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Article: Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Adelaide

Top 15 Recommended Logo Designers in Adelaide

Looking for the best logo designer around Adelaide?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Welcome to the vibrant city of Adelaide, where creativity thrives, and businesses seek to make a lasting impression. In this fast-paced world, where first impressions matter more than ever, the role of a logo designer has become crucial for businesses to establish their brand identity. Whether you are a start-up looking to make a mark or an established company aiming to revamp your image, finding a skilled logo designer in Adelaide is essential.

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is renowned for its thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to a diverse community of designers, artists, and creative professionals who bring their unique perspectives to the world of logo design. With a blend of modern and traditional influences, Adelaide offers a fertile ground for innovative logo designs that capture the essence of a business and resonate with its target audience.

A logo serves as the face of a brand, representing its values, vision, and personality. It acts as a visual symbol that communicates a company's message and sets it apart from competitors. The expertise of a logo designer lies in their ability to distill complex concepts and ideas into a simple, memorable graphic that encapsulates the brand's essence.

Finding a skilled logo designer in Adelaide can be a transformative experience for businesses. The city boasts a pool of talented professionals who possess a deep understanding of design principles, color theory, typography, and branding strategies. These designers have a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to translate ideas into visually striking logos that leave a lasting impact.

Whether you are in the finance sector, hospitality industry, or any other business domain, an Adelaide-based logo designer can craft a logo that captures the essence of your brand and helps you stand out in the competitive market. With their expertise and understanding of local trends and preferences, they can create logos that resonate with the local audience while maintaining a global appeal.

Here are some of the most recommended logo designers in Adelaide:


1. Simple is a website staying true to the brand name of logo designers in Adelaide. The company has various experiences in working with professional industries and businesses, such as Adelaide hospital, Rundle Mall, and others.

Simply pay attention to its value of Less is More, creating a more focused professional brand identity. Simple is also proud to provide a team that works with over 30 specialists. The best work example is the City of Mount Gambier, as the company put the main style of simple graphic elements.

There are also various and several other works that resemble the identity. Similar styles were also developed for the Kintaro Sushi and O&G with a simple yet attractive look. The company covers various services, including branding, digital, advertising, photography, strategy, and design.



2. Graphic Brain

Jarrad, the man behind the Graphic Brain logo designer, is proud to offer the best and various brand identity services. The company is available to work with small to large business corporations to offer professional graphic design services.

Currently, the company is ready to provide several services, including brand design, website design, and print design. Each is made with the utmost care, creating a proper banding for a logo or business card, visual identity, and customer service.

The key style of Graphic brain is the modern and unique icon look. It is properly shown from the previous works with Yoghurt Shop, Woodside hotel, EOSS, and Barossa Valley coulis. There are also many work portfolios highlighting the use of a unique icon as the main brand identity.



3. Ca Design IT

Located in Brougham PI, Adelaide, Ca Design is one of the recommended logo designers in Adelaide. The company is owned or run by Cheryl Tompkins, a designer with various design experiences and passions. CA design focuses on website creation and design, which covers various other visual projects, including logos and branding.

Cheryl stated that every website has and tells a story, which is why the company is capable of working with various big brands or names. Among them is the Artisan Foie gras pate, with the commissioned design project. CA design provides a modern, simplistic design, which creates a fancy and high-end establishment vibe.

Depending on the service and the brief, you can get different quotes. This is why the company gives you a logo brief to ask for the price.


4. Here Here Design

Modern, popping, simple, and futuristic are the main styles you can find from Here Here design. The company covers various modern or millennial businesses which demand trendy looks, designs, visuals, and colors. Those mindsets and looks work for either print or digital.

As a modern millennial business, the company highlights several big names in its portfolio. The companies include Light of Lobethal, Sport Right Tech, Mayfair Hotel, and so on. Some unique millennial businesses in the F&B industry are also part of the portfolio, such as the Woolly Villain, Bar Lune, and so on.

Here Here Design has been in the industry since 2017 with ten employee company sizes. It even has a 4.9 rating from 21 Google reviews, which states its quality.

Created by hereheredesign |


5. Design Lab

Design Lab is a versatile company comprising various business services. The services include creative design, branding, digital development, and SEO services. Currently, the company has recorded more than 350 finished projects comprising various industries and services.

For a company with around ten employees, Design Lab has been one of the best logo designers in Adelaide. It is located in Norwood and has been running its business since 2004. With that service, the company is ready to give a professional logo design product.

The services comprise various corporate identities, branding, stationery, logo concept, design, visual branding, and brand identity. Design Lab focuses on different design styles, from pectoral logos, icons, letter marks, wordmarks, and mascots.



6. Studio 60 Design

Studio 60 Design has more than 25+ years of experience as Adelaide's logo company, specializing in logo design, online sales, website, branding development, and graphic design. The company also successfully developed a South Australian partnership, bringing a better brand standard to Adelaide.

Studio 60 design covers various services, including Graphic design, web design, and hosting. Some in-depth services also include product photography and branding. The process and prices by the company start from $650+gst with four concepts. It also includes various essential file types without any extra cost.

Style-wise, Studio 60 Design loves to explore different types of logos and concepts. Some are made as wordmarks or letters with modern or vintage style. There are also several icon or mascot designs with modern visual aspects, like decorative color and imagery.


7. Red Kite

Rated 5.0 stars in Google Rating, Red Kite is one of the most successful businesses in Adelaide. Despite being a small company, do has several team members that work together the company. And the said team also comes with various work experience from big brands, such as Flight Centre, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, and MRs. Fields.

