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Article: Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Makassar

Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Makassar

Looking for the best logo designer around Makassar?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

In the bustling city of Makassar, Indonesia, the art of logo design has emerged as a vital component of the business landscape. A logo is the face of a company, representing its values, vision, and identity. Makassar, known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and rapid economic growth, is home to a burgeoning community of talented logo designers adept at crafting visually captivating and meaningful brand symbols.

As businesses in Makassar strive to carve their niche in a competitive market, the demand for skilled logo designers has skyrocketed. These professionals possess a unique blend of artistic flair, strategic thinking, and technical expertise to create logos that resonate with target audiences and leave a lasting impact. From startups seeking to establish their brand presence to established companies looking for a fresh identity, the logo designers in Makassar cater to a diverse range of clients with their innovative designs.

The logo designers in Makassar are equipped with a deep understanding of the local culture and ethos, which enables them to infuse the essence of Makassar into their designs. They draw inspiration from the city's rich history, natural beauty, and diverse communities, creating logos that reflect the unique spirit of Makassar while staying true to the client's brand values.

With the advent of digital platforms and the increasing significance of online presence, the role of logo designers in Makassar has evolved beyond traditional mediums. They harness the power of technology to create versatile logos that can seamlessly adapt to various digital platforms, including websites, social media, and mobile applications. By staying up-to-date with the latest design trends and tools, these professionals ensure that their creations remain relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Collaboration and communication are at the core of the logo design process in Makassar. Logo designers work closely with their clients, engaging in extensive discussions to understand their business objectives, target audience, and design preferences. Through this collaborative approach, they transform ideas into visually stunning logos that encapsulate the essence of the brand.

Here are some of the most recommended logo designers in Makassar:


1. SyahrirAllil

This young man born in Makassar can be the right partner for those of you who are looking for a logo designer; he has decades of experience in designing logos. There are already many domestic companies and foreign companies that use the services of SyahrirAllil.

The company logo model offered by SyahrirAllil is a simple and minimalist logo model while still paying attention to the company's products. To make the logo look more attractive and according to your taste, you can do a logo concept consultation with SyahrirAllil.

After the design process is complete, you will get four company logo models that you can use. In addition, there are also unlimited revisions for all users of this logo design service from SyahrirAllil.

Created by syahrirallil |


2. Odua Arts Makassar

For those of you who are looking for the services of a logo designer who can work on colorful and cartoon-style logo orders and can complete orders quickly, then you can choose Odua Arts Makassar.

Odua Arts Makassar is the largest logo design agency in Makassar that has twenty years of experience in the field of logo design. The agency is committed to presenting a quality logo with faster turnaround times.

Odua Arts Makassar has completed thousands of logo design projects. So, this logo designer agency has a lot of interesting portfolios. You can check their portfolio first to ensure the quality of the logo produced by Odua Arts Makassar.

Not only does it offer faster logo design work, but Odua Arts Makassar also offers affordable logo design services. So, it is suitable to choose if you have a limited budget but still want maximum logo results.


3. Pendi Metronome

A logo designer agency Pendi Metronome founded by Muhammad Fatrrahman offers a minimalist logo and is suitable for pairing with every product of the company. This minimalist-style logo is suitable for you MSME business owners. Indeed, the Pendi Metronome agency is specifically to offer logo designs for MSME owners.

Having five years of experience, this Pendi Metronome agency has completed many logo design projects. Every Pendi Metronome service user will get a free logo design model consultation. So, you can communicate your logo ideas and get the best logo according to what you want.

The price offered by the Pendi Metronome logo design service can be considered very cheap and is indeed suitable for MSMEs. Only by paying for design services of thirty thousand rupiahs you can get a very stylish MSME logo design.


4. SangDes Studio

For the past nine years, SangDes Studio has served hundreds of company logos for companies originating from within and outside the country. The results of the logo design from SangDes Studio are also very satisfying, and you can see the results of the logo design in the SangDes Studio portfolio.

The logo produced by SangDes Studio has a simple vintage theme. Suitable for those of you who like vintage-style designs. SangDes Studio offers unlimited logo revisions and offers discussions of company logo concepts for customers to get satisfactory logo results. So, feel free to contact SangDes Studio if you want to get a vintage and high-quality company logo.

Created by Sangdes Studio |


5. YogIrmwn

Vintage-style logo lovers who want their company logo to be made in a vintage style can also choose YogIrmwn as their partner of duty. YogIrmwn has seven years of experience in the world of logo design. Armed with seven years of experience, YogIrmwn is ready to serve every company logo order from you.

The services offered by YogIrmwn are diverse, namely basic, standard, and premium logo design services. For these three services, YogIrmwn provides free logo concept consultations. So that the difference between the three YogIrmwn service packages is only in the number of logo revisions. For basic logo design services, it is free to revise twice. For standard logo design services, it is free to revise it five times. For premium logo design services, it was revised nine times.

You are also allowed to view YogIrmwn's portfolio before working with YogIrmwn on creating your company logo.

Created by yogirmwn |


6. ElghtyElght Design

The recommendation of logo designers from Makassar cities falls on ElghtyElght Design, which has six years of experience in the field of logo design. The company logo offered by ElghtyElght Design is very suitable for use by franchise owners. This is because ElghtyElght Design offers a unique and attractive cartoon model logo design.

As a logo designer with six years of work experience, ElghtyElght Design has successfully completed many company logo orders. You can see the results of ElghtyElght Design's work in their portfolio.

The logo design package offered by ElghtyElght Design consists of three kinds of packages, namely the basic, standard, and premium plans. You will be given one basic concept of a company logo every time you order logo design services from ElghtyElght Design.

