Top 15 Logo Designers in Bangalore That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Bangalore?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Looking for the top 15 logo designers in Bangalore? Everyone can make a logo. Not everyone can make a good logo, though. To do so requires skills. Unless you are a professional logo designer yourself, you will need to work with a professional logo designer to make a good logo for your brand.

Why is hiring a professional logo designer important? When it comes to making a logo, there are many things to consider. For example, fonts, colors, and scalability.

Most of us can hardly name more than three fonts, let alone what kind of brand story each tells. Professionals will use the appropriate font(s) that tells your brand story the best. Colors are no less complicated. Each color evokes certain emotions and associations. That means you shouldn't use any color for your logo.

You want to use those that fit your brand's personality, the message you want to convey, and the emotions you want to evoke. You also need to use the right amount of colors and keep them balanced.

When you make a logo, you want one that is scalable. The logo will be your brand's visual representation. It will be used in different ways and across different platforms, from a business card to a huge poster. If your logo is scalable, it will be a lot easier to use it in your marketing campaign.

These show how important hiring a professional designer is. Here's the problem: There are a lot of logo designers out there. How do you find one that can help you make a logo that fits your brand's identity to a T?

We can help you with that. Below, we listed the top 15 designers in the Bangalore area. Using our list, you will be able to find the right designer for your brand faster.


1. Identity Makers

The first on our list of top 15 logo designers in Bangalore is Identity Makers. Founded in 2014, Identity Makers has been offering comprehensive digital marketing services, including logo designing, to clients from all around the world.

The team is professional and passionate. They communicate and inquire about their clients' brands thoroughly. As such, they are able to understand what their clients' exact requirements are. These are necessary for logo design. Another highlight of Identity Makers is their efficiency.

One of the things you want to look for when hiring a logo designer is their portfolio. In the case of Identity Makers, you can check out the agency's portfolio on its website. Moreover, Identity Makers also explain each of their works, allowing you to get a glimpse of their creative process.


2. First Launch

The next on our list of top 15 logo designers in the Bangalore area. Established in 2017, the Bangalore-based digital marketing agency offers integrated digital marketing solutions from logo designing, Search Engine Optimization, content writing, and marketing to video production and website development.

The First Launch team synthesizes design, technology, and digital marketing to help businesses thrive on the digital front. The full-service digital marketing agency helps businesses to increase brand awareness, establish their digital presence as well as perpetuate brand engagement.

Among the highlights of the team are they are thorough and transparent in their reporting, accountable, committed, and sincere.

While the digital marketing agency is relatively young, they have worked with various businesses. You can learn about First Launch's clients and services, as well as case studies, on their website.


3. Jootor Designs

Jootor Designs is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Bangalore. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Jootor Designs offers various digital marketing solutions such as logo design, graphic design, web development, domain, and hosting, among many others. It's a complete package.

The Jootor Designs team consists of creative individuals with the best skills in digital services who believe in giving their 100% in every project they undertake. Like other top 15 logo designers in Bangalore on our list, you can check their previous works on their website.

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a designer is experience. The more experience a designer has, the more likely they will get a great visual representation of your brand. Jootor Designs was founded in 2011, so it surely has a lot of experience under its belt.


4. Imajine

If you are looking for a designer that can also help you build your online presence, Imajine is one of the top 15 designers in Bangalore that you should check out.

Imajine is a web design studio specializing in logo design, website development, website design, e-commerce, as well as Search Engine Optimization. Founded in 2007, the Imajine team has served small- and medium-sized businesses since.

The team has not only a lot of experience in the field but also diverse clients. The more diverse the clients, the better. Other highlights of the team include their eagerness to communicate and collaborate with their client to build their client's businesses.

What's more, you can learn about many of their previous projects, including their designs and key clients, on their website. Imajine is certainly worthy of being considered one of the top 15 designers in the Bangalore area.


5. RV Ventures

Compared to the other top 15 logo designers in Bangalore, RV Ventures is quite young. Established in 2019, RV Ventures is a business consulting agency that offers a wide range of business solutions. One of them is logo design.

