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Article: Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Malang

Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Malang

Looking for the best logo designer around Malang?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Welcome to the vibrant and creative world of logo design in Malang! Located in East Java, Indonesia, Malang is a city known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and burgeoning design community. Within this artistic environment, logo designers in Malang have carved a niche for themselves, showcasing their exceptional skills and creativity to clients from various industries.

A logo is an essential visual representation of a brand or business, embodying its identity, values, and mission. In Malang, logo designers possess a deep understanding of the power of logos in capturing the essence of a company and leaving a lasting impression on its target audience. Whether it's a startup, a local business, or a multinational corporation, logo designers in Malang are adept at creating captivating and memorable logos that effectively communicate the desired message.

What sets logo designers in Malang apart is their ability to blend modern design trends with traditional influences. The city's rich cultural heritage serves as a wellspring of inspiration, enabling designers to infuse their creations with elements that reflect the local traditions, history, and art forms. This unique blend of modernity and tradition creates logos that not only stand out but also resonate with the local community.

Moreover, Malang's design community is known for its collaborative spirit and dedication to pushing creative boundaries. Logo designers here thrive in an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation, constantly seeking new techniques, styles, and approaches to stay ahead of the curve. This mindset fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, leading to the development of cutting-edge logo designs that make a lasting impact.

Whether you are a business owner looking to establish a strong brand identity or a designer seeking inspiration, the logo designers in Malang offer a wealth of talent and expertise. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for design make them the go-to professionals for crafting visually compelling logos that elevate brands to new heights.

Here are some of the most recommended logo designers in Malang:


1. Muhammad Zahir Fikri

Muhammad Zahir Fikri already has a lot of experience in the world of logo design. Muhammad Zahir Fikri has designed logos for various important companies from within the country and those from abroad.

Even recently, the name Muhammad Zahir Fikri is famous among the people of Malang because he managed to design the Malang city logo well.

The logo style created by Muhammad Zahir Fikri is minimalist and simple. So that companies that use their logos seem very classy and beautiful. Therefore, if you like a simple and minimalist logo design style, there is nothing wrong with choosing a company logo made by Muhammad Zahir Fikri.

Created by Muhammad Zahir Fikri |


2. Zenny Brand

If you want a unique and vintage-style company logo, then you can choose a logo design service from Zenny Brand to complete your company logo design. Zenny brand is one of the companies in Malang that is engaged in the design, including logo design for various companies.

There are already many companies from within the country and abroad that use logo design services from Zenny Brand because Zenny Brand itself has been pursuing this logo design business for a long time. You can see various Zenny Brand projects that have been completed before finally using Zenny Brand's services.

Zenny Brand serves company logo creation consulting online and offline. This company logo consulting service is provided by Zenny Brand for free so that you can get a company logo that suits your wishes.



If you have an MSME business and want your business to have a cool and modern logo, you can try using logo design services from, who has six years of experience as a logo designer.

Greetings offers a logo design with a modern type that attaches importance to the characteristics of the brand. There are already a lot of Malang MSMEs who entrust their company's logo design to

This is because provides free logo consultation services before the logo design process is carried out. Not only that, but also offers cheap design service prices, so it is liked by everyone.

There is also a free revision of the company logo for each customer in the If the logo design process has been completed by then customers will get all the company logo files they ordered.


4. Hitamedia

Hitamedia is a well-known logo design service provider in Malang because it's not a bad thing if you choose Hitamedia to work on your company logo design.

Established and known to the people of Malang in 2019, Hitamedia has served many consumers who need help in designing their company logo. Most consumers from Hitamedia are MSME business people.

The logo design style created by Hitamedia is simple and elegant. For the length of time each logo is completed, Hitamedia takes only one week. After one week, you will get a company logo that is as simple and elegant as you want.

Every buyer at Hitamedia is also entitled to a free logo concept consultation service. It is expected that with this service at Hitamedia, customers will get a company logo that suits their wants and needs.



5. Loca Logo

If you are an online store business owner and like cartoon-style logos, you can hire the services of Loca Logo when you want to create a company logo.

Loca Logo is one of the logo design service providers that have a lot of experience in the field of logo design. Loca Logo has also helped many online store owners who want to get a logo for their company.

There are two logo design packages offered by Loca Logo, namely the standard design package and the premium design. The standard design package will give you three different logo concepts with three logo revisions. At the same time, the premium design plan will provide you with three different logo design concepts with unlimited revisions.

For logo processing time, Loca Logo only takes one day. So, the Loca Logo service is perfect for you to use if you want to have a cool company logo in a short time.


6. is a website where the owner provides high-quality logo design services. Already experienced ten years in the field of logo design and has handled a variety of buyers from domestic and foreign companies, making logo design services from you don't need to doubt.

If you order an Ansa company logo on, there are so many advantages that you can get. The first advantage, of course, relates to the free logo concept consultation services offered by In addition, there is also a free unlimited revision service for every user of logo design services from


7. GrahaKreatika

Company logo design is very important for a business. Therefore there is nothing wrong with entrusting your company logo design to a logo designer who is very experienced. In Malang, there is a logo designer with twenty-three years of experience in the field of logo design. The name of the logo designer is GrahaKreatika.

GrahaKreatika has been established since 2010 in the city of Malang. GrahaKreatika offers a vintage and elegant logo and still shows the characteristics of your company.

