Guide to Create a Winning Restaurant Logo Design

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When creating a business, it is not enough to just offer the best product without the business's marketing. The same goes for a restaurant business. It is not enough to just offer the best food to be well known without a great restaurant logo that might help you get better identity and recognition.

Imagine eating in a great restaurant that offers the best food in town, but they do not have any unique and memorable visual that could help customers identify the brand. It could easily be forgotten. However, a great logo should help customers to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

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Why is Logo Very Important for Restaurant Branding?

If you, as a business owner, want your business to grow, to become well known and thriving, you need to pay more attention to your business branding. Branding means promoting your business by using a creative marketing strategy.

Especially for a restaurant business owner, branding has become very crucial and urgent to pay attention to as we can observe massive growth in culinary businesses, especially in the last few years.

Lots of restaurants, cafes, stalls, and other culinary businesses have sprung up. Even in just a small town, thousands of culinary businesses are trying to thrive and be successful than their competitors.

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This shows how many competitors there are and how fierce the competition is in the culinary business. Therefore, branding is the best way for you to make your business stand out from the rival.

A restaurant logo design should reflect the essence and value of your business. It should be the business's identity that could make your establishment more recognizable than others. It is a special identity that separates your business from your competitors.

The logo should give people a glimpse of your restaurant image before they even start to visit and eat at your place. The main purpose is to tells a story of your establishment and engaging people to come. It also becomes one of the most crucial things that people look at and recognize, making it worth investing in creating a proper one that could attract more people.

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Crucial Elements in A Logo Design

Before we get into the discussion about what can be done to create a great restaurant logo, you must first know some crucial elements that will greatly determine the appearance of your design.

Several important things must be considered when creating a logo. Keep in mind that these are some basics of the design process that should be prioritized for creating a successful design. Here are some of the things that you need to pay attention to:

1. Fonts

Fonts are one of the most important things in a logo, whether it's the font on the typeface, on the slogan, or the font in the small description on the logo.

Choose the type of writing that matches the concept and identity of your restaurant. If your business wants to use an elegant concept, you can choose a classic and simple type of font.

One of the things that many people don't realize is that fonts can convey different emotions according to the type. Therefore, before choosing a font for your design, first determine what impression and emotion you want to convey when people see your logo.

For example, when we see a logo with a typeface that uses classic fonts, it is likely a high-end and exclusive type of establishment. Or on the other hand, if the typeface uses more bubbly and rounded, it gives people a sense of fun and more inviting.

Expand your knowledge of font types and compare them with one another. Choose a font that reflects your brand's signature well. Also, it's important to choose a font that has not been used by any other restaurant. If there are similarities in fonts, people will find it difficult to distinguish one brand identity from another.

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2. Colors

Apart from the type and style of writing, the colors used in a logo design can also give a certain emotion and message to the viewer. You can see, most restaurants in the world use red, orange, and yellow as the main colors in their logos. The reason behind that is because the color red, orange, and yellow are more eye-catching and attractive for a restaurant logo. Not only that, but those colors could also make food or product looks more appealing as a brand.

Compared to the blue and purple color. Indeed, several well-known restaurant logo designs use this color, but it is very rare. This is because the colors blue and purple are often associated with something unnatural and unappetizing.

All colors have their meanings and messages. Psychologically, color can change the mood and determine the personality of an object. Colors directly impact the human subconscious mind to reflect differently to a particular color. But keep in mind that every color has a different meaning in each culture. For example, some colors might be associated with purity and joy in a certain culture. But in other cultures, the same color could be associated with grief. This is why it is important to suit your design based on the restaurant's culture.

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3. Size and Shapes

The purpose of creating a logo design is to make your restaurant recognizable and stand out. Choosing unique and memorable designs might be one of the ways to achieve those purposes.

But still, make sure to always choose the shape that suits the personality of your restaurant. Like fonts and colors, shapes could also give a touch of personality and identity to something.

Every shape has its own identity. If you want an elegant look for your restaurant logo design, you can choose simpler and classic shapes like rectangles or oval. But if you want to be more explorative and fun, there are many unique shapes that you could choose.

Another important thing is the dimension of the design. It is important to create a logo that could be suitable in any size as it will be applied to different kinds of items such as glasses, plates, paper bags, stickers, flyers, signs, and many other things. Of course, these items have very different sizes from one another. For this reason, a proper logo must be readable, recognizable, and clear even though it is printed on the smallest media.

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What Makes a Great Restaurant Logo?

Maybe there is no clear and patent standard regarding what elements are important to pay attention to when making a restaurant logo. Still, when you observe several successful and great restaurant logos, there are several similarities that should be considered.

A restaurant logo should be the essence of your whole brand. Because of that, you shouldn't create a logo carelessly. As we observed, not many restaurant businesses put much effort into creating their logos with sufficient consideration, so the results are not appealing.

If competitors around your business area have an unattractive logo design, this could be an opportunity for you to create a better one. So your business could look more professional and trustworthy to attracts potential customers in your area.

