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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Beijing that You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Beijing that You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Beijing?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

As a city with many creations, the presence of logo designers in Beijing will be a plus point. With the personality and identity of Beijing, all businesses that develop there must do the same. Because, after all, they are on the creative side of Beijing.

Logos are such a key in the business world. Can you imagine a business that doesn't use a logo at all? If only with a simple name or branding, this will not make the company known for long, and even this will become a business that is quickly forgotten.

Because basically, a logo is a key to communicating a brand's core aims and values ​​to targeted audiences. It might involve more audiences, so it requires a combined power of fresh uniqueness and artistic creativity, and in this digitalization era, technology is needed.

Today's logo designers also need to increase their skills. To achieve all the desired success, the skills of a designer need to keep up with the times. Some of the best Beijing area logo designers always start by asking how to design logos.

Logo design services also require skills and knowledge of technology. Creativity is a soft skill, and the good news is the use of technology is predicted to fill the entire design world by 2024. This means that successful logos designers could get a refresh.

Your business will significantly thrive if you use the right logo designer for your brand. Despite the competition in today's era, the logo still plays a very important role, and this is one tool to make recognition of people every time they see that logo anywhere.

Designing skills need to be appreciated more. You can't just rely on the role of one individual for optimal design. Technically, a Beijing logo for business becomes the primary identity of a brand and a way of expressing communication forms, such as these 15 logo designers:


1. Flow.Asia

Beijingers should also be familiar with the name Flow Asia. This studio is quite popular and is the creative agency and visual identity for the marketing needs of many companies in Beijing, China.

There are 18 members in the team, and of course, they speak Chinese, which will help the client's communication needs with designers in Beijing. Flow Asia also has 27 projects in its portfolio, although logo designers in Beijing were founded in 2007.

Twenty-seven projects are in their portfolio, and they work remotely globally. Therefore, if you want to use Flow, Asia's services but not in Beijing, you can contact their contacts on the website right now.

Flow.Asia has many logo designers centralized in Beijing, and its headquarters is 76 Caoyuan Hu Tong, Dongcheng, Beijing, China. In addition to logo design, they also provide website creation, branding & positioning services, and Graphic Designing needs.


2. China's Worldwide Momentum

Momentum Worldwide China, the Total Brand Experience Agency. The importance of building branding is the main thing, and this is also aimed at all forms of experience in the relevant industry, especially with many members.

The services offered by Momentum Worldwide China as one of the logo designers in Beijing are not only about the name or visual branding but also image positioning and graphic design. And this is relevant to content marketing agencies.

They focus on interests as well as strategy development. For now, there is no customer review for Momentum Worldwide China. With 1750 people on its team, this Beijing digital agency can speak Chinese and English to all customers.

The headquarters of Momentum Worldwide China is located at 9/F Zhao Wei Building, 14 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China. In terms of service, this is quite good even though the services offered are not as complete as competitors in the same industry.


3. Digital Jungle

Digital Jungle is no longer a foreign name in the Beijing digital marketing industry. It has become a world-leading provider of Chinese-specific digital programs. They also provide services such as brand development to full-service e-commerce.

If you're considering using a digital marketing service or website development, some designers from Digital Jungle are strangers to that. They know how, and this makes sense after seeing the experience of logo designers in Beijing.

Founded in 2011, Digital Jungle has been at the forefront of the industry. All things in China have become an end-to-end digital and merchandise setup. Details of Digital Jungle you can be read on their official website at

Suppose you want to discuss this with Digital Jungle directly. In that case, you can visit their HQ at Rm.401, Block A, Tianshuiyuan Business Center, No.2, Tianshuiyuan East Street, Jintai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100026, China, or you can send an email too.


4. Trommsdorff + Drnner TD

Trommsdorff + Dinner TD are marketing consultants who are well known for their consulting and marketing agencies. With ten people on their team, they all speak Chinese and English. The other two services included are digital strategy and creation.

WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Red, and JD are said to have used the services of Trommsdorff + Dinner TD together with independent partners. Marketing & Advertising agencies' competitive landscape makes it all look stunning.

Try visiting Room 2005, 20/F, Building A, Sanlitun SOHO, No.8 Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027, China, and see all the designs they offer. You can also visit TD China via the website


5. DT Digital

DT Digital includes many logo designers in Beijing in their studios. If you are looking for a Chinese internet marketing agency, then DT Digital is one of the best options. They also provide a variety of premium services.

DT Digital includes two other design options: Digital Strategy and Web Creation. According to the tagline they set, DT Digital is one of the partners engaged in marketing and advertising in all forms of the competitive landscape.

By saying what kind of things you want, DT digital will provide it all. In addition, this studio's communication skills, both verbally and visually, are extraordinary. Because, after all, communication is always an essential aspect.

DT Digital is also a company that focuses on communication development. The specific tasks of logo designers are a comprehensive requirement. Just try to visit Tower C9 in Universal Creative Park, Beijing, and become the best logo designer in Beijing.


6. Maples Design

Maples Design is a digital agency based in Beijing and has many logo designers in Beijing. They have a big enough role to help the business to grow. They are a group of talented signers and developers.

Designs with various exciting and specific characters make Maple Design one of the best studios in the current era. In addition, in terms of online digital presence, it will also play a role in creating digital and online presence projects.

If you look at the main focus of Maples design and the designers who work here, they focus on developing the user experience. For example, if you are building a website, the user experience will drive the business to success.

In addition, they also help the Designing to inspire people. Visual identity can say a lot about a brand; it is Maples Design's primary task to present something thoughtful and purposeful. And this is the reason the logo business in Beijing is growing.


7. iPinYou

iPinYou was born because of the high demand on the side platform with real-time bidding. And cloud computing and audience profiling technology solutions are also one answer. 250 to 500 members have become part of iPinYou Design.

You can see the details from with founders Albert Shen, Grace Huang, and Mark Xie. The operating status of iPinYou is also still active. Chinese people may know iPinYou by another name, namely Pinyou Hudong.

Since its inception, iPinYou has been a leader in AI Business. It also provides various big data platforms and logos. The use of technology here is the most advanced, and you can contact email at


8. Dentsu Y&R

Dentsu Y&R is on the following list, and it has clients' trust as a company that provides an integrated network and specializes in specific fields. Through creative, media, and customer experience, management is a plus.

The work details of Dentsu Y&R, include that they provide living brands that are present and participatory so that they are attractive, engaging, and responsive. They define a culture that drives capital for clients who use their services.

Dentsu Y&R is a Beijing digital logo agency that you need to check because it has 189 offices in 90+ countries. In addition, Y&R is a member of WPP, the world's largest communications services group.

For those of you who want to use the services of Dentsu Y&R, you can visit no. 71 Jianguo road, Chaoyang District B2 HuiTong Office Park, Beijing 100025, China. If you want to consult by telephone, you can also call (+86) 10 5863 0088.



In the description of "About Us" in Marketing, they write down their passion for digital marketing that drives us to identify market trends. This ultimately makes the client rely heavily on this company's growth for logo designers in Beijing.

They also specialize in SEO (Drive valuable web traffic), PPC management (to reach the best prospects), Link Building (Archive high-quality, relevant links that boost performance and traffic), social media marketing, and reputation management.

The reason some logo designers from Beijing chose this company is that it will help small and large businesses find their audience in a highly competitive online environment. A powerful presence is also displayed if you visit the site


10. 3wstar

It started operations in 2001, and 3wstar's total revenue was $1 million to $3 million. There are only two full-time employees of 3wstar, but there are many logo designers in Beijing universities who are absorbed to gain experience in this one media studio.

Monthly active clients reach 56 people with a retention rate of 96%. So, the quality of 3wstar is unquestionable. With many using their services, this can be assured of high quality.

