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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in New York That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in New York That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around New York?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Picking designers in the noisy market of New York can be a bit of a challenge. There are many things to consider, especially with the number of logo creators soaring over several years. It goes with the fact or the situation that showcases the surge of business or company development in the city. The demand for logo creators has also increased.

To pick one from the logo designers in New York, you have to consider three basic points. The said points include learning and getting to know every potential worker you find in the city. You can find it on the internet, through a job or work portal, or through online recommendations. The following list will list some of the best designers in New York.

The list of designers in this article is mostly found on online sites, recommendations, or work marketplace. Most of them are rated high, which can be a great indication of how good their logo work or design projects are. After that, you can find more references, details, and portfolios to see their designers' work.

After looking at their works, you can start picking one based on your intuition. Remember that each designer has their unique style, theme, and expertise. This means the decision to pick one of the logo creators or creative agencies will fall under your personal preferences. The key is to keep the creative company in line with your company identity.

The last thing you need to do is to get direct contact and information. You can go to the logo design company, firm, or agency that fits what you are looking for. Most creative people will have their ultimate works and ideas, which is better to get more information. It is especially true with the abundance of New York agencies. So, check out this list and keep it in mind for better contact.  


1. Greybox Creative

Starting with Greybox Creative, one of many Logo Designers in New York that has been recommended in varying work portals, Google, and many other articles. Each review highlights that the New York company deserves its perfect rating for its wide array of design portfolios. You can find the designer agency at Clutch, The Manifest, or through its official site at

Based on its designers' projects and portfolios, the agency has more to offer. It is not only for logos but also varying branding, graphic, and web design. The logo design company also set its scale from $10.000, with a $200-$300/hr rate. Based on its project, you can see that the New York-based company has more modern, sophisticated, and simple imagery.  



2. Noformat

Listed as one of Clutch's best or recommended logo designers serving New York, NoFormat has its unique offers for the creative industry. The agency has a high bar for its quality, which can be seen from the minimum $50,000 project. However, the hourly rate is around $100 to $150¸, which is a great option for young or new companies in New York.

Based on its logo portfolio, the designer agency has specialties in traditional style comprising symbols, sign names, and some fancy-looking imagery. For a company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the company has many to offer. It includes the best and most unique digital experience, which you can find its details and contact through clutch or



3. Buzzflick

Another highly recommended Logo Designer in New York by Clutch is Buzzflick. The designer agency with a motto of "Get heard, Get see, Get Buzzin!" is the best pick for a company that is looking for 2D works and some video projects. It serves New York, Dover, and Houston. Even though it focuses on video production, the company also has its brand identity services.

Based on Clutch's profile, the company has 60% of video production projects. Meanwhile, the logo design and graphic project take the rest. As it is a minor project, the official site ( shows a range of logos and works. Since the agency has focused on animation, most of its designers' works rely on the use of cartoon and illustration images.



4. The O Group

The O group has its popularity spread across creative and work platforms. The creative and logo designers industry appears in both The Manifest and Clutch's top selections. Both also have perfect scores, indicating the quality of the New York-based agency. The company size itself is pretty small, comprising 2-9 employees to serve New York and surrounding cities.

Not only does the company have its way of providing good digital and logo design, but the company also flaunts its expertise in varying services. The O Group was founded in 1986 in New York. Since then, the services include working in web design, branding, sign creation, and advertising. Every project is done by expert designers.

It also has some notable clients, such as Lacoste, Keswick Hall, London Jewelers, And Salvatore Ferragamo. Considering the company's services, it mostly comes as the best pick for luxurious brands among many Logo Designers in New York. You can see its amazing work, especially for famous and high-end products. Its information and price tag are listed in Clutch, The Manifest, and its site



5. The Logo Company

The logo company appears as one of the highest-rated designers in New York based on a Google Map search. The company has 20+ experience in business with a 4.8 rating. Going further to its official platform (, the designer agency provides varying services with sign design as its major project.  

For logo projects, the designer put some package brackets for its pricing. The lowest one is $199, going up to $249 and $339. Each offer comes with unique services, which can help create the most distinguishable company profile and identity in New York. The company captures a vast range of styles, from traditional symbols and mascots to diverse industries or companies products.  



6. Logo Design NYC

Appearing as one of the logo designers' sites on the Google Search first page, Logo Design NYC deserves its attention. The site is, in which you can find the same company listed as a favorite in various articles. In this company, the project pays attention to more than just a logo or identity but also a fully grown and developed brand.

The site looks professional with all of its business details or projects stated on it. The logo designers in New York also showcase their works, highlighting their diverse and vast capabilities in tackling varying industries. The company also has diverse styles for its imagery, including simple and modern looks with minimalist designs.

Looking further on its official site, there is some information about the package and rates. The company put its work starting from a $595 one-time project. The designer agency from New York also gives different brackets, from $795 to $995 for professional logo design. The differences are in the mockup, revision numbers, profile rendering, and details.



7. Worksight

Another highly recommended place based on Google Search and Map is Worksight. The logo design agency based in New York City is known for its design works since 1988. The official site highlights the long range of services, especially something that resonates to design projects such as reports, brochures, catalogs, books, posters, or websites.

You can get more information about the business through its official site, The site compiles all information about the company's projects, services, and prices. Some notable works are also displayed on its portals, such as LA Philharmonic branding and the Absecon logo. The Goggle review gave 4.9 ratings, which is a great indication of New York standards.



