Guide To Create A Good Website Logo Design

Creating a website logo design is not as simple as it looks.
Here, we have clarified several important tips and ideas you might want to check. Enjoy!
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Designing a logo is not an easy task to work on. There are plenty of essential practices that need to be checked before finalizing the design for your website.

The logo is commonly used as a tool to mark a brand or business. Without it, the customers will hardly separate your brand from other similar competitors in the industry. It will definitely differentiate your business from the others when it is designed with the proper practices.

In this handy guide, you will get to know what you should consider while designing the website logo and the major elements that make a great logo design.

So without further ado, let's dive straight in.


4 Elements to Consider When Designing Website Logo

While designing the logo for your website, you should keep in mind that its purpose is not meant to be directly used as a sales tool. Instead, the core purpose of the logo is to identify your brand. It is the most effective and proven way to give people an insight into your services or a website.

If you're about to design a website logo and want to know about the major elements that win people's recognition, you should learn from the following points.


1. Style

The style of your design tells a lot about the niche of your business. For example, the beauty brand has a different style as compared to the real estate brand. A website logo design has to have something that should represent your brand. For example, if your website is about "education," you might want to use the icon that portrays books or education in monogram style, or you might want to use a logotype as the main focus. You can definitely experiment with styles as there are many ways to create a proper website logo that suits its brand. Monogram and letter marks are popular among logo designers; however, people are now experimenting with hundreds of different styles by customizing their typography, colors, and shapes.

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2. Font

Some brands use the initials or the first letter of their business name as the logo. One of the best examples of this kind of business is "McDonald's." This brand's logo has a simple sans serif font that is written using the red and yellow color combination.

The font size of the logo also reveals a lot about your brand. A common example is the cartoon TV channels that create shows for children often use bold and illustrative fonts for their shows' logos. It is all about staying close to your brand and choosing the logo font that goes well with your business niche.

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3. Symbol

While choosing the right design of your website logo, you should focus on the symbols as well. The symbols are the silent representatives of your brand that give the customers initial understanding even before engaging with your business.
However, you should be very careful in using the right and proper symbols for your brand. Using the symbol in your logo tells the audience what you stand for. It is also known that by using symbols, we are able to tell a brand story without saying or showing much effort. In other words, symbols can communicate with potential customers and build up a strong connection of the people with your brand.

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4. Color

The color of the website logo design is also crucial when it comes to creating strong brand recognition. Colors can have different meanings and psychological effects on people's minds. They have certain ideas, feelings, sensations, and emotions associated with them.

Thus, before the designing process, you should understand more about color theory. You should also notice how your competitors are using colors in their logos, and there are certain reasons behind every colors' decision.

If you notice any famous brands of the world, no matter what their niche is, you will notice that they have used their logo colors very wisely and works very well with the brands.

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What makes a good website logo design?

Some of the proper practices are commonly recognizable. For example, it should be distinctive, attractive, eye-catching, and should be conveying the brand's message. In the upcoming lines, you will learn about some of the factors that will make your logo design look even more like the pro.

1. Simplicity

Your potential audience may not be as knowledgeable as you may think. So you have to keep in mind the simplicity while designing a website logo. A simple yet creative logo design not only shows its professionality but also delivers the message and idea very well. It is due to these reasons simple logos are often memorable, recognizable, and attractive.

You may have heard about the KIS principle of designing. It simply stands for KEEP IT SIMPLE. When a simple artwork can convey your message effectively and can effectively remain in people's minds, why should you go for difficult design ideas? With a simple logo, the process of advertising, marketing, and promotion of your website will become much easier.

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2. Memorable

Have you ever made any deliberate effort to keep the McDonald's logo in your mind? No! But the thermostability of this logo has the potential to stick to your mind unintentionally. This may happen when people unintentionally remembered the colors, design, shape, and ideas that are made simple yet strong.

Sometimes, the factor of having a clear subject matter goes behind the scenes, and you have to be simple to keep the logo memorable.Though we cannot neglect the importance of having the subject matter, keeping the logo simple, memorable, and distinctive should be your priority.

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3. Timeless

Your logo should never go fade and old even after 40 to 50 years or even 100 years. It should be creative and universal to endure the ages.There should be no impact of trends as it should be one of the evergreen elements on your website.
In simple words, your website logo should have nothing to do with the trends, and you should never work on a design for the sake of following the mainstream. It's not like changing the pair of jeans, yet it is something that people should remember for its eternity and longevity.

Many examples are out there of the brands that never followed the mainstream and are still standing out among the competitors for having the unique logo, website, and products. So if you want to keep your logo effective and all-time favorite, you should never be focusing on only one thing, and this is the timelessness of your logo.

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4. Versatile

Having a versatile logo design is very important because you have to display your design on various mediums and applications. You can only use your logo perfectly only if it has the element of versatility and functionality in it.

According to the logo designers and graphic experts, the logos that are designed in vector format are often versatile as they can be scaled to almost any size. Your logo has to work both in horizontal, vertical, square, and various versions, so it can be applied fitly to multiple platforms. However, some other factors affect the versatility of your design, such as color, size, background, etc. The logos created by combining the black and white colors are often versatile and simple. Using black and white colors is the best solution when you need to incorporate your logo at different backgrounds.

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5. Appropriate

A logo is appropriate when it is relevant to the brand and clearly explains the intended purpose. For example, the logo for the children's story website should consider using a fun-looking font and color scheme. This type of measurement and considerations have to be applied when designing a website logo.

In other words, the appropriate artwork is the one that is self-explanatory and carries a clear meaning related and intended to the products or services of the brand or business.

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Designing a website logo is not an easy task to develop. There are certain important points mentioned above that need to be checked in order to create a perfect one for your website. I hope you enjoy reading this article! If you have any questions or comments, whether it's regarding this article or another topic you'd like us to write about, please leave your comments in the section below. Cheers!

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