Top 15 Logo Designers in New Zealand That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around New Zealand?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Creating or updating a logo is one of the most exciting marketing milestones for your business. You tell the world that your product or service has arrived, "trust us," and "take us seriously." The new logo will boost your self-confidence so you can go out into the world knowing you're putting your best foot forward. It can feel like having a completely new graphic wardrobe that will dress you up for success and make the right first impression.

For a new project you've probably worked on your new project for months, or even years, developing, planning, prototyping, and dreaming, and now it's time to make it happen. Now is the time to bring this new baby into the world. One of the best things you can do is create a logo that lets the world know that your new project has arrived. You seem to have something really solid when sorting your logo. Does my current business need a logo update?

There are many reasons why an existing company might choose to update or recreate its logo. For existing companies, the new logo can signal to customers that they have undergone a change of focus or made a different proposition. The quality of your product or service may have improved, and your old logo may not accurately reflect the quality of your product or service, so the new logo may be consistent with this new quality.

Find the best Logo Designers in New Zealand in New Zealand that specialize in logo design, including brand identity, graphic design, website design, brochures, presentations, and more. We have selected 15 of the best from a variety of disciplines to showcase exceptional work created in one of the world's least populated countries:


1. Systematix Infotech

Systematix Infotech developed an iPad app to interact with a Windows-based device app. This project includes user interface design, serial data processing, and network communications. The company successfully completed the project in every way. The contact from the team was spot on. Milestones are clearly defined at the outset, and each is delivered as expected. Whenever more time is needed to complete a deliverable, the team politely notifies me in advance of the delivery date.

In some areas, companies offer purposeful and creative design ideas outside the scope of the project. These ideas convinced me that they were trying to understand the project as a whole. They provide assistance in getting applications approved by Apple and perform follow-up work as needed.


2. Sycamore Print

They have highly skilled and qualified graphic designers that are able to turn your ideas into reality. They specialize in branding and design for print and registration. They can design anything from business cards to annual reports, complete branding packages, and rebranding. They have the engine or process that will give you an extra edge, whether it's a promotional project or a big event you're planning. More than just printers, they are creative designers and craftspeople, proudly leading the way in providing printing solutions to businesses and individuals.


3. Kiwi Website Design

This is one of the Logo Designers in New Zealand, e-commerce website design and graphic design with hundreds of clients across New Zealand. Their mission is to provide you with the best website for your business needs. The team is highly skilled, and the website they are designing reflects that. They understand that their site is a virtual storefront for your business and that their goal is to create the strongest identity possible on the Internet. This is likely to be a strong company in its field, with enough information so that you can get an idea of ​​its experience and track record. However, they can provide more details about their business. You can look for or try more powerful companies in this field.


4. Think Forward 

It is a creative and digital marketing agency that specializes in providing clarity and direction to clients, helping businesses of all sizes grow and realize their potential. Modern companies instinctively realize that an online presence has value, but they often lack an understanding of how to gain that value or how to capitalize on it.

Think Forward was created as a one-stop shop to keep pace with the modern trend of micro-specialization, at the same time refusing to sacrifice the expertise inherent in each individual component of digital marketing.

Featuring a team of professionals with expertise in many disciplines, they work with companies to build stunning websites that not only look great but have amazing functionality, where they will deliver winning strategies through smart use of digital assets and tactics, including personalized content, brand design and social media Pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and more.

Think Forward is a Logo designer in New Zealand that offers a simple yet highly effective single-agency structure to meet and support all your creative and digital marketing needs, as well as provide expert consulting, training, and support to boost your business growth.


5. LDNZ Ltd

This is a full graphic design and development company based in Auckland, New Zealand that caters to all your business needs for corporate branding and e-commerce websites. You can custom cards, letterhead, and brochures. Record its design and development for brochures and e-commerce websites. They can develop software applications using PHP and My SQL.

Customize your existing website in a mobile-compatible format. This is fine, but something very important seems to be missing from the company profile. LDNZ Ltd may be a good company to work with. Perform your due diligence before contracting with LDNZ Ltd.


6. Austin Digital

They have built one of the leading design agencies in Auckland with a highly skilled team that has years of experience working with business categories from online retail to manufacturing and professional services. They help companies build (or rebuild) their online presence, giving them our expertise in website design, mobile sites, MailChimp marketing, and branding.

This is fine, but something very important seems to be missing from the company profile. Austin Digital might be a good company to work with. This requires more attention and research on your part, as there are no reviews and portfolio items yet. Do your due diligence before hiring Austin Digital.

Their list of service specialties is SEO, Logo Design, Web Development, Digital Strategy, and Web Design. See how Austin Digital ranks among 173 New Zealand companies by strength profile. Their position is good and secure. Of course, better ratings may be more useful, but it is worth trying to get to them.


7. Obvious

This is a marketing, design, and digital agency based in New Zealand's creative capital. You can use their services, such as their branding, design, and marketing solutions. This is definitely probably a good company to work with. This requires more attention and research on your part, as there are no reviews and portfolio items yet. 

They have a list of service specialties such as branding, digital strategy, web design, logo design, media planning & buying, and email marketing. The costs are obviously about $70 - $150 per hour, which means that the service fee in New Zealand is the market average. This is a safer bet. This leaves room for more flexibility in negotiating costs. Before calculating your budget and requesting a logo, you need to keep this in mind.


