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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Manila that You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Manila that You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Manila?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

The top 15 logo designers in Manila will be the graphic design agency to create your logo in the business era. They offer services for communication with customers. With the generation of visual and textual content for its customers.

The modern era today requires everyone to look for what can meet the company's target. Brands must present external and internal marks. The objective of each profitability will be a means of communication services and adjust the purpose of advertising messages.

Suppose you are looking for a graphic designer to create a logo. The objective of profitability for its customers is communication because they offer services for communication of all the visual and textual contents to its customers of logo designers.

Because it proposes advertising messages in diffused, in the new information era, it is essential to understand all the critical information. The most important one is for making websites, packaging, and videos. 

And all of those communication channels need a proper design to conduct messages. It is quite a challenging task to rank creativeness. Having that said, this is the best-in-class design agency in Manila because it is based on commercial indicators. 

Designers and all related services are also growing because industry specifics require everything for branding. Design firms and studios in Manila are also more varied because they are engaged in particular, peculiar, and focused fields. 

The highest demand in Manila for logos, graphic design, UI UX design agencies, creative designers, and visual communication agencies in the corporate sector. But Afterall, what you need to pay attention to is the design logo agency Manila.

In the new information era, visual comms using branding are no less critical. Usually, different types of Philippines Design will correspond to different kinds of design studios. Design and logos are essential for business development, and this is the answer to it:


1. Likha Digital Lab

Likha Digital Lab provides digital-focused consulting, leading generation businesses to grow. In the market-leading expertise, advertising management, and digital development sectors to help all clients to achieve rapid growth through sales.

Likha Digital Lab is one of the logo designers in Manila and focuses on digital consulting. For digital development, you should also follow session after session at Likha Digital Lab; the story was only discovered in 2021, still one year.

Services by logo designers offered Graphic Design and Advertising. There is no review for Likha Digital Lab yet, but regarding the quality it provides, it will not disappoint. Likha Digital Lab will be what complement the Philippine logo brand's wishes.

Lokha Digital Lab itself is located in Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines. is their official Instagram link. And the portfolio can also be seen on their website,


2. Post-Ad Ventures, Inc.

Post Ad Ventures, Inc's location is at 801 Panay Street Corner Mindanao Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila 1008, Philippines. As one of the most popular, this seems to be a distinct advantage for them to present a website of the highest quality.

Post Ad Ventures Inc is also an institution specializing in corporate and governance events. But the main goal is to develop the client's goals through branding according to varied strategies as well as logo designers in the Philippines.

They specialize in strategy, so this contributes to brand building, brand hits, more sales, awareness, and a more complex conceptualization. Event management agencies are also the studio's work, founded in 2002.

Post Ad Ventures, Inc. started operations in 2002 and has since become one of the leaders in this market. With 50 members on the team, it's no wonder this is one of the success stories of this one logo designer in Manila.


3. Strategic Edge

Strategic Edge will also be one of the design agency Manila that suit your needs. Founded in 1996, of course, you can imagine what a great team that works here. All senior consultants in this media design agency are also the best logo designers.

Through their extensive multinational training and global networking, it is not surprising that communication planning is the answer. They also know how important the characteristics of preparedness are, especially in media interviews in creative.

This design agency in Manila is also directly tasked with presenting professional services in the branding field. And the key, according to them, lies in exclusive areas such as logos. And we agree with that because, without a logo, business would be easy to forget too.

Through 20+ years of experience, strategic edge incorporated has become a solid set to present the desired result. Located in the Philippines, Its address is 5/F Emmanuel House, 115 Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.


4. Starfish Internet Solutions

If you feel you need a reliable and affordable digital partner based in Manila, then Starfish can be the solution. They work with businesses, whether they are small or big. They also serve direct requests for logo designs from various countries.

Based in the Philippines, many logo designers in Manila want the opportunity to work here. With 15 years of experience in this business, they are guaranteed to have high modern awareness and are ready to work with you.