3wstar is also classified as a company that has strong performance. You can visit the site at +86 1051 667 202. 3wstar operates mainly in the Beijing region; therefore, those of you who have tried their services need to leave a review.


11. Kevin Woo Designs

Kevin Woo Designs is a design studio based in Beijing, China. It is a site engaged in creative website and graphic design, so it uses art and technology to serve their needs, so this is guaranteed to exceed their expectations.

Kevin Woo Designs has served clients who worked with companies and individuals from different parts of the world. As logo designers in Beijing, they can bring Design visions into reality with advanced technology.

In general, Kevin Woo Designs keeps Designing elements to present a clean, engaging, and functional look. If you want to see the results of Kevin Woo's design and portfolio, you can visit the website


12. Million Information Technology

Million Information Technology is one of the competitors in the digital marketing industry. They strive to connect buyers with digital marketing firms. And this is also what gives high-quality results, and it is a leader in digital marketing today.

Fifteen logo designers in Beijing are hiring vendors to ensure that their digital marketing, including symbol creation, is taken seriously. They started operating in 2010, with total revenue reaching 1 million dollars this year.

Million information technology is considered one of the cheapest design studios. They are also engaged in web design, SEO, and Web development. With 28 customers per month, the retention rate reaches 89 percent.


13. Peking Design

Peking Design has been operating since 2011, which means it has been more than 11 years. This Beijing Digital Agency's total revenue is also high, which is 5 million dollars. The number of clients reaches 56 per month, with a retention rate of 96% at a reasonably high price.

Peking Design has 10 to 50 employees in each branch. The services provided include creative briefing & strategy, naming, logo design, colors and typefaces, identity guidelines, and printing and web development needs of logo design in Beijing.

Peking Design is relatively easy to reach because it can be contacted by phone at 010 8066 2659 or In detail, Peking Design is a multicultural graphic design and web design company located in Beijing, China.

Peking Design is fascinating for many logo designers operating in Beijing. They will come to their address at Room 1701 Tower B U- Town Center, Chaowei Dajie, Beijing. This will make the consultation much more manageable and help find the right Designing for clients.


14. Altima

According to the data we have collected, Altima's major clients are confidential. But this company is quite extensive because it absorbs 250 to 500 logo designers. Their main program is Web Development and SEO only.

But because many logo designers are accepted at Altima Beijing, the more programs he offers, including design. Revenue from Altima is 10 million USD to 50 million USD because the price rate is relatively high.

Altima has 56 active clients with a client retention rate of 90%. Secondary services from logo designers in Beijing provide web design, SEO, and Web Development services. The details of Altima's location in Beijing are still unknown.


15. Eggplant Digital

Eggplant Digital is an agency that has grown over the last ten years. He even became a leader in digital marketing in WeChat development and web design in China. Its founder is Alex Dodkin, and this is well known in the vast Chinese market.

Today, this company has provided the services of Beijing's best logo designers, which you should check out. Eggplant Digital also has two offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Digital marketing from Eggplant Digital is mentioned as one of the brightest.

The modern digital skills of the designers there also make Eggplant a plus. Currently, they are using a genius marketing strategy according to technological developments. This business can be very developed also because of customers and clients.

The location is 7/F, Tower Two, Sun Dong An Plaza, No 138 Wang Fu Jing Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, P.R.China. But if you want to contact these logo designers in Beijing, you can call +86 10 5098 4735 or


Final Words

You cannot underestimate the work of designers because they are individuals who will play an essential role in your business. Branding in the business world is one of the most important things. This is also a key aspect of making the business name more publicly known.

There are many logo designers from Beijing, and each of them has its way of creating exciting work in various ways. The logo they produce will later become the identity of a brand. In addition, companies, clients, and employers will know the essence,

Designing skills are also essential to understand everything to be persuasive. Proper clarity of logos needs to be highlighted to establish something that attracts the attention of many people.

Perceptivity and visual representation of ideas are one of the most important methods to communicate brand identity to the public. The main task of logo designers in Beijing is finding everything the client wants, and it should be a priority.