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Creating a restaurant logo design is the same as making any other business logo. What differentiates it is when creating a restaurant logo, the urgency to make the logo stand out is more prominent because there are so many competitors on the field. If you are still struggling to create a good restaurant logo design, here are some elements that you should pay attention to in your design to make it more fantastic:

1. Differentiation

The first step that restaurant owners must do is to find out how your restaurant differs from competing restaurants. For example, when you own a fast-food restaurant, think about what differentiates you from the millions of fast-food restaurants in the world.

You can choose a different concept or value than other competitors and incorporate it into your logo. For instance, you choose the concept of a retro-style fast food restaurant, then implement the retro style into your design.

Implementing and accentuating the values that differentiate you from other competitors into your business identity is an important thing to do. That way, the establishment that you have built will become more recognizable and valuable to the market.

This differentiation can be included in the form of colors, styles, fonts, or symbols of the logo. If you wanted to have a homey concept restaurant, you could choose a home or village symbol that reflects your concept and include it in your design.

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2. Typeface

These days, the use of symbols in logos has been replaced by typefaces because they are considered more simple and attractive. Various restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants and franchises, already use typefaces as the main component in their logo.

Great lettering alone is considered sufficient to reflect a restaurant's identity, starting from the style, the concept to the brand's vibes. With that, try to create unique and catchy lettering that could make your business's name pop.

In a typeface for a restaurant logo design, several small symbols can also be combined with writing to make the restaurant's identity more prominent.

Fonts in the typeface for your logo design are very important to pay attention to. Choose a font that is easy to read for every person. If your typeface is hard to read, it will make your restaurant seem unprofessional or could even make people less identified your brand's name.

Your typeface should attract people's attention and deliver the message that your business reflects. Choose more simple and easy-to-read fonts to make them readable and understandable for every audience.

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3. Storytelling

As mentioned earlier, your business logo should be able to give people a bit of an idea of the establishment. A proper one must be able to match the product and concept of the brand.

Is your product a healthy food? What are the foods that you offer traditional food? Is your restaurant high-end? This question should be answered the moment customers look at your logo design.

A restaurant logo can also give a bit of an idea about the origin of the restaurant. We take the example of a brand that uses the founder's image as an icon in its logo. This type of logo can establish a trademark of its originality that sets your restaurant apart from the rest.

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4. Inviting Associations

When we open a restaurant business or other culinary business, we don't just sell the food or products we offer. We also offer a place for visitors to hang out and pass the time.

A restaurant that can make visitors leave a good impression when they finish eating will certainly be remembered and invite customers to come back again. Likewise, it can reflect whether the brand gives an inviting impression or not. To create a fitting impression, the first thing to do is to determine your business's target market.

A restaurant that is targeted to be a meeting place for business clients with a restaurant for a casual hang out will certainly have a very different visual identity.

The inviting elements in the logo can be reflected by color selection, fonts for typefaces, logo shapes, and logo styles that are adjusted with the target market.

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5. Simplicity

Don't make a design that is too cluttered and crowded. The simplicity aspect must be emphasized to give a professional impression to the restaurant. Maintaining white space and contrast between the elements will make the logo design look more refined.

A great restaurant identity that has white space and a simple style will be more attractive to look at so that it attracts more people to identify the brand. The concept "less is more" should be implemented in your restaurant logo design. A simple logo design is also easy to be adapted to various sizes of materials. That way, it will be more flexible and easier to be composed of your brand identity needs.

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6. Colors and Shape Symmetry

The colors and shapes in your restaurant logo should match each other. Usually, it only uses no more than three colors for the logo. There's nothing wrong with being creative and playing with shapes and colors when designing a good one. But keep in mind to highlight a clean and balanced composition.

The suitability between the colors and shapes in the logo also greatly affects the image of the visual identity. For example, shapes that have rounded edges will give a soft or playful impression, so they will be more suitable to be combined with light colors for an inviting manner.

On the other hand, sharp and firm shapes will give a solid and elegant impression on the restaurant logo design so that it will be more suitable when combined with neutral colors. The color palette is essentially the lifeblood of the logo. Therefore you should carefully pick the color scheme.

The color chosen in the restaurant logo design will be the essential color for your business' items, such as uniforms, decorations, and other essential items in your restaurant.

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7. Consistency

A logo that keeps changing in a short period will make it difficult for customers to remember and identify the business. Therefore, you should choose a design that is sustainable and will not be out of date.

Starting from choosing the color, font, shape, and size, make sure that the logo design will still be attractive to the audience years later. We highly recommend choosing a simple design option.

A brand that has a consistent visual identity will give customers a trusting impression. This consistency shows that a restaurant takes the details of its business seriously and plans it well.

In most cases, a restaurant logo design that has lasted a long time, especially since a restaurant was established, will also provide its characteristics and stories that can attract customers.

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Creating a logo design for a restaurant will require a lot of consideration, planning, and adjustments so that the results are as expected. You need to make sure that it represents your business identity and personality. Always remember to pay attention to the colors, fonts, shapes, and size of the restaurant logo design. A proper design will guarantee to make your restaurant stand out more than your competitor.

Use the business logo as one of the important things in your branding. A great logo could make your business thriving and expanding well. The main goal that you should focus on when creating a restaurant logo design is to make sure it delivers the message you want to deliver and give the impression you want to deliver to the customers.

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