They specialize in content, logos, planning, SEO, maintenance, development, hosting, and other Philippines logo design needs. For consultation purposes, don't hesitate to get in touch with or call +63 966 5229 928.

For those who want to visit the media agency's digital studio, they can also visit No. 7623 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, 1203 Metro Manila, Philippines. But it's better to book a slot first by sending an email to the one listed.


5. ZenithOptimedia Digital

We will never doubt what Zenit brings. It is a valuable agency for brand building and has become the answer to everything needed in media planning. They currently have around ten people on the team.

ROI is their hallmark, which they put into all design requirements. ZenithOptimedia Digital has a basic philosophy, planning, vision, and other ways of working. In addition, ZenithOptimedia Digital also has the best logo designers in Manila.

ZenithOptimedia Digital's studio headquarters is at 21/F Tower 1, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Avenue, corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, 1226, Philippines. And for those who want to visit there, it can be done now for other stories.


6. APD Group

APD Group also has ten logo designers, one of the major studios. APD Group tends to serve customers who speak English. APD Group is arguably the most innovative and digitized compared to the other brand-building.

APD Group is composed of senior-level designers and mobile developers, so they already know what they want to be. Graphic Design has always been the main advantage of the APD Group, looking at the Manilas' more varied designs as well.

For more detailed information, you can visit the site, and there is also their portfolio. Headquarters in Manila – NCR, and this is quite an accessible place for you to see particular logo designers in Manila.


7. ImagineNation

A program designed to provide all forms of convenience is the hallmark of ImagineNation. It is a studio located at 599 Pina Avenue, St. Mesa, Manila, Philippines, and this is an accessible location for all of you to reach.

The landline or contact number from ImagineNation is +632 714 63 32. But if you need a production line, you can directly visit +63 919 275 6684. And for the location, you can see it after you book there early in logo designers in the Manila industry.

ImagineNation itself is a modern agency engaged in production. This agency will raise the brand to a higher level and be widely known. If you know what the brand wants, then ImagineNation can immediately realize it.


8. Estrat X

For those who don't know who won Asia's Marketing Agency of the Year. Because in the award held in 2022, Estrat X, a company from the Philippines, succeeded in winning it.

Estrat X is a 100% Filipino-owned marketing company, and they are integrated into a communication and design agency. Estrat X is also one of Cebu's social media marketing that serves the growth of a brand through marketing strategies with logo designers in Manila.

Estrat X explained that they are a group of people who are passionate about digital marketing professionals and will empower businesses, brands, and institutions by providing them with the best modern marketing practices and accumulated learning.

Estrat X is a collection of 15 logo designers that was founded in 2009 and has continued to grow until it became as popular as it is today. The location is UP Cebu Undergraduate Building, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.


9. Be – Creative Studios

Exceptional Creative, Project Management, Marketing and Vision, and Cross Border Marketing US and UK + the Philippines are the hallmarks of this agency. CMO partners with Ying to follow extensive sector for intelligence having fun there.

Be Creative Studios has been moving since the beginning to provide excitement and joy. From here, it can also be seen that expertise provides each brand in different sectors. They plan the best communication so that they can give better details to logo designers in Manila.

B1 L1 Kalayaan Street, Kalayaan Homes, Molino II, Bacoor, Cavite, Manilas. From the services they provide, you can call the number +63 917 599 9249. And for those who want to send an email directly to that party, you can go to


10. Get Hooked 360

Strategic Engagement Marketing is a market that comes from logo designers based in Manila. Brands can be successful in the market if they bring practicality, flexibility, and efficient execution. Brand advocates are also those who present the target market.

Get Hooked 360 is the right messaging, tools, and channel for great tools for Philippines logo designers, measurable results into advocates. Let the brand achieve more brand objectives and drop some messages to get hooked on the service.

