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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Kolkata That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Kolkata That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Kolkata?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Kolkata is one of the most famous cities in India because of its ports, but did you know the list of logo designers in Kolkata that can help you realize your dreams by developing products and increasing sales?

India is one of the countries in Asia that has a lot of cultures. Starting from art, and clothing, to Indian food, everything is there. Interestingly, all of these things you can get at a price that is not too expensive. Because we all know the cost of living in India is cheap when compared to countries located on the European, American, and other Asian continents. So it's only natural that many people visit India to enjoy its various beauties.

Have you ever visited a country whose people are thick with this culture? Apart from being famous for its culture, Indian society is also famous for being technologically literate. Many of them are IT experts or have become reliable website designers.

So naturally, there are many logos or symbol designers from Kolkata, India, which we will explain in our discussion of the logo designers in Kolkata. Kolkata is a port city located in the capital city of West Bengal, India.

In this city, there are lots of tourist destinations that you can visit, and it is one of the cities most frequently visited by tourists visiting India for a vacation with friends, family, or partners.

Kolkata is the second largest city in India after New Delhi, which is the capital of India itself. The area of ​​this city is 285 km2 which makes it the second largest city after New Delhi and before Mumbai.

The city also has the best infrastructure in India, which makes it the favorite destination for tourists. But on this occasion, we will not discuss tourist attractions in Kolkata. On this occasion, we will discuss the logo designers that you can use to create logos to grow your business and increase sales.

No need to linger; you can immediately listen to our explanation regarding the recommendation of the best symbol designer who has an office located in Kolkata, India. Here's our discussion below.


1. Mydesigns

The first company we will discuss on this occasion is Mydesigns. Mydesigns has an office located in Howrah, Kolkata, India, and has more than 200 professional and experienced employees in the graphic design world.

Best logo design company in Kolkata, this has become one of the pioneers in the world of graphic design to provide quality designs to its consumers. So it's no wonder this company is included in our list.

This company is also very suitable for those of you who are just starting a business and are trying to develop products so that they can be accepted by the community because mydesigns can help you in creating a product symbol according to what you want.

There is no limit to what you can design at this company. You can make requests according to what you want. Naturally, they are included in the list of logo designers.



In making the symbol, make it as good as possible so that it is easily recognized by the wider community. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have products; with an attractive symbol, your product can be more easily recognized by the public or consumers.

Therefore you need to choose a Kolkata logo designer company that has good quality in terms of employees and also the software and hardware used. That way, you can get the maximum symbol design results.

You can get that if you choose to use viva one digital. Although the name is still rarely known by many people, you will never regret it if you choose their services as logo designers.

BUSFAM Digital is a web design company with offices located in India. They are a sister company to BUSFAM, which is the number one web design agency in India.


3. Digital Anonymous

Not only is the cost of living quite cheap in India, but the cost of paying for a logo maker is also not too expensive. One of them is digital anonymity, which you can use with a minimum price of US$ 1000 and US$ 25-49 per hour.

Even though the price is quite low and not too expensive, Anonymus Digital always tries to give the best to anyone who puts their trust in creating logos for products, companies, or organizations.

So you don't have to worry about your design later being done carelessly with a bad final result. Because anonymous digital commits to always give the best to all clients, naturally, they are included in the list of designers in Kolkata.

Apart from focusing on design, they also have a focus on marketing. As we all know, a good marketing strategy also needs to be planned so that the business can run smoothly according to your wishes.


4. RV Ventures

RV ventures became the logo designers, which we will discuss next. This company has an office located in India and is one of the graphic design companies in India.

Like design companies in India in general, RV Ventures also does not charge a price that is too expensive for the order you make. These logo designers accept a minimum order of US$ 1000 with an hourly design fee of US$ 25-49 only.

This price is, of course, very suitable for those of you who are just starting your business, so it still requires a lot of money for the product development process and also for the company to become more advanced.

Because of this, RV Ventures is often referred to as the best logo design company in Kolkata because it has a fairly affordable price but prioritizes the quality of the designs they make.


5. Codecreate

One thing that is also important besides symbol design is the marketing strategy that you will do to market your product. There are several marketing strategies that you can try as a novice businessman.

The way you can do in marketing your products is by using websites, software, or applications that can certainly reach consumers more broadly because they use an internet base.

For this, you can entrust code create who is ready to make any software, application, or website orders from clients. This makes CodeCreate one of the logo designers in Kolkata.

No need to worry, because this company that has offices in India also does not charge a high price for every job they do. Codecreate set a price of US $ 25-49 per hour with a minimum of US $ 5000.



The next company that is included in the list of logo designers in this discussion is WEBCREATORE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS LLP. This company has an office located in Kolkata, India, with only ten employees.

Even though it only has ten employees, that doesn't mean this company doesn't have quality and can't be invited to work together. Because, despite having few employees, the logo designers all have sufficient experience in the design world.

So all orders from clients will be done with great care and patience to produce quality products. Of course, you don't have to worry anymore if you use their services because quality is not something you need to doubt about them.

Not only that, but this company may also be the cheapest. Because logo design price in Kolkata usually reaches US$ 50, they only charge less than US$ 25 per hour with a minimum order of US$ 1000.



This company dedicates itself as your partner in starting a business. Almost all aspects that new entrepreneurs need to do are in the services they offer.

Logo designers in Kolkata have employees who are professional and, of course, have experience in the world of design for many years. The results of the work they do are also definitely good, and following client orders.

