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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Japan That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Japan That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Japan?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

One of the many aspects that logo creators need to pay attention to is inspiration, aspiration, and example. If you are one of them or a person looking for a proper job from a professional, looking at the best creator should be your first consideration. Does that mean you can pick wherever the logo designers are? In many ways, you can, but going locals help get the best result. 

There is a particular point and charm in working with local designers, the unique styling from the region or the place. Remember that every company, brand, worker, and country might have its unique styling in design. It includes Japan, a place known for its beautiful handworks of animation and drawing. Can you get the best from a designer? 

Yes, you can get some of the best and most unexpected jobs from logo designers in Japan. With its long history of design and creation, Japan is filled with creative people. Studios upon others are spreading and sprouting from one place to another. If you are looking for inspiration, some of the following people on the list might help you. 

If you are looking for a Japan-based agency, designer, or creator to work with your company logos, the following lists will also help you get the best answer. However, please underline that each of the options can have its particular sense of design style. It means you cannot ask the same from one creative agency or people to others. 

It also highlights that the following Japan logo designers list is made to help you discover some of the best-rated recommendations on the internet and job portals. For more information about their gallery, quotes, and services, please visit or reach the people right away. You will get a better insight into the job and get the intended logo work from Japanese creatives.


1. TM Creation 

Appearing as one of the results on the Google Search first page, TM creation should be one of your best picks from japan. The designer agency is located in Tokyo, the prime city of Japan. At its official sites, the company has provided enough details of the said agency, history, services, and some contact. You can see it from 

The about page shows that the business name is TMCreation (Logo design Tokyo). It is an agency with services including logo, stationary, package, advertising, web, and many other printing or graphic design. The company has two based phone contacts for Japan and Australia, and it also leads customers to its gallery and direct logo designer offers. 

On its logo design specified page, TMCreation put all of its notable clients and gallery. It can be seen that the said logo designers in Japan have their specialization in the project. Its portfolio covers a wide range of styles, types, and ideation. Some have their modern symbol and icon. The Japanese company starts its offers from 95,000 JPY for standard to a package of 135,000 JPY.  



2. CrowdWorks 

Another one of the results that came out on the first page of Google Search is CrowdWorks. The company has a unique website ( that resembles a job portal. Due to its local language, this information is gathered with the help of Google Translation. Based on its website, the japan logo designers' company was established in 2011. 

It makes the company have more than ten years of experience in the creative industry. Not only the experience, but the designer's agency also has a record of 720.000 companies using its services and offers. It means the logo made by the companies covers ranges of company's agency and industry, both in major companies to government agencies. 

Looking at its details, the company works as a place where logo designers from many places and levels fight for project competitions. Customers from Japan or other countries can ask for requests with personalized ideas. The price also ranges from 20.000 Yen To 80.000 Yen, based on the quality and the intricacy of the logo work. After that, all details will be given by CrowdWorks.  



3. Baum LTD 

From Google results, you can also find some of the best logo designers in Japan through famous job portals. Among many, you can pick, which can provide a huge range of details and information from its users (company or designers). In this case, one of the highest ranked or listed logo creators from Japan is Baum LTD. 

Based on its Clutch Profile, Baum LTD is a brand design firm established in 2010. It is a design firm or agency with a range of experience and roles in small international batches of creative services. It is a company that has a global reach for its logo and graphic design services, serving more than just Japan. It also includes reaching the United States, Asia, and Scandinavia. 

The company that settled in Shibuya City, Japan, is a company with a 20% service line focusing on Logo. Other than that, the designers also pinpoint varying industry focus from Leisure, hospitality, real estate, and information technology. From its site (, Baum LTD can be one of the professional logo designers you can find in Japan. 



4. Form Process 

Form Process is another Japan-based company under the logo and design-focused services. In this case, the company is listed under Clutch's job portal. But it does not mean the company lacks experience or exposure. The company has its personalized website under the name It is where you can see the quality of this Japan-based firm. 

Based on the Clutch profile, the Graphic + Interactive design firm started in 2004. It currently has a size of 10-49 employees. For a company with more than 15 years of experience, the job scale is pretty large. It has a minimum cap of $5,000+ project with an hourly rate starting at $100. As a company with varying options, Form Process put web and graphic design as the focus. 

Both service lines have the same 40% focus. It makes them one of the recommended logo designers in Japan that has huge exposure and expertise. It can be seen on its website, where the gallery explores the designers' expertise in varying industries and works. The company has worked with logos, branding, print, web design, CMS, and many more from both Japanese and foreign projects. 



5. Custom Media KK 

With the motto of Driven by Digital, Custom Media KK is another recommended logo designer you can find in Japan. The company is located in Minato. Among its varying services, logo creation is under its branding and advertising option. In this firm, customers can also get direct communication with designers for varying functions.

Those functions of communications include consultation, events, editorial, research, or public relations-related projects. It showcases that the company, which has been in the industry since 2008, is more than just an expert in Logo. Instead, they are also best in providing services as a company development partner for both local Japan-based and international companies ( 



6. BrandCurb is another good job portal where some known logo designers in Japan join its site. The first result of the Japan-based logo design agency is BrandCurb. Based on the job portal, the company has 5.0 ratings, with its 25% services focused on web design. Even though it is not fully focused on logos, the designer agency is pretty known. 

It is a company that is also located in Canada, but you can also find another brand in Ichinomiya, Japan. The company was founded in 2012 and currently has 10-49 employees. One thing that is interesting about the logo designers agency is its low cost, starting from $25 to $50 per hour. But still, the company can deliver fantastic deals and results at its end. 

