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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Houston That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Houston That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Houston?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out! 

A logo is an essential part of a brand and a company's identity. Sometimes it needs more than just capable designers to make a proper logo for the brand. In many ways, it is best to put a point that working with logo designers comes with a huge consideration in mind. No matter where you are, you got to be fully aware of what and who you are working with. 

In Houston, where the downtown of Texas is, the competition of starting a brand or company is getting harder to tackle. Whether you are going to start a new one in Houston or looking for the best designer from that place, being smart is the key to success. And one way you need to do this is to ensure you work with the best logo designers in Houston. 

But considering that Houston is the most populous city in Texas, your options are likely endless. All with the fact that the city is thriving with new business and logo creation is one of the most demanded services in the area. While it also comes with a higher risk of getting a proper creator, the situation also adds a positive aspect to the choices. 

Consider that the cutting throat of creative business pushes creators to be more innovative in their work. It creates and opens a bigger lawn of style in the works, bringing a chance of having a unique Houston identity. It would be a key to creating a distinctive identity in the business, no matter the industry or ideas. 

That puts the idea that logos have a huge role in business sustainability. But it also highlights that working with professional designers increases the chance of having the best identity even if you are currently residing in Houston, working, or starting a company in the city; put in mind to pick seriously based on the following list of best creators or designers. 


1. Marion

Starting with one of the sites appearing on the first page of Google Search, Marion can be one of the best logo designers you can find in Houston. Its position on Google search itself has set a great example of how the company has great popularity and reputation in the online market. The Houston-based services also provide well-rounded services on its site. 

You can check, in which the company showcases all of its expertise and gallery in logo creation. The designers also provide logo and company branding-related projects, such as branding, and inspiring design in the Houston market, to unique styles in diverse industries or businesses. To get started, you can ask for a quote by sending an email to Marion Houston. 



2. Logo In Hours

Appearing as one of the logo designers in Houston found on the first page of Google Search, Logo in Hours deserves its attention. The designer agency also appears as one of the recommendations on Google Maps with a 5.0 stars rating ( It indicates the professionality of the company. In this case, the Houston company does have its service and unique offers. 

In general, the company works in varying types of print and logo creation businesses. It includes working with business cards, stickers, signs, banners, letterhead, and many other marketing functions. However, the logo creation service is something that people can put a huge consideration into. The company can provide multiple designers for multiple concepts. 

It means the design and ideation for the logo project will appear unique and different from many other Houston designer agencies. Not only that, but there are also options to approve a designer's logo for varying rates and flat prices. It helps new companies to pick the best offers on the services. It is a great option, which also comes with awesome list galleries. 



3. TiltedChair 

Even with a unique name, TiltedChair appears as one of the sites on the first page of Google search results. With that in mind, you can see the popularity and reputation of the Houston-based company. The official site ( put a huge mention of creating a human brand on its first page. It is a point that highlights how the company put extra meaning into its logo work. 

Quality-wise, the Tiltedchair can be one of the best logo designers in Houston. The site contains some of the best and most notable works, which include Atlassian, Flosports, Nadamoo!, Cavenders, Redbull, and many more. A good point to highlight is how the company not only puts creativity and interactive work on the mark but also makes sure it has human touch in it. 

It does not mean the company works with 100% manual labor, but a logo designer that can put human touch can make the result feel more attractive and humanized. It can be a turning table in the making, branding, and marketing strategy. For more details on rates and quotes, you can get direct contact by sending a message or ordering through its site. 



4. BlackRibbit 

Among many options in Houston, you can see many recommendations appear on various social media and job portals. Clutch is a pretty popular job marketplace where several famous and high-quality designers are found with various details or reviews. If you put the logo and Houston in the category, BlackRibbit will appear as one of the best recommendations. 

Looking at the Clutch profile, BlackRibbit has a perfect five stars from 11 reviews. Even though it is a small number, it still shows a bit of credibility. The company is pretty small but has a higher job scale (more than $25,000) and an hourly rate from $150 to $200. It is normal for logo designers in Houston. 

Taking a look at its commercial site, BlackRibbit does have many to show the customers. The designer's company showcases a range of galleries, which indicate its variation of works and jobs. Some help illustrates the diverse business and community in Houston. But you can also see the style and type the designer try to archive based on its site (



5. Logo Houston 

Logo Houston is a design agency that is not afraid of working with the more traditional approach. Looking at its site (, the front page displays a wide range of work styles, types, and ideas. While most of them use letter marks, the additional mascot and combination of ideas make the gallery unique to see. 

The official site states that the company has been working and has over 20 years of experience in designing custom logos for business. It can be seen in varying styles and industries. The company also highlights its specialties, which are cartoons, brand management, and corporate design. The agency also covers all industries in mind, including retail, salons, banks, and construction. 

For a varying and vast delivery of jobs, Logo Houston put some little details on the works and rates. But the company does tell some of the best ways to ask for quotes and pricing. Customers can contact the designer's agency through land numbers, social media, yelp, or email. Later on, the company will provide the best quotes for sign projects. 



6. BuzzFlick 

BuzzFlick studio in Houston might have 4.8 stars in Clutch, but it is surely a great option for new businesses with a relatively low budget. The Houston company's Clutch profile is pretty straightforward. It highlights that the company is not only part of logo designers in Houston but also in Dover and New York. It is also a company with a relative focus on animation work. 

With that in mind, the details highlight only 10% of the company's services focus are made or for logo designers. But the pay is one of a kind. The company has a minimum job scale starting from $1,000. Its hourly rate is also pretty low, starting from $50 to $100. For a designer company focusing on animation, you can expect a cartoony look in its logo creation. 



7. Primer Grey 

Primer Grey is also another designer agency listed in Clutch with a perfect score of 5/5 stars. The company was founded in 2009 and had been working as a small logo and design studio. It serves Houston, Texas, and has its lower cap of around $10,000+. With an hourly rate starting from $150 to $200 per hour, the company has its preferred demand in Houston. 

Looking further, Primer Grey has its unique style as a logo designer. It loves working with vintage old-school style imagery, composing a popping color with unique imagery in its project. Going to its site (, the company shows more interesting jobs and services. Most of them are branding, which also includes creating packaging or other marketing objects. 



8. 5+8

From Clutch to DesignRush, a portal is a good place where you can find some of the best logo designers in Houston. 5+8 might sound random, but the company is also listed as the recommended designer from DesignRush. The company serves Houston and its surrounding areas. For a creative agency starting in 2013, it also has a pretty solid standing in the business. 

Among many of its services, logo design comes as one of the unique ideations. The company mostly works with branding, graphic design, product, and print design. It makes logo creation part of the project. The gallery itself is varying and vast, comprising notable clients such as Lyft, Hopscotch, and the Kidney cancer association. You can also check more detail at  



9. Inter.graphic 

Another highly recommended place from Google Maps is Inter.graphic. Google users give a perfect five score for the Houston-based company. One pretty unique thing is that the company does not only work for logos but also some other graphic design and web development. It is a good deal for Houston companies trying to thrive in the digital market. 

Going through the gallery and its style, you can see that the logo inter.graphic is pretty typical of logo designers in Houston. There are various styles and types of styles that highlight the designer's expertise. While the company puts unique styling in varying industries or businesses, most of its jobs focus on creating icons, mascots, or symbols for its logo.



10. Artisticore

Aristicore graphic is one of the recommendations found in Google Map. The company is listed with five stars from 43 reviews. For a company focusing on visual design, artisticore is a great option for local workers in Houston or surrounding areas. Looking at its site (, the company has packed a great number of positive reviews. 

The logo designers also nailed down great works in simple logo, corporate, and professional artistic work. Based on its site and gallery, you can pinpoint that the company mainly focuses on working with modern branding and style. It loves to work with lettermark logos; some also use geometric imagery and color.



11. Eye35 Design 

Eye35 Design is listed in the DesignRush job portal. Its profile stated that the designer agency is specialized in graphic design, website development, and branding. For a logo, the company has some high-quality works on its hand. It covers a huge range of industries, companies, and businesses of all sizes and impressions. Include the Air Gods logo, a cooling & heating system company.  



12. Innovation Designs & Graphics 

Another one of the many logo designers in Houston is Innovation designs & graphics. It is a design firm that has no official website, but it has a high score on Google recommendations. The only source of better information is from its official Instagram account @innovationdesignhtx. The Houston-based company can design, print, or install signs.



13. Esau Garcia Alday

If you are looking for a personal logo designer, you can go to Thumbtack. In this case, Esau Garcia Alday appears as one of the best or recommended designers in Houston. One thing is for sure; the portal provides a good and good list of information about the designer. It includes the specialties and some works done in Houston or domestically. 

Based on the Thumbtack information, Esau offers remote services for his design and other works. The starting cost is around $150/ logo, which is a great price for Houston and the new start-up company. The man has more than six years in business and put his long list of work history on Instagram and Facebook. You can find his information at 



14. GetworkDunn

Even though the name appears less professional, GetworkDunn is one of the recommended logo designers in Houston from Thumbtack. It is a company profile by Lexi Dunn. For its services, the company focuses on working in Texas, which also serves Round Rock or Houston. Despite its lack of logo designers' work, the company is known for its many services. 

You can see the company's gallery on Facebook and Instagram. The Thumbtack profile also comes with quick quote requests, which include better price information. As a single owned and run company, it does have some high reviews in the job portal. The job also varies from social media management, digital marketing, and much other company support. 



15. Dekree Studio 

Known as one of many professional logo designers in Houston, Dekree Studio offers more affordable work starting from $80/hour. It is a relatively small company with a total of 5 employees serving Houston and its surrounding area. The company itself has been in the business for over seven years, bringing tons of notable designer galleries. 

You can check its unique works from its Instagram account @dekreestudio. It goes with pretty unique styling, from mascot, and simple, to traditional style composing icon and brand name. The company also has a good rating in the job portal, which is why you can get information from its logo designers' Thumbtack profile or by contacting through Instagram.  



Final Words

As businesses and industries get more challenging to work around, a company or brand will need a proper logo. Logo working as brand identity is the key to keeping the company or business recognizable in the cutting-throat areas, especially in Houston. The city is thriving with business, either new or some notable firms in mind. 

Thankfully, Houston comes with its challenging creative industry. It later pushed many logo designers to work further, better, and more innovative. That is why working with the local Houston-based designers might come with the best result for the brand identity. You can also get the varying option comprising diverse rates, styles, logo offers, types, or services. 

The given list in these articles is made out of the best or most recommended logo designers in Houston. The people are listed on several famous job portals and Google search engines. You can check more information on what they offer and what they can make by visiting the portals or the specific company's website. The details might help you get the best quote or offers for your company. 

Please note that the list is not made with any sort of ranking or comparison. Each designer can offer unique logo works or many other design services. Most of them will serve Houston, local or international customers. At the end of the day, this list only provides some recommendations. Your pick and decision go back to preference, budget, ideas, or interest.