Like many other design companies and services, Red Kite does not give definite prices or cost ranges for the job as no two businesses or companies are the same for their request. However, Red Kite does offer several packages as the marking for the cost. Customers can request a quote for logo design and provide briefs or styles, such as modern, unique, bold, classic, or abstract.


8. Digital Noir

Founded in 2011, digital noir is an agency of logo designers in Adelaide. The company especially works in various design options, including web, graphic design, mobile app development, digital marketing, logo design, or marketing strategy.

It is a company of 11-50 employees, which is quite big and trusted for its logo creation or web design. Some of the clients from digital noir are pretty high-end, such as ShineSA, Weber, Kidney Health, Viterra, and so on.

The logo design offer from Digital Noir falls under the professional category. There is no definite price, but the services will include two revisions, two sketches, and various types of logos. Style-wise, digital noir mostly focuses on modern Typography or wordmark with a unique aesthetic.



9. Icon graphic design

Icon graphic design was first launched in 1991 but later known for its reputation since 2002. The company has various services, including web design, copywriting, and logo design. Icon graphic design understands the role of a logo, which is more than just an image. It brings a variety of logo styles, starting from the classic logotype or wordmark to the iconic mascot.

Some of the styles focus on modern and versatile implementation, which creates a simple yet unique identity for the brand. The company also has a vast array of portfolios, comprising website design and development, brochure, publication, and label plus packaging.

Again, the company does not show or give a definite price for the logo design. The company gives a free consultation that helps determine the process or prices.


10. Creative Feed

Creative Feed focuses on a more professional-looking identity, with a lot of unique icon ideas in the design. Professional design covers various styles, from modern imagery in icons and persona to typography models. The company is willing to give you a quote for the logo design process, bringing various costs to the table.

For the creative business industry, Creative Feed also serves several other products. The complementing services include web design, logo design, IT support, and promotion. The company has been working with various businesses or brands, such as Kinmana Organic, Ecopicks, Green Eden, and many more. For more details, check or the office at Innovation House, 50 Mawson lakes boulevard.



11. Jeremy P

Jeremy P. is a freelancer logo designer in Adelaide. You can find his profile on Upwork, which shows the high number of projects and satisfaction rate. Currently, Jeremy has recorded more than 1,700 hours of job experience with 181 total jobs done. As a single business owner, Jeremy comprises various design businesses from any design idea.

It includes shirt design and logo design for various businesses. Among the portfolio, Jeremy is bound to work with modern and millennial types of design. The logo uses vibrant popping colors, a unique image, and simple styling.

Price-wise, the freelancer can give a professional quote of $200/hr. It is pretty high, but the freelancer does have the professionalism and experience to prove its worth.


12. Rebecca W

Rebecca W. is also a freelancer from Adelaide. The freelancer is focused on creating logos, working as a creative director, branding, and printing. The online profile for Rebecca W. is found on Upwork with a 100% job success rate as the foolproof.

Based on the platform, the freelancer has more than 20 years of experience working with an extensive range of marketing materials and logos. There is also a wide range of clients, from SMEs to start-up companies. The job record from Upwork highlights 178 total jobs with 1,006 total hours of work with less than 30 hrs/per week.

The short work hour but the high success rate shows her quality. She also gives a price range starting from $55/hr. To work with a unique, abstract, human logo design style.


13. Judyth S

Another Upwork freelancer you can find in Adelaide, Australia, is Judyth S. She is listed as a top-rated designer with 100% job success. Currently, the record of jobs is around 63 total jobs in 239 total hours. The two numbers indicate the high rate of potential logo design success.

For the price, the writer and graphic design specialist only take around $44.00/hr. It is a great deal for medium logo designers in Adelaide. She is also mentioned to have more than six years (presumably starting in 2018) of experience in Upwork.

Looking at her Upwork information, Judith has more than just logo work. She is quite capable and a professional freelancer in writing and design. Her portfolio also shows a more professional intake in the job process.


14. Nathan Hull

Nathan Hull's website,, is one of the freelancers that came out as the first recommendation from Google rating and Google Maps business. He is a specialist and offers several to many design products, including brand design, art direction, event branding, creative direction, digital and website design, and so on.

The man has more than ten years of working as a freelance brand and graphic designer, which allows him to collaborate with big names and agencies throughout Adelaide. Several projects are Liebery website development, Strave, Duga Brand, Piston Zero VW golf GTI, Rodder Brewing Co., and many more.

As a freelancer, Nathan does not give a definite price for the services. But he is ready and welcome to collaborate with new clients for logo design or other creative services.


15. Daniel Sim

Minimal but meaningful logo design is the key aesthetic of Daniel Sim. You can find more information on for quotes, details, and contact. But for sure, it is a professional and capable company with more than 20 years of experience in design.

The branding identity services include logo design, brand identity, name creation, to brand guide. But there is also graphic design for publication, brochures, Printing, video & photography, website design, and many more.

The extensive years of experience also show various companies they have worked with. Some of them are Billy Graham, Healthscope, Ramsay Healthcare, FMA, and many more. From those names, the company offers professional design with a simple, minimalist, and story-driven image with a professional price tag in it.



Final Words

In this dynamic and evolving business landscape, investing in a professional logo designer in Adelaide is a wise decision for any company looking to establish a strong brand identity. So, join us on this journey as we explore the world of logo design and discover the remarkable talent that Adelaide has to offer.