The website for BrandCurb is pretty far categorized as a professional service. The logo and designer's agency have a long list of services listed on the website. The Japan-based company also provides quick chat and communication for customers. If you are interested in working with this designer's company, be sure to get proper contact and direct yourself for japan services. 



7. App Unik 

Located in Tokyo, Japan, App Unik is also listed as one of the best logo designers in The designer's agency itself focuses on working for app development in mobile applications, websites, and desktop applications. While the company is not focused on Logo, there are some chances of how App Unik will work for the branding and company identity. 

App Unik is also headquartered in India. But based on its site (, the company is pretty much settled for app development. The services can include working with iOS, Website applications, desktop applications, and graphic design. A possible best relation with many other logo designers in Japan is from its graphic design function.



8. Digi Smiths 

The next job and company portal to consider is This is a site where some of the best companies can be both available in Japan or other countries. The best example is, which is located in both India and Tokyo, Japan. As a company based in two countries, DigiSmiths can provide its best IT, Creative, and cloud services projects. 

Digi Smiths is another logo design company that was founded in 2018 with a team size of 2-9 people. The average cost of services is pretty low, which is a good point for young Japanese new companies or worldwide businesses. The service options are the key to its charm. Digismith put around 10% of logo design projects on its whole services. 

The biggest part is SEO, which takes around 20% of the company's services. But there are also many other projects, including branding, web design, UI/UX design, etc. If you are looking for details or inspiration for its logo designer works (gallery, quotes, and offers), you can visit 


9. Kissing Kourami

Another good and highly recommended company among logo designers in Japan is Kissing Kourami. It is listed on with a pretty high rating. Again, this is a two-country-based company (Swiss and Japanese). With that in mind, Kissing Kourami might be one of the best you can find for both logos and varying other design jobs. 

The company was founded in 2007 and currently has more than ten employees in its office. One reason why it can be a great option is the fact that Kissing Kourami has 25% of its services on graphic design and 10% focused on logo creation. With that combination, the designer's expertise can be known for its unique works and styling. 

It is also seen on its website, The Tokyo, Japan, based company and Geneva company has its name described as a cute branding studio. But that name also affected most of its galleries. Many of its digital brochures, logo, and designer work initialized traditional japan with some unique taste in modern design. Make it a unique logo designer to consider.  



10. Baqemono 

Focused on professional web design, the company has its most designer's expertise working in web and systems in total. But it is an interesting agency, in which the company has a pretty high average cost of services. It also highlights that the logo designers in Japan work are only around 10%, which is pretty low compared to its web and SEO services. 

Looking at its, the site showcases a pretty unique web, graphic, and logo design gallery. It covers varying types of industry and companies, which also indicate that Baqemono has vast proficiency as a design agency. It is also good to highlight that the company likely focuses on working with modern style design. 



11. Teamolay studio 

Teamolay soars its name with its TechBehemoths recommendation and award-winning name. It is a known digital agency based in Tokyo, Japan. But still, it covers a huge range of work, including online marketing services, graphic design, web development, and cloud hosting. With ample years of design and experience, you can see the expertise through its website ( 



12. Uma 

Going a bit personal with preferences, some logo designers in Japan are worth trying even without them being found on famous job portals. Among many, UMA studio is worth its attention for its minimalist and aesthetic logo works. The company is found on the website, where the company has every detail laid down on the portal. 

The site fully absorbs the sense of minimalism from its look to the designers' projects. Some galleries highlight logo creation with modern, simple, and minimalist styles. The use of color, pastel hues, and geometry highlights the company's signature. It also comes with some splash of traditional Japanese style where functionality is the key to success. 


13. Nosigner 

The list of projects and gallery of Nosigner is the key to what the designer agency thinks about logo creation or other related projects. It can be said that ideals are about creating intangible things. As a professional logo creator, this is a unique trait that helps Nosigner's work stand out. It is especially true since the gallery in its truly has a varying display of style and ideas. 



14. Nottuo 

If one thing can be a sight of Japan's signature, the answer will be the character design. One of many logo designers in Japan, Nottuo, takes it as a principle. The company is a roundup Japan creative studio that is known for its famous quintessential duck packaging. Nottuo's varying styles and tastes are also found on, where various galleries of graphics, web, space, and products are displayed. 



15. Sekiala Design 

Japan's calligraphy and impressive packaging skills are one to defeat. The impressive skills go beyond imagination with the ability of Sekilala Design ( The company provides not only professional logo designers but also creates unique packaging styles, projects, and looks for the ever-growing challenge in Japan. Surely the company where beauty and function take the biggest step on the result.



Final Words

The list of logo designers showcases that Japan can be a great place to create a unique company identity. Some people are known for their jobs, having the best ratings, and price tag. It is also best to highlight that each of the people is different, which makes a list that cannot be seen as a ranking. Instead, the list is some recommendations based on internet rate and preference. 

Another good note is that Japanese designers do not always mean or indicate they always work with traditional imagery. Some are starting to explore the bigger market, bringing more international taste to the logo. It helps you or local companies to tackle bigger and vast communities. It can be a positive effect for both parties since it brings support from every side.  

Learning more about the possible logo designers in Japan is known as the very first step a customer, client, or learner needs to take. You can learn more about the services, options, offers, and rates. The listed people or companies are some of the best options you can get. You can look for more details from the websites, job portals, or direct contact.