Created by ElghtyElght Design |


7. AK Desain

If you are still looking for a logo design service provider for your company, you can try to see the portfolio of AK Desain. He has eight years of experience in corporate logo design, making AK Desain worthy of choice.

During his seven years working in the world of logo design, AK Desain has successfully completed various logo orders from domestic companies and foreign companies. The company logo style offered by AK Desain is a simple but elegant logo design. With a logo design like this, it is hoped that it can increase buyers' awareness of a brand.

When you are going to use logo design services from AK Desain, you can consult about the logo design you want. The price for this logo concept consultation is free, so you only need to pay for logo design services from AK Desain.


8. Gary513

A talented young talent from Makassar with the name Gary513 is also worth choosing when you plan to create a company logo. Offering a company logo in a modern style makes Gary513 very suitable to choose if your company is engaged in technology.

Armed with six years of experience as a corporate logo designer, Gary513 has already completed a logo for a well-known company. Most of Gary513's clients are business owners who come from abroad. So, it can be ascertained that the quality of the logo offered by Gary513 is very good.

Gary513 offers three types of logo design packages for its service users. There is a basic logo design package with three free basic logo concepts; there is a standard logo design package with four basic logo concepts; there is a premium logo design package with five free basic logo concepts.

Created by gary513 |


9. El8htz

A professional who has become accustomed to working in the field of graphic design is also suitable to be your choice when you need a professional logo designer. One of the professional logo designers that you can find in Makassar is El8htz. El8htz has been a professional logo designer for eleven years. So you can be sure that the quality of the logo produced by El8htz will be in accordance with your expectations.

Offering a company logo with a minimalist style, El8htz is widely seen by well-known companies to work together in making logos. Moreover, all users of El8htz logo design services will get a free discussion of the company's logo concept.

The logo design time at El8htz only takes one week. It takes a short time for a beautifully classy logo design. The price offered by El8htz is also very cheap, so you can get a good logo at a low price when using the services of El8htz.

Created by ei8htz |



Interested in using a web logo design service to design your company logo? You can use services. Web is a very well-known web provider of logo design services in the city of Makassar. The web, which has been operating for ten years, offers logo designs with a simple and elegant style.

To use this service, you just need to visit the website and contact the owner of the website. The owner of this website will be your partner in designing your company logo.

When consulting with a web owner, you will be provided with a free service to tell you what kind of company logo you need. Later the web will create a company logo that suits your wishes.



11. can also be an option for those of you who want to have a cool company logo that reflects the character of your company. itself is a web logo designer whose founders are already experienced in designing a variety of company logos. It is no longer clear how many logos of domestic companies and foreign companies have been done by

The logo style offered by is a simple and minimalist company logo style. You only need to contact the owner of the web, if you are interested in using their services to create your company logo.

Every time you order a company logo on the web this, you will get a free logo concept consultation. So you only need to pay for logo design services carried out by and do not need to pay the logo concept consultation fee.




If you are still looking for the services of a well-known and reputable logo designer, you can try using the services of is an online store specializing in ordering company logos that are already famous in Makassar. Besides being well-known in Makassar, this has also been pursuing the world of logo design for a long time; no need to worry about the results of logo designs from

On, you can discuss the basic concepts of your company logo before you start ordering the logo. After your company logo is done, you will also get your company logo in various file types.

In addition, also offers a warranty on each of your logo orders. So if you feel unsatisfied with the results of design, you can get a revision until you are satisfied with the results of your company logo.


13. Mkr92

Mkr92 is one of the professional logo designers who are ready to help those of you who want to design a logo for your company. Having more than five years of experience as a logo designer and graphic designer, Mkr92 has a lot of experience in the world of logo design.

The logo style offered by Mkr92 is a logo with a modern and unique style. It is guaranteed that if you decide to design a company logo using the services of Mkr92, you will get a unique logo that has never been used before by other companies.

Mkr92 logo design services also offer a fast logo design process at an affordable price. No need to wait long for an attractive logo and no need to pay more for a professional logo. With the services offered by Mkr92, it is certainly not surprising that many companies have used Mkr92 services to create their logos.


14. Saybrand

Like logos with cartoon and vintage styles at the same time? Also interested in having a company logo with a cartoon style and a touch of vintage style? If yes, then you can try using logo design services from Saybrand. Saybrand is one of the most trusted logo designers who provide logos with vintage and cartoon styles at the same time.

There are already many domestic companies and foreign companies that have tried the company logo design services offered by Saybrand. Saybrand also has five years of experience in creating various types of logo designs for various companies.

If you decide to use a logo design service from Saybrand, you will get a logo concept consultation for your brand. Once the logo design process is complete, you will also be allowed to revise the existing deficiencies.

Created by saybrand |


15. Nick Std

The last recommendation for a logo designer in Makassar fell on Nick Std. This young man from Makassar offers a unique logo design style. Where the company logo design made by Nick Std looks like a sketch drawing done manually, a logo style like this will make your company's products look more elegant and, of course, also very attractive.

Nick Std logo design services provide three choices of logo design packages, ranging from basic logo design packages to premium logo design packages. For a basic logo design package, you'll get one basic logo concept for your company, along with supporting files. As for the standard logo design package, you will get one basic logo concept and free logo revisions for two revisions. As for the premium plan, you'll get one basic logo concept and three revisions to your company logo.

Created by nick_std |


Final Words

In conclusion, the logo designers in Makassar are a dynamic and skilled community of professionals who play a crucial role in shaping the visual identities of businesses in this thriving Indonesian city. Their ability to combine artistic creativity with strategic thinking allows them to create logos that not only captivate the eye but also effectively communicate the brand's message. As Makassar continues to grow as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, the logo designers in the city are poised to leave an indelible mark on the business landscape with their exceptional design expertise.