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Article: Top 15 Logo Designers in Taiwan That You Should Check

Top 15 Logo Designers in Taiwan That You Should Check

Looking for the best logo designer around Taiwan?
Here are some of the best designers that we recommend you hire. Let's check them out!

Looking for the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan? A logo defines a business' brand identity. It is so important that it can make or break the business' image. If it is well-designed, it can do wonders for the business. Conversely, if it is not, it may attract the wrong kind of attention to the brand. 

You want the former, not the latter. But how do you create a well-designed logo? The answer is to hire a professional logo designer. Everyone can make a logo; that is true. But not everyone can make a well-designed one. The process requires skills.

Unless you are a great logo designer yourself, hiring a professional logo designer is always the better idea. When you hire a professional to create a visual representation of your brand, you will get a logo that looks professional, attracts customers, and stands out from the crowd.

Hiring a professional logo designer also saves you time. As a business owner, you have plenty of things to do already. And creating a logo takes time. By delegating the task to a professional designer, you can focus on building your business.

Hiring a logo designer will cost you money, but a well-designed logo is worth every penny. You can think of creating a logo as an investment, and a well-designed logo has a good ROI.

The problem is there are so many designers out there. Not to mention not all designers have the same skill level and experience. Some designers may suit your business needs. Some may not. No need to worry, though. We are here to help you.

Below, we have a list of the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan today. We describe each designer briefly, so you get an idea or two about them. Let's get to the list.


1. Level

The first designer on our list is Level. A level is a group of passionate designers, brand strategists, and content creators. The group works with various organizations, from early-stage startups to established organizations, to develop world-class brand identities.

Since the group consists of individuals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, they are nimble and miss no detail while keeping things simple. For Level, every single detail matters. Every letter, every pixel, it all matters.

The group also strives to increase signal in their work. This, in turn, ensures that the audience can hear the brand's message loud and clear.

The highlights of the group are their transparent working process, attention to detail, and award-winning quality. Level offers a wide range of services, including brand visual identity, brand guidelines, asset kits, marketing templates, and strategic branding.


2. Be Lucky

The second designer on our list of the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan is Be Lucky. Be Lucky is a Taipei-based creative advertising agency. The agency specializes in branding, ideas development, content creation, social strategy, campaigns, and others.

As a boutique creative agency, Be Lucky is capable of providing clients with highly personalized services, something that you'd want when hiring a logo designer. 

Each business is unique. Your business needs are unlikely to be the same as others. So, you want a designer that can provide you with personalized services.

Be Lucky offers services such as

  • branding and brand strategy
  • advertising, content creation
  • product launch
  • social media marketing
  • film production

If you are curious, you can see the agency's completed works and clients they have worked with on their website.


3. Worldshare

Worldshare is a boutique design, branding, and advertising studio that delivers fresh strategies that allow a brand to stand out. From corporate identity, motivating slogans, and packaging to websites. The team at Worldshare provides clients with world-class execution that builds brand differentiation.

The team understands that design needs to stand out. With more than a decade of experience in the field, the team is eager to help businesses create a world-class look. The team is also small, which means work is done more efficiently, and the client is working with the key people.

Despite the size, the team is capable of providing many services. Besides logo design, Worldshare offers brand strategy, corporate identity systems, product naming and positioning, website design, Search Engine Optimization, graphic design, print ads, and many others.


4. Smig Creative

One of the top logo designers in Taiwan is smig creative. smig creative is a branding and design agency that believes that design does more than just flatter. The unique name reflects what the agency does: "Making small ideas into big creativity."

For the agency, it should solve problems and needs, accommodate, and upgrade. smig creative loves what they do and wants to make a positive impact, which requires open minds and keen observation.

The agency was founded in 2013, working with clients from many different industries, including major international brands. smig creative offers three categories of services, namely

  • Visual design, which includes brand design, brand identity, brand art director, space art director, and package design
  • Interactive, which includes website planning, app design, and UI/UX design
  • Strategy, which includes creative thinking, content planning, and social media


5. Vetica Group

If you are looking for a logo designer that understands both local and international markets, look no further than Vetica Group. Vetica Group is a globally operating brand and design agency. The agency is based in Switzerland, but it has offices in Germany and Taiwan as well.

Vetica Group has worked with many companies, both local and international. Not to mention the clients the agency has worked with come from different industries, from consumer goods, industrial goods, medical and sanitary industry to the service industry.

Vetica Group has 25+ years of experience in the field and has served more than 200 international clients, and won no less than 84 awards. Vetica Group offers comprehensive brand, product, and service solutions. The services Vetica Group offers include branding, product design, digital design, and strategy.


6. RedPeak

The next on our list of the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan is RedPeak. RedPeak is a creative agency that builds brands that bond. For RedPeak, the brand is what connects businesses and customers. A business becomes a brand when a bond between the two is formed.

The team consists of young, curious, and ambitious individuals who are eager to learn, try, build, and create. The team believes that the power of creativity and technology can change the world.

RedPeak divides the creative process for each project into three stages: define, design, and deliver. This ensures that the team creates solutions that meet the client's objectives, delivered in the most actionable and applicable format.

RedPeak's services include brand and business strategy, visual identity, product and service marketing, and digital marketing.


7. Blimp Creative

Blimp Creative is a creative design and development team that specializes in branding, web, print, and occasional products. Blimp Creative has more than 30 combined years of experience in digital design.

