and market expertise to provide graphic design that works thanks to our years of experience in the graphic design sector, working with clients from numerous and diversified industries. Diseno Advertising, which combines design and advertising, was founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals who are convinced that design is the basis for a successful visual connection with customers. Each print ad, leaflet, brochure, poster, billboard, logo, and website design concept is created from the ground up via generating ideas.



    4. Design Bridge

    A widely recognized logo design company is Design Bridge. We were established in 1986 in Clerkenwell, London, and have since expanded to include Studios in Amsterdam, Singapore, and New York. To come businesses to life with outstanding ideas that reach out to, connect, and intuitively relate to people, the company blends a good dose of instinct with intellect. The company collaborates with renowned local and national companies as well as fascinating up-and-coming competitor brands everywhere in the globe.

    So far, this company has been successful in the field of logo design. With its extensive cooperation with both national and international companies, Design Bridge has given birth to famous logo works. They always provide the best service so that consumers are satisfied.

    The process of designing the logo was not done haphazardly. Before the process begins, some preparations must be made. In this case, they must make a mature concept.



    5. Bulletproof

    Basically, this is a tribe and not an organization. The tribe designs packaging and brands strategically. You can discover Bulletproof in London, New York, and Singapore, where the fusion of several intertwined cultures creates a rich tapestry of historically significant ideas and unparalleled creativity with a fiercely independent attitude. 

    Tribes are driven by ideas, defined by cultures, and connected to consumers by people. Wherever you are, even if it's abroad, you can still use the services of this one logo designer. There the service is very friendly and fast so you can adjust the deadlines you set.

    Any design you want can be consulted with Bulletproof. Bulletproof will be happy to receive a draft according to your request and provide various suggestions for design goodness. This is one of their mainstay services.



    6. Night Knite Technology Group

    This is one of the top 15 best logo designers in Singapore. With our comprehensive array of digital advertising and business solutions, Night Knite Technology Group can turn startup brands into established brands and established brands into consumer favorites. Website lead conversion tools, website design, and development.

    The design and development include SEO, Google Adwords marketing, and social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and WeChat. Then, other mobile app development contains the development for iOS & Android, animated content creation, and enterprise-grade software packages are among the services offered.

    Since the beginning of the year, this company has been profitable. Professionalism is no longer being practiced. Please specify what kind of logo design you have in mind for this page. Notwithstanding, the business will provide an incorrect design.


    7. Whoosh Media

    Whoosh Media pushes the envelope to provide innovative digital solutions that appear beautiful in theory and perform admirably when put into practice. Although the company is referred to as a branding agency by some and an internet marketing firm by others, there is more to the business than catches the eye. It is a fully functional marketing consulting firm with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The business prides itself on providing creative and unconventional techniques and ideas to help you develop your brand and accomplish your business objectives. Therefore, communicate your needs to the business, and let it handle the rest.

    Working together with Whoosh Media will enable you to receive more than just a single logo design. Even so, this company will help build your brand through either its website or social media. That's a very simple situation, right?



    8. VeecoTech

    VeecoTech is a seasoned online & IT firm and Logo Designer in Singapore that was founded in 2011. As a global provider of IT solutions, VeecoTech is an expert in assisting companies with their success through site design, e-commerce development, mobile app development, software engineering, SEO, Google, and online marketing. 

    VeecoTech places a strong emphasis on cooperating closely with you and comprehending your business goals. The company takes pleasure in what we do and looks forward to building enduring bonds with our customers that guarantee ongoing success.

    Keysight Technologies, AEi Communications, and Island Hospital are a few of our well-known customers. VeecoTech is looking for entrepreneurs with a vision who wish to grow their digital company. Let's move your company forward.



    9. Fenzo Digital Company

    It could be difficult to choose the best web design company in Singapore. With more interactions and business processes moving online, we at an established website design firm think that every small business or start-up needs a website. This is one of the top 15 best logo designers in Singapore. 

    The website serves as a catalyst for growth for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups. People spend both their work and leisure time online in the web-based digital era. Therefore, your business should be located where your consumers are.

    A professional website designer in Singapore will create a website that is easy to extend, consistent with your brand and customer service standards, and serves as a virtual office and showroom for your company.