Primal will listen to all the wishes or all the things you want to make your business a success. After getting an overview from you, they will ask various things that are more technical, starting from the target market, sales goals, and so on.

If you are interested in the services that the logo designers offer, then you can immediately visit their website at to do a consultation about what symbol design you want.


8. Prikal Technology Solutions

Prikal technology solutions is a graphic design company with offices in south dumdum, India. Their achievements in the world of design need not be doubted at all.

Because these logo designers in Kolkata have worked on many products from all over the world, you can see them for yourself on their website, which is at

This company has a lot of services ranging from web app designs, web design development, mobile application development, and of course, making logos for products, companies, and organizations.

You can try all the services of logo designers to accelerate the pace of business and make your products and company more developed and advanced. No need to worry about the price, prikal technology never charges a high fee when compared to the quality of the design that you will get.


9. Fitser

In the world of business, logos are not the only thing you need to pay attention to. It's useless if you have a good symbol but don't have a good marketing strategy so that you can increase the number of product sales to exceed the target.

Usually, a new entrepreneur will be afraid to contact a symbol designer because the price is usually quite high. Not only that, the results of the symbol will usually not be to your liking for several reasons.

You will not get this if you decide to use the services of Fitser. These logo designers in Kolkata will provide the best results to each of their customers to help develop products and increase sales.

Fitser is a graphic design company with offices located in India. Even though it comes from India, you can still use their services to make your product symbol.


10. Indian logo designs

Logo design India is known as one of the best graphic design companies in India. With more than 150 professional employees and 12 years of experience in making design requests from consumers, making symbol design India into the list of logo designers in Kolkata.

They have served various companies from all over the world by helping them in creating symbols for product identities, companies, and organizations both on a small and large scale.

Apart from symbol design, they also have other services, including website design, mobile app development to corporate identity design. This company ensures that all their work is done carefully to produce high-quality designs and does not disappoint the trust that has been given by clients.

What are you waiting for, immediately contact logo design India via the contact listed on their website, namely


11. Wolf Software

The next company that is included in our discussion of logo designers in Kolkata from us is Wolf Software. Wolf Software is a company engaged in the design and development of applications with offices in Kolkata, India.

There are already a lot of people who use the services of wolf software and are satisfied with the design results they get. So it's no wonder the name wolf software has been widely recognized by people, especially because of the quality they provide.

You also don't have to worry about the price because these logo designers will give you the symbol design you want at a fairly low price. Especially when compared to the design results that you will get.


12. Technosoft Plus

Technosoft Plus is a company engaged in graphic design and has been trusted by many consumers who have used its services. So no wonder they are included in the list of logo designers in Kolkata.

Not only serving symbol orders, but Technosoft Plus also has other services, namely product growth analysis, engineering, and advisory, that can help you determine what product to choose.

If you are interested in using the services of a company that is included in this list, please visit their website at You can also ask about many things for free with them.


13. Adion Solution

The next company that is included in the list of logo designers in Kolkata is Adion Solution. Adion is a company engaged in the design field and has an office located in Kolkata, India.

If you are targeting young people, a futuristic design with bright colors can be an option. Vice versa, if you have a target market of old people, you can choose a simple and elegant design.

You can delegate all these requests to Adion Solution, which is also included in the logo designers in Kolkata. Adion Solution will help you to create imaginative products and services with a method of understanding consumers and culture.

This, of course, can further increase the sales of your products and can also further develop the company that you have created. There are many services from AQ Works that you can use, ranging from user research, design sprints, rapid prototyping, design and development, team mentoring, and also expert reviews.


14. Red Spider Web

Red Spider Web is a graphic design company with offices in Kolkata, India. This company has a mission to bring a smile to all offices.

Because they offer offers for various designs ranging from logos, office designs, relocations, and layouts. So you can also use other services they have besides creating a symbol using India Logo Design. This company has less than 50 employees.

Even so, they already have decades of experience in the graphic design world. Many companies or offices, both small and large, have used their services.

And all of them are satisfied with the work they have done; it is only natural to enter into the list of logo designers in Kolkata in our discussion this time. As already mentioned several times before, a good product is a product that is easy to remember and liked by the customers.


15. Ethical Yoga

The next company on our list is ethical yoga which has offices in Kolkata, India. Ethical yoga is a multinational, multilingual team that has the capabilities of graphic designers, writers, strategists, UI/U designers, programmers, and project managers.

Almost all the services have their benefits for the development of the business or product that you are living. So you don't have to hesitate anymore if you want to use their services.

Logo designers in Kolkata this is also cheap because they receive a minimum job of only US$ 1000 with US$ 25-60 for an hourly fee. If interested, you can contact the contact listed on their website.


Final Words

The symbol has a function as one of the identities or characteristics of a product, company, or organization. Without a symbol, you will find it difficult to distinguish one product symbol from another.

Suppose you like the hobby of playing football and have a favorite soccer team, of course; you already know that each team has a different logo. It is also the same as what we explained earlier in the discussion of the logo designers in Kolkata.

Arsenal and Manchester United do not have the same symbol. This is, of course, done to distinguish between the two teams and also to become the identity of the team. In a product, the symbol plays an important role in

The more attractive the symbol printed on your product, the more interested consumers will buy the products you sell. That way, your sales can increase, and this can certainly affect the development of the company.

What is not a function of a symbol is a compliment because a logo does not only function as a complement but becomes an inseparable part of a product, company, or organization.

So have you explained how important a symbol is in the development of your business? So you need to know logo designers in Kolkata who can help you to create a symbol for your product.