The team has worked with some of the biggest brands from around the world, as well as smaller brands. The team works with clients from conception to launch. The team is there for the client, making sure that they understand what is happening throughout the process.

There are four stages in Blimp Creative process. The first step is the initial consultation, followed by the second: design. The third is the build, and the fourth is management.

Blimp Creative's core services include brand concept, corporate identity, brand management, rebrand development, brand strategy, website design and development, and website maintenance and updates, among others.


8. Paradise Design

Paradise Design is a comprehensive design company. It is a group of individuals who are experienced in graphic design, industrial designer, advertising, architecture, multimedia, and others. The company has two decades of experience in brand marketing and display, working with companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Like the other top 15 logo designers in Taiwan, Paradise Design offers a wide range of services. From graphic design, package design, digital design, and retail design to POSM design. Paradise Design works creatively and efficiently, meeting clients' design needs within time constrain.

Paradise Design has been the top choice for almost 100 leading global brands in executing their design projects. Paradise Design's works add value to client's businesses, helping them to grow and thrive with unprecedented quality and efficiency and turning buyers into shoppers.


9. Name & Name

Name & Name is a Taiwan-based creative company that creates high-quality designs, visual brand communications as well as art for local and international brands. The company has worked with businesses of all sizes from around the world. From startups to established multinational corporations.

What makes Name & Name stand out is its creative approach, which is based on research, experience, strategic thinking, and gut instinct. The creative company does work with a modern, bold, and premium style, which is more effective and cut-through.

The team at Name & Name consists of talented and professional individuals with decades of international experience.

Name & Name has a wide range of services, which include identity design and branding, graphic art, promotion, strategy, brand visual content, advertising, interior graphics, and packaging graphics, among many others.



VOCUIS is also one of the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan. In fact, VOCUIS is among the most innovative ones. The agency handles projects of global brands as well as clients in various industries. VOCUIS has been helping clients with effective design projects and sound marketing advice since 2000.

VOCUIS's client base encompasses small independent businesses, retailers, manufacturers, and multinational corporations. As a branding and design agency, VOCUIS provides a range of services, including brand development, identity development, graphic design, web and multimedia, and product aesthetics.

The VOCUIS team consists of highly skilled creative designers and brand strategists who deliver exceptional branding experiences across all brand platforms, helping clients' brands to stand out from the competition.

If you are curious about VOCUIS's works, clients, and the full list of services, just check out their website.


11. Onion Design

Onion Design is a Taipei-based branding agency. Like the other top 15 logo designers in Taiwan, the works of the agency span multiple fields. Onion Design helps its clients sort out their core values, focuses on brand strategies, simplifies complex issues, and converts strategies into creative expressions.

Onion Design also helps businesses to tell their brand story with visual vocabulary, show differentiation, and implement brand promises. When it comes to service, Onion Design offers a lot of them. Here are some of the services that the agency offers:

  • brand positioning
  • brand naming
  • trademark
  • strategic thinking
  • packaging planning
  • UI/UX development

In each project, Onion Design provides clients with comprehensive solutions that combine business and art, experience, and pragmatism. The branding agency has won many awards, which prove how good their works are.


12. iamrobert

The next on the list is none other than iamrobert. iamrobert is a branding and digital design company. The company combines creativity and technology to transform brands and grow businesses through powerful brand identity, effective digital strategy, and seamless web design.

iamrobert creates visual identities, digital experiences, and emotional connections between brands and people. The company excels at putting a brand in front of the target audience with the right message and, most importantly, at the right time. Their designs shift perceptions, solve problems, and drive growth.

The company offers a range of services, such as branding, identity, marketing, digital strategy, and web development. In each and every project, iamrobert understands the challenges the clients face and builds the right solution that allows them to stand out from the competition.


13. IGNITE Global Marketing

There is also IGNITE Global Marketing, a creative branding company that consists of talented and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. Within the team are artists, thinkers, problem-solvers, and builders, all of them striving for excellence in what they do.

The mission of the team is to take the client's brand overseas and win. This is achieved through craft discipline, creative inspiration, and of course, commercial savvy. What makes IGNITE Global Marketing different is how the team combines digital and traditional creative, strategic ideas perfectly.

IGNITE Global Marketing's services span multiple fields, such as

  • Branding (corporate visual identity, brand strategy, brand architecture)
  • Graphic design (corporate identity, packaging, editorial design)
  • Marketing (market research, direct marketing, digital marketing)
  • Copywriting (content writing, copywriting, content marketing)
  • Advertising (social media content, digital advertising, design, and creativity)
  • 2D/3D animation (2D/3D modeling, 2D/3D animation)


14. Gremlin Works

Gremlin Works is a Taipei-based full-service international digital agency that offers branding, web design, and digital marketing solutions. These three are the core services of the agency, which believes that one can't be successful without the other two.

Gremlin Works has been working with various clients, both small and large businesses. You can see the agency's works and clients on its website.

The highlight of the team is how eager the team is to learn about the client from the get-go. When you contact Gremlin Works, you can have a chat with them, so they know your business goals and situation.

Then, the team will provide you with some strategic advice. You will receive a follow-up with a proposal.


15. CAN

The last designer on the list is CAN. CAN is unlike the other top 15 logo designers in Taiwan. CAN (shorts for culture, art, and nature) is a creative and cultural enterprise founded by a group of youths who want to create an enterprise that is good for both society and the community.

As an enterprise, CAN focuses on multiple areas. One of them is design, which covers brand design, packaging, graphics, space, community design, and books. