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Article: Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in New Orleans

Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in New Orleans

Looking for the best logo designer around New Orleans?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

New Orleans is a city steeped in rich history, culture, and art, making it an ideal location for a logo designer. The city is known for its vibrant music scene, lively festivals, and delicious cuisine, which draws millions of visitors each year. With such a diverse and lively atmosphere, businesses in New Orleans need to stand out from the crowd. That's where a talented logo designer comes in.

A logo is the face of a company, and it serves as a visual representation of its values, mission, and personality. A well-designed logo can create a strong brand identity, foster brand loyalty, and help businesses connect with their target audience. In a city like New Orleans, where the competition is fierce, a memorable and effective logo can make all the difference.

Fortunately, New Orleans is home to many talented logo designers who can help businesses achieve their branding goals. These designers are skilled at creating logos that are unique, memorable, and reflective of a company's brand identity. They understand the importance of researching and understanding a business's target audience, competitors, and industry trends to create a logo that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Many of these logo designers in New Orleans have backgrounds in art, design, or advertising, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their work. They are familiar with the latest design software and techniques and can create logos in a variety of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and edgy. They are also adept at working with clients to understand their vision, communicate their brand identity, and create a logo that exceeds their expectations.

Here are some of the most recommended logo designers in New Orleans:


1. New Orleans Logo Design

New Orleans Logo Design helps you create a logo for your company within your budget. New Orleans Logo designer will make several concepts based on the business name, the vision you want to put into the logo, and the nature of the business itself. Then you can finally choose the best one that fits your need. The delivered custom logo comes in Vector AI/ PSD format, JPG + PNG, transparent background, PSD, PNG, and SVG. And they are in standard formats and ready to use for Business cards, Websites, T-shirts, Flyers, Posters, stickers, banners, signs, magnets, letterhead, and more. To get that, you will need to pay $100 to $200, depending on the logo concepts, complexity, and forms that you want.


2. DP1 Design

The design agency has worked in the business for about eighteen years. They understand that a name and a logo are the identifiers and the first impression of a business, so they know how to make it different from others and as unique as possible. Not only make a new logo, but they also know how to refresh your old one to give a new and fresher identity to the brand you are promoting. Before doing anything about your logo, they will do the research first, then make the strategy, do the artistic things and design, then the execution. With a careful and thorough process, the result would be satisfactorily guaranteed. 



3. Derin Lindsey

Derin Lindsey is a Designer, a Brand Consultant as well as a Multi-Business Owner. Derin has served more than 750 clients and produced over 20 events in his more than a decade journey of entrepreneurship. He offers a graphic design and branding firm, creative marketing design, brand consulting, branding webinars and conferences, social media management, networking, and social events.



4. I Design LLC

I Design especially working on developing and hosting a lot of websites for businesses, both big and small ones. The expert will discuss your needs first, then build a website to maximize your investment.

Design experts also have a full understanding of printing processes, and they know how to optimize graphic files in different forms. Their digital graphics include logo design (including branding and identity consulting), custom charts and infographics, presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote), social media tile, signs (could be on steel, wood), silkscreen or embroidery designs (t-shirts, hats, and other marketing promotional items)



5. Red Room Advertising

Its main services are Logo Design and graphic design. And the Logo design offer is one of Red Room's top services. They believe that every great business deserves a great logo to portray the look and the feel of the company to a customer. At the same time, the graphic design includes printed kinds of stuff, promotional items, and another major service we offer.


6. Calling Card

When you refer to the name, you may think that this agency only works on cards. And yes, its main product to offer you is the business card-making service. They offer a variety of business cards that you can choose from, ranging from value to premium ones.

But they also offer you other business essentials like note cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders and inserts, brochures and flyers, and event programs.

And the best thing is that they also offer you a Logo Design service. They know how important it is, so they will make your logo reflects who you are and what you stand for. Not only make a new logo, but when you need to rebrand, they help you tell your story and create the new look that you are looking for.


7. Jon Hebert Creative

The agency willingly helps you simmer your websites, branding, and creative ideas to perfection in twenty-four-seven. With unquestionable creative experience and love to put to the work, you should know that they do not only serve regional clientele but also have worked for clients remotely as far as Australia, for instance. 

Its main services are website design, graphic design, and logos and branding. To see its work, you can see its portfolio online, and for further information, just visit the website so that you can see clearly what you are looking for. 



8. Legnd

One of the best logo designers in New Orleans that you can find is, the Legnd. They know that a logo is part of a successful brand, and more than that, it is an identity for the company. That's why before they create a logo for your business, they will need some time to understand your business well; the process will include the observation of the target audience and competitors as well. By doing so, they will be sure that the logo they are making matches your brand perfectly.

Other than a logo design service, Legnd also offers other services, i.e., website design and updates, SEO and paid ads, digital marketing, custom web design, web development, etc. 

The best thing is they offer you products and services that fit nearly any budget. You can see the review on their online services brochure, then consider how much you should budget for the logo you need. Or call them to get the best negotiation.