    10. Supreme International Pte. Ltd

    The company is an established Singapore-based software development and website design business, Supreme International Pte. Ltd. You have a ton of work and business to take care of every day. Additionally, there are instances where personal data is misused by employers or leaked online.

    Supreme International offers security to keep your home and business networks safe. You may find excellent services for website software development and logo design here. Those are capable of boosting your company.



    11. Orfeostory Pte Ltd

    A group of well-coordinated and intelligent people is inspired by our dynamic and resourceful work environment to create beautiful images, code, analyze, and communicate with others. We can therefore provide these outcome-driven online and app services to customers with any kind of budget and set of needs. Our skilled support staff is prepared to assist customers as they require below:

    • Web App 
    • UI/UX 
    • Design for Mobile App 
    • Mobile App Maintenance 
    • Android App 
    • iOS App 
    • Ecommerce App
    • Hybrid App

      Why Do Customers Pick Us? The company won't claim to be at the pinnacle of a company's development. Practically speaking, we view our business as a chance to continue our path as a reliable and go-to supplier for customers who won't accept anything less.


      12. Awebstar Technology Pte Ltd

      The leading website design and web development company in Singapore is Awebstar Technology Pte Ltd. The company brings our customers' visions to life! It offers assistance to SMEs searching for distinctive answers to web development problems. This belongs to the top 15 best logo designers in Singapore.

      The experts of this company are skilled in providing excellent designs and interesting content and guaranteeing increased visits to your website. Your product will be available on every platform and device thanks to our powerful mobile app development services.

      For your eCommerce business, seasoned web developers and designers establish a user-friendly and secure online store. Choose us as the top Shopify Plus Partner and SEO service provider if you want to create solutions of the highest caliber. The company is an expert in providing technological services for rapidly expanding companies.



      13. 3D Brand Agency

      The brand strategists, designers, and developers at 3D Brand Agency are experts in branding, online marketing, video animation, and digital. You can seek this company's expertise in logo design, among its other specialties. Because they employ so many skilled logo designers, this company has a wealth of knowledge in the field.

      Considering a business's performance, target market, and goals is the first step in building a strong partnership, according to 3D Brand Agency. Additionally, 3D Brand Agency offers data analysis that is unmatched in the market, as well as branding know-how, to reveal insights not seen in typical reports.

      As the company name implies, you can not only order 2-dimensional designs. However, you can also order a 3D logo here. The cost is quite affordable, and you will definitely get a very satisfying service. This is the advantage if you choose 3D Brand Agency as one of the top 15 best logo designers in Singapore.



      14. The Website Company

      The next top 15 best logo designers in Singapore is The Website Company. The company has had the honor of working with hundreds of global multinational brands during our more than 20 years of combined experience in the digital and marketing communication sectors. As an independent agency, this business can share its expert knowledge to boost the efficiency of your strategic digital marketing plan. 

      You can use it to pinpoint your specific online objectives and uncover chances inside your digital assets. You are welcome to request a logo design for this company. In fact, all of your requests will likely be made uniquely without any opposition. It will make it easier for consumers to recognize your brand.


      15. Powercode

      The instruments that the company employs to create excellent digital experiences are tightly controlled by our dedicated, user-focused designers. Web development shouldn't ever be dull, in our opinion. Never allow it to be frail. The company never loses sight of the fact that your business goals are what matters most. It incorporates your brand objectives into clear and effective goods at every stage, thanks to our lovely web and mobile designs.

      Each job that the company undertakes is incredibly personalized. It doesn't offer pre-packaged solutions because we are aware that every job is different. Your program was created specifically for you, addresses your problem, and fulfills your expectations. In addition, The company dislikes repeating itself.



      Final Words

      Here you can ask about the logo design you want to order. Not only the logo, but you also use product branding services through the website. Here the work is very fast so that it can complete the deadline according to the marketing target.

      Those are the top 15 best logo designers in Singapore that you should check. Their success is motivated by a strong will to continue to grow and never stop learning to develop logo design skills. In addition, one of the most important is that each designer has his own characteristics.

      The logo designers in Singapore are also very disciplined and always register works in copyright. That way, their work will not be afraid to be taken over or recognized as the work of others. In appreciating the work of others, they also greatly appreciate without favoring their own work.