Get Hooked 360 is a logo designer in Manila located at 6/F Cyber ​​One Building, 11 Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines, 1110. You can call +63 999 2290 773 or email talktous@gethooked360 .com.

Get Hooked 360 will become one of the leading industries here. In terms of industry in this relevant sector, meaning that your design will become one of their masterpieces as well. Book now as the price is still in the very reasonable range compared to the other.


11. O10 Digital

O10 Digital delivers the environment that everyone wants. It is an agency that is committed, inventive, and focused on efficiency performance. Communication within the design agency based in Manila is, in fact, the best fit.

Partnership with the society to provide reliable communication between each extensive network. With all the team's experience, creation and PR are new advantages that are rarely owned by other logo designers in Manila.

O10 digital also serves modern and publishing needs, and services like this are still rare in other designs of the Manilas. It would be best if you had graphics, illustrations, visual identities, and logos, and you can visit this site.


12. Claro Content

Clear, Creative, and CTA-oriented content creation, all presented at once in this one company based in Manila, Philippines. They offer social media strategy, content creation, community management, and also social media ads there.

The need for copywriting services on various platforms and serving local and international clients in a short time. You can call +63 2796 675 49 or email their official profile at for this logo maker.

Claro Content has an official website to view its portfolio at The headquarter is located at ADB Ave, Cor Garnet Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines, but you must arrange a meeting time first.

When talking about what digital design is, we will say that whatever offer by the logo designer in Manila might be it. For those who are still thinking of getting another company's service, try to compare the price range and make sure it is very worth it.


13. S&Y Digital Marketing

Website development, graphic design, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Content Writing are the advantages of this Digital Marketing. Logo designers in Manila are fully responsible for the proficiency of any type of media.

The need for a logo design is also included here because modern marketing is directly the responsibility of the marketing sector. Without marketing with the use of a logo, it can make the brand easy to forget. So this is a crucial element.

S & Y Digital Marketing is located at 10N CyberOne Building, 11 Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila, Philippines, and operates from 9 am to 5 pm, or you can email


14. Phixcel Outsourcing Solutions

For their portfolio, you can see it at Pixel Outsourcing solutions details is Manila's most famous Manila-based digital marketing agency and design Manila. The location is in Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines, and become the best logo designer in Manila.

They work directly for CloudFront, load balancer, and AWS purposes. From the bootstrap framework and logo design, it has also become something trendy. By using their services, you will immediately experience web performance monitoring for logo designers in Manila.

The need for Philippines Design has always been an advantage, and many businesses in Manila, whether large or small, are using their services. Please send an email to, and consult them first for other services.


15. Dame Digital Marketing Services

Dame Digital Marketing Services serves the needs of customers who want to make their brand known more widely. One of the Philippine designs will take your business to the next level. Many modern experts will help logo designers in Manila.

Dam Digital Marketing Service is a modern design agency in manila operating in Kochi, Kerala. They offer a definite approach to clients to maintain the information in real time. And this can reach your business globally at a 100% rate.

They provide a wide range of digital marketing services because they provide all forms of social media optimization and content marketing. Search Engine Optimization is their specialty, and you can visit the official website


Final Words

The mission and vision of logo designers are to realize what the customer loves. Unique and awesome ideas can be born from logo designers, so this is the best time for every brand to tell the story, and let's collaborate to create an effective design.

This is a reliable, unique, and practical experience to provide connection and establish a relationship. Manila's design agency has taken a role at the very top level. It seems like undone because the logo maker in Manila around can contrast.

It has the purpose of helping your design stand out. The Manila design agency then had an extraordinary experience because it could be made a digital design agency based there. Almost every design studio has a specialty, but in high demand in Manila.

It will provide graphic design results that are relevant. Interior design and related services can provide unique specialization. Sometimes it seems indistinguishable because of classic communication.

In terms of its logo, designers in Manila can conduct the company's messages to its customers and potential clients, but client feedback will be important. So that will become one of the main logo designers in Manila for your brand