8. 1768 Degrees LTD

As a leading design company, builds quality websites for a variety of industries. They have a goal, which is to maximize your business potential. 1768 Degrees LTD is one company that has decided not to disclose its pricing. They don't know the exact reason, but they think their price range can be very flexible, depending on each project and client, which is why. Bring up this topic as soon as you discuss it with them.

1768 Degrees LTD covers nine services in its current territory or territories. This means that the company offers average service compared to its competitors. It is safe. A little bit of experience from more areas is always nice. If you need additional services, they can cover them.


9. White Rabbit

Their logo design process begins with discovery. They immerse themselves in their competitive environment, learn what sets them apart, and reveal the company's goals and values. You need an important logo design that makes everything count. That's why they take the time to understand their business goals and objectives. They can then use their strategic, creative, and digital brilliance to offer a solution as attractive as a carrot to a rabbit.

Effective logo design doesn't just happen. The designer bunny makes it out of a concerted effort to evoke certain feelings, thoughts, and desires in your target audience.

At White Rabbit, they design a world-class logo that easily conveys your message and visually enhances their product or service. Their solutions are attractive and memorable, taking you straight into the minds of their customers. They design creative and professional logos that bring brands to life in Auckland, Christchurch, Tillington, Hamilton, Tauranga, and all over New Zealand. With innovative ideas, strategic planning, and imaginative concepts, they will ensure that their logo is unique, relevant, and eye-catching.


10. Saucy Hot Design

As experienced logo designers, they provide excellent business logo designs and branding designs, expertly applying new looks to create a strong brand presence. They will ask you questions to understand your business value and customer needs and then provide you with a custom logo concept that meets your needs. Then they refine or develop your preferred options until they get the results you really like. Then they provide a new logo in different file formats after paying the bill.

They charge $100 + GST ​​per hour for all of our design work. The cost of developing a logo is a bit the same as the length of a piece of string...but don't let that hold you back. As a guide, logo design and development costs typically range from $350-1000 + GST ​​with more or less exotic logo development. If you have a specific budget, let us know, and you'll see what they can do to make it work.

The price difference really depends on how clear the summary is (the most important part). Other aspects that affect the final cost are the level of design required for your logo style/requirement, the number of concepts and variations created, and the variations and changes you wish to make during development from the specific concept to the final logo.


11. Little Gem Design 

Little Gem Design works with small businesses and entrepreneurs who create brand identities, logo designs, and print design solutions. Your brand identity will become the face of your business that will convey who you are and what you do. It is not just a logo; it is all the visual components of your brand, such as logos, slogans, color palettes, fonts, and graphic elements. Together they can create a brand identity that will attract the clients of your dreams and leave a lasting impression.

They will help companies realize their ideas using strategy and design. They work together through a collaborative process, defining what you do, how you do it, and who you do it. They will create designs that connect with your dream clients and leave a lasting impression on them. If you are ready to enhance and grow your brand, take a look at my latest work and find a design package that fits your needs.


12. Logoinn 

Are you looking for an affordable custom logo design company that provides cost-effective graphic design services in New Zealand? If yes, then you have come to the best team. They can design your new logo so that it is attractive and memorable. Check out the logo design service package below and order online. Or call them now or join the live chat. Logoinn doesn't use freelancers, so they rarely get time pressured. They are able to continue working on your design project until you are satisfied.

Whether you are starting a new business or rebranding an existing offering, you need a strong brand representation to increase customer trust. In today's economic climate, every company should be as cost-effective as possible and get the best value for money. The Logo Design Basic package is designed to meet the needs of marketing on a very small budget and provides good value for money.


13. Heart Design

Heart Design is a logo designer. They love design challenges and thrive on opportunities to reinvent your logo design or create an entirely new corporate identity for your business. A successful logo design will tell a story about your business and what it stands for. For your target audience, a custom-designed logo can create an instant connection between the solution they are looking for and your company. Heart Design is the designer of the Auckland logo. They specialize in creating connections and helping you write your story with an innovative and professional logo design. Logo design is their passion, and with our trained eye for design, they will create an amazing, memorable and attractive identity for your business.


14. Firebrand

Firebrand is a digitally oriented-marketing and conversion agency. They are starting, building, and growing businesses in New Zealand with an exciting future. Partnering with Firebrand ensures the continued growth of your business or organization. They will work with you to grow your business both strategically and locally, nationally, or internationally. Their team creates a great user experience. This includes a fully customized business plan, marketing and branding strategy, and a digital solution.

Firebrand is a full-service agency offering website design, custom web and app development, e-commerce website and infrastructure, marketing implementation, search engine optimization, content creation, photography, and videography.


15. RD Studios

RD Studios might be a good company to work with. This requires more attention and research on your part, as there are no reviews and portfolio items yet. Do your due diligence before hiring RD Studios. Their service specialty list is graphic design, web development, web design, digital strategy, email marketing, SEO, UX/UI design, and logo design.

RD Studios is ranked among 173 New Zealand companies by strength profile. Their position is good and secure. Of course, better ratings may be more useful, but it is worth trying to get to them.


Final Words

As one might think, being a logo maker is not just about art. There is very little knowledge and experience that contributes to being a successful logo designer. Understanding the basics and taking advantage of simplicity in design go a long way.

Experienced Logo Designers in New Zealand not only know how to use the primary logo but also predicts the use of the secondary logo. (Secondary logos are usually in a support area, like the footer of a website or on a company car. Investing in a professional logo designer is just an investment. Don't risk your work with amateur designs. Your choice of logo designer should be creative and versatile when designing a logo.