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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Bali That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Bali That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Bali?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

When you hire a brand designer, you're not just paying someone who knows how to use Photoshop and Illustrator; you are investing in the future of your business. To ensure a successful outcome that benefits your brand now and in the future, you need someone who can fully understand your business, goals, values, products, and services and then interpret all this information into a visual identity that resonates with you..the target audience. Working with the perfect logo designer for you and your business is half the struggle in achieving a great brand identity.

The journey of starting and running your business can be stressful; I've been through it, too, and know how much to share. There are certain things a good designer will do for you. When hiring a designer to create a logo for you, pay close attention to their portfolio. Some designers will have a specific style that they want to use when creating a logo. 

Their own style, even if you personally like it, may not be appropriate for your business logo. You should look for a designer who has a portfolio that shows that they are able to adapt their style to reflect what is required for your logo design.

Designers with a variety of design styles will create logos based on research and a solid understanding of their business and their client audience. In the same way that stock photos and images require that you buy a license to use them in your design and marketing, so do fonts.

In order for a designer to use certain fonts as part of their logo design, they must be legally allowed to do so. This means ensuring that any licenses are paid, and that font licenses do indeed allow for their use in logo designs. Not all fonts are allowed to be used in the logo design.

If there is a specific font that you want to use and the designer does not have a license for that font, the cost of that font must be added to the project cost. If you don't want to use a commercially licensed font as part of your logo design, you should tell your designer from the start. Here are 15 top Logo Designers in Bali that you should check:


1. Rumah Designs

It is a creative agency based in Bali, Indonesia, since 2004. It is one of the Logo Designers in Bali that offers brand strategy, creative communications, website development, digital marketing, print, and architecture. With over ten years of experience, they are always committed to providing innovative and smart solutions for your business.

They specialize in logo design for your business, company, product, hotel, villa, restaurant, etc. Not only do they design a great logo, but they make it work with your brand strategy and business goals. 

Their services are designing a logo, graphic design, website design, marketing throughout the internet, print, photography, video, company brand production, event brand production, architecture, and construction.


2. Lomonata

It is an independent design and development studio that has been serving it since 2007. Now after more than ten years, they have assisted clients in tourism, fashion, food and beverage, transportation, non-profit organizations, lifestyle, and other industries. With their design sensibilities, technical capabilities, and knowledge of digital marketing, they have provided comprehensive and specific solutions to their clients.

They are available on a project basis and also enjoy long-term cooperation with their clients. They believe that good cooperation yields the best results. Since the 2020 pandemic, they have been working completely from home and decided to make it permanent. If you would like to discuss and meet, please fill out the form to schedule an appointment.


3. Here to Barong

Here Barong is a telecom store based in Bali. It offers graphic design, strategy and concept creation, copywriting, and production for all media.

Just like the archaic mythological character, Barong, here Barong wants to protect the good and create better things. Strive to communicate what is needed in a way that positively impacts your audience; here, Barong wants to make a difference. Whether your industry is commercial or human, you want to change your behavior. That's why here to barong here.

Here for Barong is a sole proprietorship founded by André Plaisier, an award-winning and experienced advertising specialist with over 30 years of experience as an Artistic Director, Copywriter, and Creative Director for local and global advertising agencies in Europe and Africa. Headquartered in Jasri, Karangasem, Here for Barong started in May 2019 with the aim of offering the highest quality communications in Bali and Asia.


4. Flyhigh Brand & Marketing Agency 

They are a growing branding and marketing agency in Indonesia. They deliver tangible results with a lasting impression on the brand. They act as clients' partners, dealing with domestic and international projects. Starting in 2011, they expanded their wings to National Agency in 2017. Their services include Branding, Marketing Strategy, Creative Design, and Social Media Marketing, with 80++ project experience and 40++ clients. They deal with different sectors: real estate developers, real estate agents, food and beverage, coffee shops, industry, human resource management, cruises, body treatments, to personal brands.

They develop their own strategies to ensure that they deliver the best results to clients. The social media campaign is their strength, and content with social media management, video production, and influencer marketing, they are getting great results from several social media-related cases. From recruitment cases and brand awareness cases to new potential buyers. They look forward to cooperating with you and achieving great results for your business. Let's discuss to learn more about how they collaborate!


5. Brut

Brut is a boutique marketing agency that exists to make a mark in world history by helping bring exciting projects to life. They help companies with promising ideas to build successful businesses and provide them with complex marketing activities that bring great results.

Obsessed with quality results, they are dedicated to providing a wide range of services from development and design to brand strategy and digital marketing. They decided that they would not spend their energy on multiple projects but instead focus on creating and implementing complex, non-trivial marketing solutions for select companies.

In their work, they combine knowledge and experience with experimentation and moments while enjoying what they are doing and promoting growth and happiness for all.


6. Naya Project 

Naya Project is a leading digital agency in web design, web development, and marketing strategy. Their head office is located in Bali, Indonesia. They provide online and offline marketing strategies for your business, which will help you improve your business so that you can reach your goals.

They hope to make customers satisfied with our services because customer satisfaction is the main concern. For more information, please contact us and let us increase your business with them.


7. Islandmedia

Most of their competitors in the integrated marketing landscape come from a traditional marketing background and are trying to catch up with the changing world by adding a digital wing to their existing business. Island Media has grown in another direction as the first digital company to also recognize the inherent value of traditional print media as part of a comprehensive, integrated media plan. They help clients pursue modern and effective marketing and advertising strategies.

Their graphic design services cover all forms of print and digital design. They help transform businesses by creating stunning designs for websites, logos, social media, brochures, flyers, banners, business cards, and more. With years of experience, their team has the expertise to develop attractive cutting-edge designs that are right for you.