While experience is an important factor when it comes to hiring a designer, it doesn't mean new companies can't offer amazing services. RV Ventures is an excellent example of a new company that offers amazing services. The company is young, but it delivers.

The team consists of experienced and highly talented individuals, which enables the team to provide expert business growth solutions for small- and medium businesses and even multinational corporations.

Furthermore, RV Ventures has innovative technologies, mature methodologies, as well as flexibility when it comes to delivery models.


6. Blufig

BLufig is an extraordinary full-service digital marketing agency. The team consists of passionate designers, developers, marketers, and storytellers who are eager to help clients build their brands. The team understands very well the importance of a brand for a business.

Blufig specializes in creating an inbound-focused strategy. This enables clients to see tangible results from their marketing programs. The team offers various digital marketing solutions, from logo design, brand identity, web design, and content writing to marketing collaterals and social media.

If you work with a designer, you want one that can communicate well. Without proper communication, a good result is nearly impossible. Blufig handles it very well. So much so that the agency has many clients from various business sizes. So far, Blufig is trusted by more than 100 brands.


7. Fresh Mind Ideas

Fresh Mind Ideas is a strategic branding and digital marketing agency. Since its founding in 2012, Fresh Mind Ideas has provided its clients with marketing strategy, branding, as well as web design solutions.

What makes Fresh Mind Ideas unlike any other digital marketing agency is that the team works as an extended arm of their client's businesses. The team not only takes teamwork seriously but takes it to another level. Better yet, Fresh Mind Ideas is a one-stop solution for developing and managing brands.

Another highlight of Fresh Mind Ideas is that it is willing to go the extra mile. Indeed, the team's commitment goes beyond the contract. Like other top 15 designers in Bangalore on the list, you can check Fresh Mind Ideas' works, services, and contact on their website.


8. Pen on Paper Technologies

Founded in 2019, Pen on Paper Technologies has been collaborating with many startups and corporates from all over the world. Despite its age, the team has proven itself to be capable of meeting the client's needs and helping them build their brands.

The team consists of passionate and hard-working designers who are driven by curiosity and the willingness to deliver top-quality solutions. Pen on Paper Technologies prides itself on its ability to streamline complex processes, challenge core assumptions, and unpick legacy behaviors.

The team collaborates with businesses to turn strategic insights into big ideas and deliver digital solutions and commercial success. Pen on Paper Technologies offers a wide range of services, from logo design, brand identity, and digital marketing to user experience design and website development.


9. Rendrr Devign Labs

Rendrr Devign Labs is also one of the top 15 designers in Bangalore. Notice the unique name of the design, development, and marketing agency. Of course, that's not the only thing unique about the Rendrr Devign Labs.

The team not only keeps an eye on relevance and efficiency but also applies a systemic approach to all projects. Clients love what they do, which keeps the team motivated to deliver something incredible. Rendrr Devign Labs offers a wide range of services.

For example, brand identity, digital branding, print media branding, photography, videography, digital marketing, web development, and web services.

Among the highlights of the team are their expertise in designing and constant communication with clients, which ensure successful collaboration.


10. Pepersalt

If you're looking for one-stop creative solutions for your business, Pepersalt is definitely worth checking out. The branding and design consultancy offers diverse services, from logo design, naming and verbal identity, brand architecture, digital solutions (UI, UX, etc.), and marketing communication to packaging.

Furthermore, the Bangalore-based consultancy has served many clients from all over the world, spanning a very diverse range of industries, including lifestyle, food and beverage, travel, entertainment, retail, wellness and healthcare, automobile, agriculture, and others.

What's amazing about Pepersalt is that the team always strives to pursue an architectural approach to projects. That means every execution is supported by a well-researched, strategic framework. Not to mention the team is also committed and willing to help clients whenever there is a need.


11. Brandemic

The next designer on our top 15 logo designers in Bangalore is Brandemic. Brandemic is a design-thinking company that works closely with clients. So close that the team is more like their clients' own team than an agency.