8. OAX Studio

Among many Logo Designers in New York, some options are likely to be a smaller company or studio. However, it does not mean the smaller agency has its rough and loses its quality. OAX Studio, in this case, is a 2-9 employees company with a more than $10.000 work scale. The New York creative agency was founded in 2017 and had its business recognized by The Manifest platform.

Listed as one of the top 100 logo designers you can find in New York City, Oax studio focuses on varying industries on every scale. Its official site highlights the focus of being a brand architect, which is seen in its various design galleries and product portfolio. Each of them showcases high quality, exclusivity, and a modern-looking identity. A great point for New York companies.  



9. Orangeyouglad

Located in Brooklyn, New York, OrangeYouGlad is one of the best logo designers recommended by The Manifest. The company is known for being a small 2-9 employee, but it can handle higher stake projects. Based on The Manifest profile, the small designer's agency has its minimum project stake at $50,000, which makes it a pretty dominant and high-end quality.

As a digital marketing company with its logo and other design projects, OrangeYouGlad also has some notable clients. Those clients are Home Matters, Booking Holdings, Citigroup, and EY. If you are looking for a modern millennial-styled designer, this is a great pick. You can see it by yourself from its site ( for its gallery, unique works, and contact.



10. AM Branding

Serving New York and nearby areas, the company is located in the India Buildings. This is one of the many Logo Designers in New York that are recommended by Google Search and Map. Looking at its specific site,, you can see the quality of the company. The site looks fancy with its modern interface, which can indicate the company's ability in its design project.

Surprisingly, the designer's agency is not only focused on working with logo projects. Some other services include graphic design, various painting, web development, interior design, photography, and marketing. The gallery comprises a long range of projects style, types, and models, which is a great option for New York-based companies.  



11. C42D

C42D is a hidden gem in New York. The logo designer's agency is recommended by a personal article from a Medium account by the name of They Make Design. Based on the recommendation, the account highlights that the company has great positioning, research, design, development, and many other spectrums of design touchpoints.

Looking at its official C42D site (, the assumption is proven right. The portal looks professional and full of needed information. For reference, the company has some notable clients, including Shazam, Cuebiq, Kindbody, and CgsHealth. For the quotes and project details, the New York-based design company has its direct contact mentioned on its site.

One thing is for sure, C42D is not only a personal favorite. C42D is also listed as one of the many Logo Designers in New York in Clutch, with a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. For its logo product, the company provides detailed work through brand identity design. It can provide a thorough design, which includes varying aspects to make the business stand out in New York's noisy market.



12. DBC

A great recommendation list from is also worth considering. Among many logo designer options, DBC is picked as a more affordable pick. The company is relatively small, with 2-9 employees sizes. The New York company also stated its minimum project size at $5,000+. For the bustling city, the price is pretty tempting.

A good point from the company to highlight is how DBC tries to help businesses meet their goal in a crowded space, New York. While the designer company itself is small and only focuses 15% of its project on the logo, it is still worth attention. You can check the company's site,, where it showcases the previous projects with notable clients it works with.



13. Infinia Group

Having only a 10% job on the logo does not make Infinia lose its capabilities. The company, which has been around since 2003, has its experts in varying projects, including graphic design and video production. There are also varying branded projects that were part of this New York Based company. For a company with a huge size, the company is pretty affordable.

It is one of many Logo Designers in New York with a minimum project scale of around $5000. You can also see the quality through its official site ( The company has a long list of notable brands, such as HireRight, Aliv, NYCEDC, J.D Power, and many more. It also comes with varying services, which you can find details about through its site.



14. Jeffrey Nelson

Going from company to personal logo designers, you can get the best recommendation from One of the highest lists is Jeffery Nelson, a member since 2016. Nelson has his portfolio as part of two fortune 500 companies. Not only that, the man is an expert in building digital products, which help him become a highly potential logo creator from New York.



15. Jordan DeVos

Still from, the number one recommendation goes to Jordan DeVos. The person behind this profile is an expert with a focus on visual communication. That is why her work in logos is outstanding. She also comes out with varying services, including UX and UI. Some other information and details for contacts or projects are listed in TopTal.

The details include the New York-based logo designer's education and experience log. DeVos has a list of publications about design and branding strategy. Her employment is also pretty significant, highlighting her abilities and qualities as a creator. Other details are the portfolios with distinguished brands, which help showcase her ability to create distinctive imagery.  



Final Words

When you are trying to pick one of the best logo designers in New York, be sure to get more information about them. The more you learn, the best you get to understand the value of their work. It is very vital, considering you are working to make a logo as a company identity. At the same time, be sure you pick one that fits your dream and preference.

The abundant amount of logo designers you can find in New York is amazing. One might be better than the other, which can make the decision harder to make. You can follow the list in this article as a grounding idea or list of potential designers. But, be sure you got the one that fully benefits or is suitable for your needs.

After that, get direct contact and work from the creator. It will help you get an idea of their expertise, price, rates, and any other offers. In the end, your main pick likely goes to personal preferences. The given list is made from the best-recommended logo creators on a certain famous job or work portals. Most of them are in New York but can also serve larger communities.

It is also best to highlight that everyone is different. That is why the rating and the list given in this article are not meant to decipher their best or rank. You can pick one and get more information from the related job or work platform, company's site, or business account. That will help you get the best Logo Designers in New York.