Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a vibrant city known for its beautiful canals, cultural attractions, and vibrant creative scene. The city is home to many talented designers and artists, and among them are some of the best logo designers in the world. A logo is an essential element for any business, as it is the first point of contact between a company and its potential customers. A well-designed logo can convey the values, personality, and essence of a brand, making it memorable and recognizable.

A logo designer in Amsterdam is a professional who creates visual identities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. They have a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of branding and marketing principles. A logo designer in Amsterdam can help businesses of all sizes to create unique, compelling, and effective logos that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The logo design process typically begins with a consultation between the designer and the client. During this phase, the designer will ask questions about the business, its values, target audience, and competition. Based on this information, they will create a design brief that outlines the goals, objectives, and requirements of the project. Once the brief is approved, the designer will start creating concepts and sketches. They will present their ideas to the client and gather feedback, making revisions until the final design is approved.

Amsterdam is a hub of creativity, and logo designers in the city have access to a wealth of inspiration and resources. The city is home to many art galleries, design studios, and creative agencies, providing a stimulating environment for designers to hone their craft. Additionally, Amsterdam's diverse culture and history make it a unique and exciting place to work and live, which can inspire designers to create innovative and impactful designs.

Here are some of the best logo designers in Amsterdam:


1. Mars media

Having more than 15 years of experience, Mars Media is among the best designers in Amsterdam. The business mostly offers web design, but the use of a logo as a brand identity still be part of its projects. Logo design is part of the brand design services.

Mars Media runs as a design agency comprising various skilled artisans on every service. Currently, the company has been working with various clients, such as Komyunity, Headroom, Tiled Media, and so on.

Looking at its portfolio, the company has experience working with various logo styles. Some highlight unique modern images with popping color, illustration, and digital imagery. Several branding projects are also composed of simple shapes and colors for a more modern image, such as the Generations at Works project.



2. Lefhebbers

Another experienced business in Amsterdam is the Lefhebbers. The company has more than ten years in business and runs its company in Amsterdam. From its website, the company highlights a pragmatic and clear vision for design and marketing business.

It's seen from the company's portfolio, which comprises various brand identities projected from diverse industries. The best logo design insight is the Bencis and Appelhoven visual identity. Both signify simplicity and minimalist style, which is a trending and timeless design.

For a company at this level, Lefhebbers come with various services. The services include brand identity, design, concept, photography, copywriting, and so on. You can send an email or contact the site for a quote, as the company understands that the design price is never the same.

Created by lefhebbers |


3. Zone Creative

Having a complete five stars rating from Google Business and 20+ years of experience in the business make Zone Creative one of the best logo designers in Amsterdam. The company highlights its quote, "I Do graphic design," which explains it as a personal design firm.

The company is owned by Meena, an Amsterdam-based designer who has various freelance projects and works in the industry. But the designer also comes with various services. Those services include creating graphic design for both online and offline media, logo branding, packaging, catalogs, books, windows & standee displays.

Based on its experience and portfolios, the company loves to work with unique imagery for logos. Several projects use imagery, icon, and mascot as their signature identity.



4. green creatives

Brand experience, website design, branding, and website development are some of the major services from Green Creative. For more than ten years in the business, the company has nailed several small to big projects. Some of the lists are Held, STOX, Life Goals, and Deelen.

For a company with various experiences and finished projects, the graphic style is pretty vast. However, most of the project uses a simple modern intake on its design. They use simple shapes, a minimalist approach, color, and implication in their imagery or font.

The company is located in Overtoom 141, Amsterdam, and you can contact it through email, telephone, or WhatsApp. All of the details are available from its official site, especially for asking for quotes or starting a campaign.


5. Brand Supply

Available from its physical office, Social media, Google+, and official Site, you can find Brand Supply as one of the recommended logo designers in Amsterdam. The company is among those options with more than 10+ years of experience and a high rating in Google (4.3 stars).

Brand Supply also provides a range of price tags based on categories. The options are bronze, silver, and gold packages, with the difference in product delivery and inclusion. The rates start from €349 to €649. But there are also custom options for special quotes.

Brand Supply is an eight employees company that allows them to work with various logo design styles. The styles are varied from unique imagery, illustration, icon, and wordmark logo.



6. TerraLemon

7+ years in the industry allow TerraLemon to develop its portfolio with various design styles for diverse companies. Among the experience and portfolio are Security Talk visual identity, Zin, NPO Zeppelin, AEGON, and many more.

The portfolio on the logo designs showcases the company's capabilities in its styles. Some of them highlight or use simple and modern imagery for icons or naming. But some models also complement a unique, fun element of colors and typography to fit the company's market.

Overall the company offers various services more than just logos. Some of the jobs are 3D animation, interactive overview of the web, interactive machine design, Café promo, and so on. The company suggests a contact or visit to talk about job details and quotes.



7. The MindOffice

This design company focuses on creating the ideal branding and identity. Thus, the job involves creating or developing logo design as its main service. Even for logo designers business, the company also has various offers. It includes design, development, video production, or online marketing.

With ten years of experience, the company understands the changes in the market and business. The company has recorded more than 500 logo design projects and worked from different locations. With more than ten people under its agency, the MindOffice also has many unique logo portfolios, including Albert Heijin and UN1EK.