So far, the team has served over 300 clients from more than 15 industries and won more than ten awards. These go to show how passionate and professional the team is.

In terms of services, Brandemic offers

  • Visual communication, which includes branding, logo design, brand identity design, and packaging design.
  • Web design and development, which includes landing pages, corporate websites, e-commerce websites, and web and App UI/UX
  • Digital marketing, which includes social media marketing, performance marketing, email marketing, and PPC marketing
  • Photography and videography, which includes product shoots, marketing/lifestyle shoots, 2D and 3D animation videos, short movies, and ad films.


12. Noboru World

Noboru World is also one of the top 15 logo designers in Bangalore. To be more specific, Noboru World is a marketing and communication company. The team consists of a diverse and multicultural talent pool of digital experts who come together to create high-impact brand communication.

Like other designers we listed, Noboru World provides clients with very diverse services. From logo design, Universal Search Optimization, content management, social media management, marketing automation, UI/UX, video production, and photography to creative support and consulting.

One of the many highlights of the team is that they manage projects well and in a timely manner. Another highlight is the experience and expertise of the individuals on the team. The average experience in the team is 8.5 years, for example.


13. Chai Creatives

The next logo designer is Chai Creatives, a Bangalore-based graphic, web, and UX/UI design agency. Communication is key when it comes to design. And it is where Chai Creatives excels. The team is not only communicative, however. The team is always available when clients give feedback.

Chai Creatives offers services such as brand identity design, which includes logo design, user interface design, user experience design, and development. The team has worked with a lot of clients from different industries, including HSBC, TATA Capital, Karnataka Bank, and Appolo Munich, just to name a few.

In addition, the team consists of experienced individuals who have worked in large corporations and startups. They come from different backgrounds, too.

The experience and different backgrounds enable the team to deliver not just the best-looking but also the best-performing designs that help clients build their brands.


14. Vamos Digital

Another logo designer on our top 15 logo designers in Bangalore list is Vamos Digital. The team consists of passionate and expert digital marketers who are eager to help their clients accelerate their businesses in an increasingly connected world.

The team specializes in conceptualizing their client's digital presence, making creative strategies, and executing creative campaigns across a wide range of platforms, both established and emerging.

The team has more than a decade of experience in the industry, serving clients from different sectors, including hospitality, entertainment, social impact, retail, startups, and finance, among others. The team has won awards as well, which goes to show their expertise.

The highlights of the team are an effective project management style and regular communication, both of which contribute to clients' satisfaction.


15. Famebro Creative Studio

The last on our list of the top 15 logo designers in Bangalore is Famebro Creative Studio. It is a branding and graphic design agency that offers a multitude of services, ranging from logo design, brand identity, and rebranding to website development.

What's special about the team is how they tailor each project to meet the client's specific needs. They are also capable of delivering high-quality results while adhering to the budget and timeline given by the clients.

The Famebro Creative Studio team is also highly communicative. They keep clients updated on the progress of the project throughout the partnership. The team has been serving small and medium businesses since 2017.

Like other top designers on the list, you can see Famebro Creative Studio's works, services, and team members on their website.


Final Words

Not all designers are equal. Some designers are better than others. Of course, if you want a good logo, you need to work with a professional designer who understands your brand's identity really well. The above are some of the best logo designers in the Bangalore area.

A good logo goes a long way. Such a logo not only helps your business to stand out from the rest but also conveys your message and makes your brand easy to recognize and memorize, among other things. This is why it is so important to find the right logo designer to work with.

Don't go with the first designer you encounter, however. Rather, take your time to find the right one. For starters, try to find some designers in your area and communicate with them. See if any of them fit your situations and preferences.

Our list of the top 15 logo designers in Bangalore above should make the search process easier and quicker. What do you think? Which ones of the top 15 logo designers above that are you interested in working with? Well, whichever it is, we hope our list helps you find the right logo designer in the area.