If you design a logo at GrahaKreatika, you are guaranteed to get satisfactory logo results. You can consult about the logo concept and logo model you want before you make a logo at GrahaKreatika. You will also get a complete company logo file and free revision three times after your logo is finished being created by GrahaKreatika.


8. STWRD Design

A young talent from Malang who has a business in the field of logo design that has been established for nine years, you can also choose and use his services to create your company logo. The name of the business he founded is STWRD Design, a well-known logo designer in Malang.

STWRD Design offers vector designs for your company logo. By using the vector logo, your company logo will look unique and stylish. This is the attraction of STWRD Design.

During its nine years of work, STWRD Design has designed logos for many companies. So you don't need to hesitate if you want to use the services of STWRD Design to design your company logo.

Before starting to order STWRD Design logo design services, you can first consult the logo concept with STWRD Design.


9. Aerial Creative Studio

Entrusting your company's logo design to a logo designer whose work has been recognized by the government can also be the right choice. Therefore, you can choose to use the services of Aerial Creative Studio to design your company logo.

Aerial Creative Studio already has a lot of experience in the field of corporate logo design. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many companies that use the services of Aerial Creative Studio to create their company logos. Even government companies also use the services of Aerial Creative Studio to create their company logos.

The logo style offered by Aerial Creative Studio is a simple logo style with not so many small details. By ordering a company logo in Aerial Creative Studio, you will get a stylish and elegant company logo.


10. Banni Studio

The recommendation of the best corporate logo designers in Malang then goes to Banni Studio, which has four years of experience in the field of logo design. Banni Studio is a design studio in Malang and offers company logo design services. There are already as many as 200 domestic and foreign companies that use logo creation services from Banni Studio.

Banni Studio can help you design your company logo in no time and at a low price. The logo style offered by Banni Studio is a simple logo, so it is very suitable for use in various products produced by your company.

Banni Studio also serves free online and offline logo creation consultations. After the logo is done by Banni Studio, you can do three logo revisions and will get all the logo files you need.


11. Cepat Jadi

Cepat Jadi offers a company logo created in a manual sketch style so that your logo image results look more attractive and special. There are already many companies that have tried to use Cepat Jadi services and are satisfied with the service and the results of the company logo from Cepat Jadi.

In addition to offering a unique company logo, Cepat Jadi also offers company logo creation that is completed within one day only. So if you need a unique company logo in a quick time, then you can customize the logo in Cepat Jadi.


12. Fajar Agung Dewanto

Fajar Agung Dewanto is also suitable for you to choose if you want to create a logo for your company. Fajar Agung Dewanto offers a logo design that is simple but still looks fashionable and highlights the characteristics of your company.

You don't need to hesitate if you want to order a company logo design from Fajar Agung Dewanto because Fajar Agung Dewanto has experience making many logos for various companies in the country and overseas companies. Fajar Agung Dewanto's work experience itself has been more than five years.

When ordering a logo design from Fajar Agung Dewanto, you will get a free service to discuss the logo design you like. Moreover, once your company logo design process is complete, you will get your entire logo file. If you need a quick logo, Fajar Agung Dewanto can also deliver your bespoke logo all the way to your location.


13. AK Cetak

AK Cetak can be your choice who wants to create a company logo with a colorful cartoon style. Starting operations in 2020, AK Cetak already serves hundreds of companies that want to have their own business logo.

There are three packages of logo design services offered by AK Cetak. The first plan is the express package; when you choose this express package, you will get one company logo design concept. The second plan is a cost-effective plan that gives you two basic concepts of a company logo. The third package is a complete package that gives you three company logo design concepts.

All logo design packages from AK Cetak provide free consultation on the company's logo concept before starting to design. So, you can tell what kind of company logo you want, and AK Cetak will create a logo according to your wishes.


14. Kinanti Abuya

If you are looking for a logo designer with affordable prices and optimal design results, you can try using the services of Kinanti Abuya.

Kinanti Abuya offers a logo in a colorful vintage style. Not only that, but Kinanti Abuya is also experienced in the field of logo design and has served many logo design requests from domestic companies and foreign companies. You can see the results of the company logo that Kinanti Abuya has completed in her portfolio.

Every time you use the services of Kinanti Abuya in creating your company logo, you can first talk about what kind of logo you want and need for your company. This logo consultation service is provided free of charge by Kinanti Abuya. So you only need to pay for logo design services from Kinanti Abuya.


15. Rio Chandra

Another young talent from Malang who is experienced in the field of logo design is Rio Chandra. Rio Chandra's experience in the field of logo design is unquestionable because Rio Chandra has served many companies with logo orders from domestic companies.

If you order a company logo on Rio Chandra, you will get a simple company logo that emphasizes the special characteristics of your company. You are also entitled to a free company logo concept consultation before you use the company logo design services from Rio Chandra.

Rio Chandra provides company logo design services at low prices and short working time. You can also get five revisions to all the company logos you ordered in Rio Chandra. With all the benefits you get, if you order a company logo at Rio Chandra, it's certainly not a bad idea if you entrust your company logo design to Rio Chandra.


Final Words

Logo designers in Malang are often highly skilled in digital design, using software such as Adobe Illustrator to create sleek, modern logos that are optimized for digital platforms. They understand the importance of creating logos that are easily recognizable across a variety of mediums, including websites, social media, and print materials. Overall, logo designers in Malang play an essential role in the success of businesses both locally and globally. Their expertise and creativity help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace and establish a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience.