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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Jakarta That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Jakarta That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Jakarta?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Logo designer services are even more important for startups if you want to make a head start in your target market. Choosing a competent and experienced designer to create your startup logo is very important to give your new business a good image among your audience. These designers know the psychology of colors, fonts, and other elements to create memorable logos. Only such a slogan can engage your target audience in your new business.

Business owners and professional graphic designers know the importance of logos. The logo is definitely the face of a company, business, and brand. People first look for logos when they want to buy a product or service from a particular company. Thus, the logo is a sign of the originality and originality of the company's products or services. But more than just an identity tag, the logo serves businesses and businesses in many ways. A well-designed business logo makes your business instantly recognizable. When people see it in an ad or anywhere else, people remember your work.

A logo designer in Jakarta can help you create a memorable logo to represent your brand identity to your target audience and stakeholders. The most famous logo design agencies in Jakarta will help you find the most suitable branding partner for your business.

You can discuss your ideas and expectations at length with the designers of your chosen logo design company in Jakarta before reviewing samples to choose the style and type of logo you want. The Logo Designers in Jakarta mentioned below, which provide logo design services in Jakarta, have their client reviews and ratings attached to their profiles to help you make a choice faster:


1. Arfadia

With years of experience, Arfadia has turned into a leading digital agency in Indonesia. The service and reputation of the company are unquestionable. This Creative Media Company which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, provides 360 ‚Äč‚Äčdigital marketing campaigns, SEO, video production, web design, branding, and corporate identity. Arfadia consistently delivers transformative customer growth. Arfadia has won many awards and received many certifications both nationally and internationally.

Arfadia has a different approach than other companies. They act as a long-term partner in your success. Arfadia is flexible, creative, and adaptable to new technologies, results-oriented, certified, and highly experienced. Arfadia doesn't have a single strategy for all business approaches - but Arfadia will spend time analyzing and building a strategic plan that works for your business.

Unlike other companies or individual services that offer low prices, Arfadia is very knowledgeable and understands the steps of marketing your digital assets on search engines; the results provided by Arfadia are very clear and measurable. Arfadia conducted research on other individual companies or services that did not provide clear indications of their work output, and the results of their work were only in the form of embedded backlinks on the site.


2. Sodio Flolab

Flolab is one of the best Logo Designers in Jakarta you can consider. It is a Product Design and UX Studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a comprehensive solution to digital product design needs that seeks to create business solutions with high-quality and customized designs. To meet business and user requirements, all of their design decisions are based on user research and the design thinking process.

Over the past five years, they have partnered with government organizations, startups, SMEs, and organizations from various sectors such as FinTech, government, e-commerce, banking, travel, lifestyle, health, and beauty. Some of the happy clients are BPJS, KPK, Pegadaian, Amar Bank, Ayoconnect, Cekaja, FUNDtastic, and Female Daily Network.


3. PT IDstar Cipta Teknologi

PT IDstar Cipta Teknologi is an IT consulting and outsourcing firm. They provide IT solutions to any business on a global scale by providing flexible arrangements for IT experts and scrum teams to help our clients adapt to the digital world. They have over 150 dedicated IT talents and ongoing sourcing.

They build future leaders by educating young people to develop their skills and become professionals to meet the current demands of their industries in this technological age through classes, training, and events. IDstar's clients mostly work in the banking and financial industry, the telecommunications industry, and the insurance industry. However, they can provide resources to other industries.


4. Amanah Corporation 

It is a software development company that has earned the trust of dozens of its clients in building software and providing consultancy focused on IT and e-commerce solutions. They offer collaborative team members ready to help you enter the digital world with comprehensive and effective software solutions that can drive real business growth.

All of their technical solutions adapt seamlessly to the needs of your project and your business requirements. Amana is the expert partner you need to deliver innovative, measurable, and competitive results. They strongly endorse the value of a growth mindset that every individual must have in order for a company to continue to grow in the midst of an age of turmoil. To become a leading and pioneering IT company in producing high-quality IT products and services that are competitive in today's global world.


5. Zero One Group

Zero One Group is Indonesia's leading integrated technology services company, providing customized solutions to even the most challenging business problems. They work closely with clients at any point in their business journey to achieve an impactful and results-oriented digital transformation.

They offer over 25 years of experience in consulting, technology, and marketing across a wide range of industries around the world, including startups, manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, venture capital, and logistics. Some of our main clients are Bloomberg Philanthrophies, Sebamed, Bank of Thailand, and Indonesia's leading coffee chain, Kopi Kenangan.

You'll want to know every detail of your brand before approaching a logo designer. Avoid using too long company names or difficult to pronounce. Your business name should represent your company's products and services. It should be timeless, so it looks as good ten years later as it does now. If you want to develop a strong name for your company, read this step-by-step guide.


6. Interaksi Logo Design 

Interaksi Logo Design is one of the next Logo Designers in Jakarta you can consider. Interaction features and an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, graphic designers, logo designers, web designers, writers, web programmers, and network technicians who know how to get results online and deliver solutions to their clients.

A logo is a graphic representation, a unique symbol to identify an organization, product, service, etc. It is not always easy to keep up with the latest trends, especially in terms of logos, because logo trends change from time to time, and this is one of the reasons why companies consider redesigning their logos after 10-20 years to give a new look and new value to their logos and logos. It can help with a logo design or logo redesign; it can be a company logo, product logo, website logo, etc.


7. FLUX 

Founded in 2005, flux has been providing you with a reliable end-to-end design solution. That's why you need a team like the Avengers. We are just as reliable and strong in terms of teamwork and creative power. Flux design is not just a graphic design, but we are rapidly developing into a full-service digital marketing agency based in Jakarta, backed by experienced professionals in search marketing, social media management, and branding.

Jump to the top of your target market mind. Build the perfect brand for your product and company with specific and distinctive features. At the same time, remaining upscale to keep the image in your customers' heads. You know it's not an easy thing to do, which is why you can count on Flux Design. You can keep your brand logo design identity close to the customer.


8. Logo Design Studio

Interestingly, everyone who does an internet search for "Indonesian Logo Design" and ends up on their website has two things in common. Everyone wants a high-quality Indonesian logo design and wants it at a price that does not drain the budget.

This is a very reasonable requirement, in fact. So they decided to consider some of the client's suggestions from time to time, take the most applicable ones and incorporate them into the Indonesian logo design service. They think of it as just giving you what you want at a price that you don't have to think twice.

Professional logo design services will create the Indonesian logo you love for your business. Thus, what starts as a search for "Indonesian Logo Design" will likely give you a brand new professional Indonesian logo design package complete with unlimited reviews, fast delivery times, and a 100% money-back guarantee as a bonus.


9. DesignCrowd

They help companies find the best designs in the world faster and at a price that fits their budget. They also want to give designers the opportunity to earn money for their creative skills. This is the best place for you to get perfect custom graphic, logo, web, and print design. It is an online creative marketplace that will help startups, businesses, and also entrepreneurs connect with a global network of designers. It also owns and operates BrandCrowd, an online logo maker. You can hire a logo designer from Jakarta, Indonesia.

After you submit your application and get the first draft, you can provide feedback to the designer if you want them to make changes. For example, if you chose blue as your logo color but are not satisfied with the blue used in the first draft, you can ask your logo designer to change it to a darker or lighter blue based on your choice. Many designers allow customization, editing, and revision as part of their service. After reviewing the design several times and being satisfied with the final draft, you can approve it.


10. Invent Design & Digital 

Invent is a creative technology company specializing in problem-solving through innovative concepts and strategic development since 2004. They provide clients in branding and graphic design, packaging, website and mobile app development, social media, and digital marketing to help businesses grow and Stand above the competition. For over seventeen years, our capable team has combined expertise in modern design, the latest technology, and outstanding service to ensure outstanding results are consistently achieved and delivered to every client.

They handpicked our team in a very meticulous selection process. Character, creativity, and passion are needed. Since projects are variations, they assign projects to designers whose background skills are related to the project. This is how they can ensure that the project is handled correctly.


11. Titik Garis

Titik Garis is a team of visionaries and creative thinkers. Led by a strong spirit and humble heart, they listen with an open mind, think about knowledge, and devise effective solutions for you. Line points are responsible for every stage of the creation process.

Pixel or print, they work on every project with constant attention to detail. Backed by young energy and strong dedication, their work is created with effective project management and enhanced web development capability. They will use the right skills and tools to deliver immersive visuals and designs with excellent communication strategies and technical direction to engage your brand's users.

Providing consultancy, strategy, design, and delivery of a complete branding package from identity to ensuring print, website development, and other appropriate marketing channels.


12. Visious 

Founded in 2011, Visionous is a design agency backed by the belief that vision and vision work together to produce immersive designs that drive meaningful journeys for brands to live by. Their strategic thinking is driven by client aspirations and business goals, and they work closely with clients throughout the design process, giving them direct contact with every member of the team. This collaborative approach helps them build a narrative through which we communicate the client's proposals and goals, as well as providing opportunities for clear communication.



This is a small graphic design studio you can find in Jakarta, Indonesia. They work with brands to help them connect with their audience using identity systems, brand communications, and editorial and print materials.

Openness and cooperation are at the core of the way we work. They value smart and informed creative responses and will work with you as a partner to define your story, your location, and your brand identity. This approach ensures that our responses are specific to the briefs we provide, relevant to your brand, and targeted to your audience.

Keep in mind the meaning behind your new logo. Before approaching a logo designer, you need to develop a brief that can convey your company's unique selling points. For example, if your company sells sports equipment, you may want your logo to symbolize speed, athletic performance, and competitiveness.


14. Tigamusim Creative 

When it comes to businesses, especially startups, your brand credibility is everything. Don't let a bad logo design spoil your brand identity. Make sure that your emerging face is the one you want by choosing the right one for you.

Tigaseason Creative is one of the Logo Designers in Jakarta that delivers the best for our customers. Not only the best but also treat them and provide solutions to their problems. We make one-stop designs, so customers won't go anywhere else to make something; we make logos, interiors, videography, illustrations, murals, etc.


15. Garam 

Brand realization agency for contemporary trends and culture. They help brands connect with the audiences of today and tomorrow through a multidisciplinary approach by providing brand design and event services from concept to implementation. Garam's goal is to influence the reaction of people's thirst for creative food by providing a brand-centric experience rooted in design thinking linked to contemporary trends and culture.

Your logo and branding can have a huge impact on your company's growth and impression and can make or break how good your company is. A distinctive, reliable, and well-marketed logo can help customers recognize your brand.


Final Words

You want your company logo to be unique, easily recognizable, and timeless so that it resonates with your customers. The unique logo will remain in the minds of your target audience and will remain relevant as your business grows. In other words, if you want to build a strong brand reputation, you need to get a great logo. If you want to create a unique and personal logo, then you should consider an expert logo designer who can remember your company's vision and values.

Ask your designer for all the exact files to design your final logo in different formats compatible with different software. Request your logo design file in high resolution; This is the file you will use for branding and marketing purposes.

Find Logo Designers in Jakarta who will be happy to collaborate with you once you are sure of what you want. Get a clear understanding of what you want from your logo and convey your logo ideas and research to your designer, including colors and fonts. Be open to receiving feedback from your designer and consider their suggestions throughout the logo design process.