Top 15 Logo Designers in Bangkok That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Bangkok?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

If you are a businessman and live in Bangkok, then you need to know the logo designers in Bangkok. That way, you can order a logo or symbol to be used as product identity and also attract the interest of consumers.

It is undeniable that nowadays, finding a job is getting more and more difficult. Many graduates from well-known colleges or universities have not worked because of the limited available job opportunities.

Especially if you start everything from scratch and don't have the support of a family who is experienced in the business world, in the business world, you must have a unique idea for making a product, as we will explain in this discussion of the designers.

In building a product, determining the symbol becomes very crucial. Because if you choose the wrong logo, your product may not sell well in the market, and your business will fail, which of course, can be detrimental.

A logo or symbol is a symbol that becomes the identity of an organization, company, product, or even an individual so that it can be more easily recognized and remembered by others. In short, you can make a symbol as corporate identity, create or convey a positive company image, give a good impression and also trust the consumers who are your target market, and of course, as a means of product promotion.

Therefore, you should know the logo designers that you can use to make product logos more attractive to attract consumers or your target market. This recommendation is perfect for those of you who live in Bangkok and its surroundings. However, there is no need to worry because those of you who live outside the Bangkok area can also use their services.

No need to linger; you can immediately listen to our explanation regarding the recommendations for the best symbol designer in Bangkok. Here's our discussion below.


1. Sukazu Productions

The first logo design that we recommend in the discussion of the logo designers this time is Sukazu Productions. This company is one of the quality symbol designers at a price that is not too expensive.

Sukazu productions were founded in 2014, with their office located in Bangkok, Thailand. They are a web agency that offers website and application development, website and graphic design, photo and video shooting productions, and many others.

If you use the services of Sukazu productions, this will never happen again. Because they do not promise good and charming results, but they promise to always listen to you and know what you need.

That way, the results of the design will follow what you asked for. So it's only natural that they are the number one in this logo designers in Bangkok. You also don't have to worry about the price because Sukazu productions don't charge a high price and are quite cheap compared to their quality.


2. Techcurve

The next company that we will explain in discussing the Bangkok logo design recommendation is Techcurve. Techcurve is a company engaged in software solutions and business with offices in Bangkok, Thailand.

The services provided by Techcurve include customized software development, web application development, mobile online application development, online marketing, and also IT solutions.

All of these things can be helped by Techcurve through the services they provide. You only need to talk to these logo designers in Bangkok and explain what details you will use to promote the product.

The many services provided by Techcurve allow clients to directly use only one company to do various things. That way, the symbol and other things that you order on Techcurve can be more structured and neat because they are done by the same company.

No need to worry; techcurve has the advantage that it is equipped with experienced employees with sophisticated hardware for the creation of maximum client designs. So it's no wonder Techcurve is included in the list of logo designers.


3. Viva one digital

You have to make the symbol as good and good as possible so that it is easily recognized by the wider community. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have products; with an attractive logo, your product can be more easily recognized by the public or consumers.

Therefore you need to choose a Thailand logo design company that has good quality in terms of employees and also the software and hardware used. That way, you can get the maximum symbol design results.

You can get that if you choose to use viva one digital. Although the name is still rarely known by many people, you will never regret it if you choose their services as logo designers.

Viva One Digital is a web design company with offices located in Bangkok, Thailand. They are a sister company to Yes Web Design Studio, which is the number one web design agency in Thailand.

So you don't have to doubt the quality of this company anymore. It includes dozens of employees who have decades of experience in the design world. Not only that, but they also use the best logo design software that they use to create your order design.


4. Brand new day

Brand New Day is a company that is engaged in the graphic design world, which was established in 2008 and can prove to survive as the best graphic design company in Bangkok.

The ability of a company to survive and continue to run its business shows that it can provide the best for its clients. That way, clients will continue to believe in them, and they will survive until now.

This company will help you to build a brand that reflects everything you ask for. Logo designers have employees who have decades of skills and experience in the graphic design world.

So you don't have to worry if you want to use the services of a brand new day because it is certain that the results will be satisfactory and according to your request. Because our team is made of employees with high design and creative skills who are ready to accept all challenges from clients.


5. Gray Alchemy

Gray Alchemy is a graphic design company from Bangkok and has been established since 2012. Like Brand New Day, this company also has a fairly long lifespan, which is around ten years until 2022.

One of the best companies in the list of logo designers in Bangkok has a lot of services that you can use. Starting from market consulting, social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, design & branding, and so on.

Apart from focusing on design, they also have a focus on marketing. As we all know, a good marketing strategy also needs to be planned so that the business can run smoothly according to your wishes.

Many large, medium, and small companies have used gray alchemy services and have experienced the services of these designers. Not only serve clients in Bangkok, but they also serve clients from outside Bangkok, such as countries in Europe, America, and other Asia.


6. Primal

This company dedicates itself as your partner in starting a business. Almost all aspects that new entrepreneurs need to do are in the services they offer.

Logo designers in Bangkok have employees who are professional and, of course, have experience in the world of design for many years. The results of the work they do are also definitely good, and following client orders.

Primal will listen to all your wishes to make your business a success. After getting an overview from you, they will ask various things that are more technical, starting from the target market, sales goals, and so on.

If you are interested in the services that viva one digital offers, then you can immediately visit their website at to do a consultation about what symbol design you want.


7. Concept Plays Marketing Solution

In the world of business, logos are not the only thing you need to pay attention to. It's useless if you have a good symbol but don't have a good marketing strategy so that you can increase the number of product sales to exceed the target.