In 2021, design and user experience were more important than ever in securing professional online and print photos with your clients. Island Media's graphic design team has extensive experience in international design, working with large brands and small businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

They have a user experience designer ready to help you engage in your target market with digital design, print design, and corporate identity.


8. Léon

With 10 million tourists arriving annually, Indonesia's "Island of the Gods," Bali, is a highly competitive market that challenges us every day. The need to find solutions in a changing market has given us the constant motivation that brought us here seven years ago and still keeps us here on alert.

They are also attracted by a network of suppliers whose quality continues to improve as the major players arrive on the island. They were able to choose the best among themselves and develop close ties in Bali and the Indonesian archipelago. This allows us to provide the best materials for projects that are unique.

Successful and innovative projects stem from reliable cooperation and deep relationships with our clients, both in Indonesia and abroad. The agency provides complete support from start to finish and handles the multifaceted process of each project. By being a trusted partner, Logo Designers in Bali will use the power of creativity to create passion and guide your business toward success.


9. Vagust Creative

This is a graphic design studio based in Bali - Indonesia. They provide services to various clients both nationally and internationally. Their vast experience in graphic design, corporate branding, and web design, and motion graphics makes us leaders in their field in Bali. 

Vagust Creative Design Studio Bali offers the perfect design solution that gives you an edge over your competition. They produce high-quality, unique, and conceptual designs for your business that will add value to your business and impress your clients and customers. Contact us if you would like to know more about their high-quality services in Advertising and Graphic Design for Print; web design, special booth exhibition design; Logo design and brand identity; Marketing materials, packaging designs, and more.

They are a young and dynamic team with creative talents who have joined forces to provide a full range of graphic design services to a wide range of industries. This does not limit who they can help with their creativity.


10. Kesato 

Founded in Paris, France, in 2010, Kesato moved its head office for growth to Bali, Indonesia, in 2012. As a full-service digital agency, it innovates and prepares digital strategies for its clients.

With his expertise, Kesato plays an integral role in fulfilling all of your communication needs. They provide and modify digital marketing strategies to enable you to achieve your goals, combining online and offline actions.

Your brand identity is the first thing people remember. They won't remember the specifications of your product or the type of materials you used to make it. They will first remember how great your product looks, how unique your logo is, and how fun it is to navigate your website.


11. Mous Media 

Mous Media offers Bali website design services, graphic design, SEO service, and maintenance, with different types of package prices.

Providing professional graphic design services in Bali for your product marketing or business and branding needs, with a wide range of packages and low prices. Logo design, identity design, and branding all have different roles, which together form an image of a business or product. Basically, the visual tools used in a company are usually set out in the design guidelines (brand guide). The guidelines that make up this identity usually govern how the identity is applied in different media, the use of colors, fonts, layout, sizes, etc. These guidelines ensure that the corporate identity remains consistent, which the market can easily identify later.


12. Timedoor

Many people and companies are dissatisfied with the current situation and conditions. A similar desire for quality service can be seen all over the world. At Timedoor, they're here to help reduce frustration and improve overall quality. They aspire to contribute to the further development of the world through their services, expertise, and passion in the field of information technology.

At Timedoor, website and app development has a world-class quality that is hard to find in Indonesia today. They create premium services that are in demand worldwide and aim to maintain their reputation as the best internet company in Bali.

Good design is what differentiates your brand from your competition. And good design doesn't just happen; it requires strategy. Their creative team is ready to help. They will work with you to bring your ideas to life and create designs that convey your message.

Their services are designing a logo, business card design, fixed designs, official papers design, billboard designs, brand guidelines, and much more.


13. Arkhea

This is an Indonesian creative agency based in Jakarta. With years of experience in website and design services, they offer branding, logo design, graphic design, web design development, 3D visualization, photography, digital marketing services, and event organization.

Their team will work on your project, giving you an unparalleled range of options; Serve you with fresh, spicy, and delicious concepts by creating a unique visual identity that conveys the brand message with creative ideas to achieve impactful results. Whether you need to create, rename or enhance your business identity, they have the ability to work together and produce the perfect design and design elements that bring your concept to life.


14. Nyterow

Nyterow has taken credibility to another level. As far as marketing goes, they are trying to present what makes a business grow in a way that makes a huge difference in a huge sales market. Read more about us if you'd like to order one of their plans.

Make your ideas come true with their help. Their team of Logo Designers in Bali will visualize your business needs and bring value to the table using their talents and techniques. They will develop a visual identity that fits your audience to achieve your goals.


15. Fleava 

Based in Singapore and Bali, Indonesia, Fleava has become one of the best quality companies. Their focus has always been on creating fun, intuitive, engaging, and extraordinary experiences for people - and that's what sets us apart from the rest.

They're excited to reveal the best digital innovations for forward-thinking brands looking to push boundaries and make a big impact. They achieve brand success using a team approach and a multidisciplinary approach; Strategists, innovators, and designers work collaboratively with their clients to combine data, planning, research, human-centered vision, and creativity with building memorable and effective business experiences and campaigns.


Final Words

The logo is the cornerstone of your branding, and no matter what type of brand or business you have, it is important to have a professionally designed logo. Without one, your audience wouldn't be able to define your company, let alone allow you to outperform your competition.

The design requires a lot of effort and brainstorming. This is a long-term investment and cannot be changed frequently, so it must be undertaken prospectively and forward-looking. Logos can build and destroy your reputation. Thus you need to take the time and experiment a lot before choosing the final logo for your business. The best Logo Designers in Bali will help you to make a great logo for your business.