9. Hi-Def Graphics

If you're looking for a graphic designer in New Orleans, then you should put Hi-Def Graphics into the list. Their best work is supported by three main principles they held in this design company. The first is creative and distinct, meaning their work is done based on the creativity of each expert doing the job so that the result should be distinctive. The second is bold and unique, meaning that every work is intended for one client only based on their unique character to be distinguished from others. And the last one is visible and effective, meaning that if you're looking for a rebranding, developing a product, or simple design, then Hi-Def will have you covered.



10. Ofir Design

Ofir Design is one of the graphic design studios based in New Orleans. Their specialty is in branding, print, packaging, and web design. 

They help you develop design systems to define your brand's position toward your target market. To be able to do so, they will take time to get to know you, especially the person behind the brand, before doing the work. They believe that having a strong sense of the person behind the brand will have a great impact on the brand identity and how the message is effectively delivered to potential clients. 

With the experts' expertise and experience in creative branding and comprehensive visual designs, they can finally offer you a personalized approach to conceptualizing, creating, and developing a logo as a visual identity for your business. This agency has worked with so many industries of any type, such as clients in the gastronomy, lifestyle, culture, corporate, and even non-profit sectors. So, there's no doubt at all about using the service from Ofir Design Agency.



11. Michelle Marie Studio

This studio is giving services in logo, website, and graphic designs. The name of the studio is derived from the name of the founder and designer, who are both women. Michelle is the founder, and Marie is the designer who mostly does the graphic work.

Their products are:

  • SHOP Design Templates: a great option of service that helps you create a beautiful website that is furnished with matching templates to improve your social media graphics.

  • CUSTOM Design: A full-service of professional touch to make your work truly stand out from others and finally can attract ideal clientele. Settle in and breathe easy; we're here to take the stress out of the design process.

The agency is one of the agencies powered by women that provides such great graphic works. 




If you're looking for a recommended digital marketing company to help you elevate your business in New Orleans, then Astash is just the answer. This company has been of the best digital marketing companies on New Orleans's top chart. It gives you full service to get your graphic work done in the right way. If you ask how the result is, then the only answer you can get is perfect. And it's mainly because Astash acknowledges and understands that today's digital economy is run mostly from the internet. Both customers and product information are easily available and accessible on the internet. And they also realize that only 10% of searchers will visit more websites other than the first page. So your business needs to provide mainly useful information on the first page. Therefore, you need to work with a digital advertising company to help you do that. And working with Astash is just a perfect option.



13. Deep Fried Advertising

You can be sure that the people who work here are experts in creating brand identities and experiences through the look, sound, and feel of your target market. They provide services not only for local people but also for nationwide clients with beautifully crafted and user-friendly brand experiences. The people here specialize in rebranding, digital and traditional marketing, and also customized WordPress websites.

If you need to learn more about the services, then check their website. They can do many things for you, i.e., logo and branding identity, website development and e-commerce, social media management, creative graphic designs, campaign strategy, and many more.

In doing the branding, they know that every brand has its own story, and their job is to find the best way to narrate it so that people will acknowledge it.



14. Skuba Design Studio

The studio is owned by Trace Hayes. Having worked in an advertising and design corporation for 11 years, he then decided to build his own corporation in the year 2000. Now, you can find his studio in the historic Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Skuba has employed both local and regional talents and brings them into graphic design, marketing, multimedia, web development, photography, and illustration. 

The experts here would evaluate your business, do the research on your competitors, and build ways to reach new demographics for you. Before doing any work for you, first of all, they will listen carefully to your ideas and goals. Then, they will propose you even more unique ideas to match your wish since the experts employed are more than just experienced ones in their specific fields. 

In doing the branding, we also include some other works such as research, company naming, branding development, and creating an identity or a logo, as well as the style guide. Other services they offer the clients are strategic. Interactive and designs; and all of them, you can see on their website. 



15. Point2point Central

They are internet consultants based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Website design, managed web services, and digital marketing are what they mostly do for clients. To see more, pay attention to the list of the products offered by point2point central below!

Web design, what people know about this production house is that they are Web designers. Yet, there are many other works to offer you, people. Digital Marketing, the experts from point2point central who is in charge of this matter will help you drive traffic to increase the customers and visibility too.

Logo Design & Branding, a great website without a great brand or a logo? Well, that's impossible. Contact point2point central to get help from a professional to create one. Digital Marketing & Seo, once your website is ready, make sure you're on the first page of Google search. Here, the SEO team will gladly help you with that.

Print Services, to make the logo design and branding service complete, work together with the best in the industry to help you secure the marketing kinds of stuff needed in the real world.

CONSULTING: Don't know how or where to start? You can get the consulting service on an hourly basis, free of charge for the first hour. 



Final Words

In summary, a logo designer in New Orleans has the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses and create logos that capture the spirit of the city. With their skills and expertise, these designers can help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace and create a lasting impression on their target audience. That sets them apart in a crowded marketplace. These designers possess a unique combination of technical skill, artistic vision, and cultural insight, enabling them to craft logos that embody the spirit of New Orleans while effectively communicating the essence of the brands they represent.