Usually, a new entrepreneur will be afraid to contact a symbol designer because the price is usually quite high. Not only that, the results of the symbol will usually not be to your liking for several reasons.

You will not get this if you decide to use the services of Concept Plays Marketing Solution. These logo designers in Bangkok will provide the best results to each of their customers to help develop products and increase sales.

The concept plays marketing solutions is one of the companies engaged in the graphic design world with an office located in Bangkok, Thailand. Even though it comes from Thailand, you can still use their services to make your product symbol.


8. ArioMarketing

In addition to symbol design, marketing strategy is also an important thing for entrepreneurs to do, especially if you are a new entrepreneur. The better the marketing strategy, the more profit you will get.

These logo designers in Bangkok will help you to create a marketing strategy so that your company can grow and maximize the amount of profit.

For now, there are many types of marketing that you can try to market your product. One of them is digital marketing which has many advantages; namely, it is easier and can reach various levels of society.

This company was established in 2013 and has worked on various orders from clients ranging from local and international clients. If you are interested and want to use the services of ArioMarketing, then you can visit


9. Papers & Pages

Paper & Page is a company that is in the creative digital agency world with a particular focus on branding, design, and digital marketing. All of these things are needed by entrepreneurs like you.

By using the services of these logo designers in Bangkok, you can maximize symbol creation so that your sales can increase and your company can progress and develop.

This company, which has an office in Bangkok, Thailand, will help you connect to more consumers by maximizing visual and written content through print, such as brochures, or using social media.

That way, you don't need to hesitate or worry any more about using paper & page services. Because these logo designers in Bangkok, which were founded in 2017, will strive to provide the best to each of their clients.


10. Pimpclick

Pimlick is one of the best companies engaged in graphic design. They even compete with various well-known companies or agencies from developed countries such as America, Italy, Germany, and so on.

This company has offices in Bangkok, Thailand, with 10-49 employees. Pimlick has been established since 2005 by professionals with decades of experience in the graphic design world.

The presence of these logo designers in Bangkok since 2005 and still being able to exist until now indicates a quality that they have. That's what makes it still used by companies that need pimflick services.

Like other design companies, pimflick also has several types of services that you can use. Some of them are digital strategy, graphic design, coding, social media, SEO, video production, public relations, event management, and many others.


11. Lexicon

The next company on our list of logo designers in Bangkok is Lexicon. Lexicon is a digital marketing company with a focus on several business instruments in Thailand with the right audience.

Lexicon has various services ranging from digital marketing operations to assist you in building a business, especially if you are a new businessman who does not have much experience in the business world.

These logo designers in Bangkok will listen to all your wishes or anything you want to make your business a success. After getting an overview from you, they will ask various things that are more technical, starting from the target market, sales goals, and so on.


12. Invinsible Ink

Founded in 2012, the company from Bangkok, Thailand, can prove that it can still exist amid intense competition from companies engaged in other graphic design fields.

This is, of course, not a mere coincidence because they have a characteristic that is quality that makes them much preferred by consumer companies and become one of the logo designers in Bangkok.

Invisible ink has various services, including branding, video production, website & animation design, and many others. All of these services can help you in growing your business.


13. Big Data Agency

As the name implies, these logo designers in Bangkok have a very broad scope, not only limited to Thailand. Because they also have many clients who come from countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

Big data agency is a mobile app and software development company that you can use to help your company grow, and your products become more advanced and developed.

This company also only employs employees who have years of experience in the graphic design field. Therefore, the results of your design will be very good according to your request to them.


14. Seven Peaks Software

Seven Peaks Software is a logo designer in Bangkok focused on software & design with offices in Bangkok, Thailand. This company specializes in UX UI design for mobile and web applications, web application development, and many others.

You don't have to worry and be afraid of the prices they will charge. Because Seven Speaks software will provide a fairly low price when compared to the quality of the design that you will receive.

They set a price of around US$ 25-49 with a minimum design order of US$ 25,000. With this price, you will get an international class symbol designer who already has many famous works or products and is used by world-famous companies.


15. Glowin Brands Co

As the name implies, glowin brands co tries to help you to develop your products and company to be more advanced and growing. They have various services that can help you, including marketing strategy, web design, and many others.

Glowin brands co is also dedicated as your partner in starting a business. Almost all aspects that new entrepreneurs need to do are in the services they offer.

So it's no wonder they are included in the list of recommendations for logo designers in Bangkok that can help you grow your business and also advance your company to be even bigger.

If you are interested in using their services, then you can try to contact their website, which is located at On the website, you can consult about the logo design you want.


Final Words

As explained earlier, the symbol becomes a very important instrument in building a business or company. If the company does not have a logo, then consumers will find it difficult to distinguish your symbol from competing companies.

The logo is also an identity that is owned by a product, company, or organization. With the symbol of your product, it will be easier for other people to recognize it.

Historically, the initial function of a logo was as a product differentiator. However, starting in the 1940s, the function of the symbol began to develop into an identity that contained a corporate image, as we will explain in the discussion of the logo designers in Bangkok.

What is not a function of a symbol is a compliment because a logo does not only function as a complement but also becomes an inseparable part of a product, company, or organization.

The better the symbol design you have, the more attractive it will be to consumers. Therefore, you should use one of the logo designers described above to help you create logos for products, companies, or organizations.

Even a symbol can also be the key to the success of a product. Therefore, you need to know about the logo designers in Bangkok for the development and advancement of your company.