Looking at the portfolio, the company focuses on creating modern imagery with a minimalist style. Clients can contact and consult with the company to fit the logo design and style preferences.



8. Benedetta S. in Upwork

If you are looking for a personal freelancer in Amsterdam, you should hit Upwork. The platform has various names that are recommended as logo designers in the area. Among them is Benedetta S, an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. She has experience working as a graphic designer since 2016.

Currently, Benedetta has finished more than 35 projects from Upwork and has a more than 95% success rate. Looking at her Upwork profile, she is pretty used to drawing and painting. It can help create a thorough handmade drawing style for logos.

She offered her job and consultation for development and IT, starting at $25/30 minutes. Meanwhile, for graphic design and illustrator, her rate starts from $70.00/hr.

Created by Benedetta S |


9. Francesco B.

Another recommended Logo designer in Amsterdam found on Upwork is Francesco B. He is among the first results of the search and has a 100% job success rate. Currently, the men have a total of 32 jobs with more than 315 hours of jobs in Upwork.

He has quite a high rate on the platform. He also mentioned his job as a full-time freelancer, web designer, and graphic designer. With that, he put services such as logo design, branding, guideline, UI/UX design, infographic, and so on.

Looking at his style, the man mostly creates and develops isometric illustrations for his design. For the rate, he offers his design services starting from $40.00/hr.

Created by Francesco B |


10. Studio Carbon

Studio Carbon highlights three aspects of design for its services; communication design, UI/UX design, and industrial design. Under its communication design, the company offers logo and brand design. It includes packaging and visual identity. The best portfolio for its service is the SuperKons.

The company develops A visual identity, which comes along with its standard of Earthiness, minimal, and well-balanced picture. With that, the logo comes out with a simple typography and initial.

Currently, the company has more than four years of experience and is run by nine professional designers under its umbrella. Studio Carbon is rooted in India but is now seeded in the Netherlands for greater services. If you are interested in starting a project, get to the website and contact them.



11. Mirage

Design with purpose is Mirage's motto. The company is an independently owned agency based in Amsterdam and Berlin. The company focuses on developing its business for the communication, strategy, and design industry. With that, Mirage can provide various types of services for design-related projects.

Those services include social strategy, brand architecture, brand identity, art direction, animation, advertising, commercials, and many more. The services also show their logo style. Most of their logo projects cover professional, fancy, and minimalist designs. It includes using line art, unique typeface, and icon.

You can find the company's services and quotes from their website or Clutch. Currently, the company starts its rate from $100-$149/hr. The company itself is pretty young, starting in 2020, but it does have a pretty reputable image in Clutch with a five stars rating.



12. Wild Digital

Wild Digital shows its good service by highlighting the untapped value and designing digital experiences for businesses. The company underlines that the experience of a good logo can help the client to empower them to scale up even further.

If you are interested in working with an award-winning agency, consider checking out Wild Digital. The company was founded in 2019 and has ten awards under its name. For its services, the company offers various options, from a website, branding, graphic design, SE, and digital strategy.

Currently, the company has seven designers. It helps the company cover various logo styles, which mostly have simple and modern imagery in it. Wild Digital itself is located in Rotterdam, but they are ready to offer its services throughout the Netherlands.



13. Skybox Design agency

The company has more than 20+ years of experience as it was founded in 2009. It has six people on its team, but it does have various projects and services behind its name. There are a total of 12 services, comprising branding, positioning, graphic design, Ergonomy, photography, and copywriting.

Skybox has worked with various cases. Its logo design style is pretty unique and has a personal touch to it. An example is Medtrum, a project in the hospitals and healthcare industry.

The company uses simple imagery of circles and a direct font style to fit the industry. If you are interested in getting a quote or talking about a project, contact the website or visit its office in Danziger Bucht.



14. Brand Bits

One of the many logo designers in Amsterdam with a unique motto is Brand Bits. The company covers various businesses and services, composing branding, sites, and content. Among the branding is the visual identity, in which the logo design and planning become a prominent aspect of the company.

You can find them on the official site, Linkedin, Sortlist, Behance, And Facebook. Despite being a small three-person company, Brand Bits are capable of working with various previous clients. Some of them include Vos Solar, SDB Vitrinebouw, Space for Business, Botanic bubble, and so on.

Most of the styles are pretty standard yet simple. It can be seen as a modern professional design for logos. The project price itself is varied, but most likely available for around €1,000/ project.


15. Freckle

Freckle Studio should be one of the best logo designers in Amsterdam to work with. The company is located in Nieuw Amsterdam and has various services to provide. Several of them are logo designs, which you can see on its Facebook page and official site. The company also has a credible online presence on its LinkedIn.

Looking at the LinkedIn and official site, the company is an individually owned business by Freke Meijeraan. She has various interests in design, including logos and styling 3D images. You can also check her Behance, as she showcases her various services and portfolio.

Looking at her works, the works are bound to have sophisticated modern styling in them. It uses an imager, small or minimalistic icon, or attractive illustration.



Final Words

In summary, a logo designer in Amsterdam is a talented and skilled professional who can help businesses create effective visual identities that resonate with their target audience. They have a deep understanding of branding and marketing principles, and their designs are the result of a rigorous and iterative process. With their creativity, expertise, and passion, logo designers in Amsterdam are at the forefront of the design industry, helping businesses to succeed in a competitive marketplace.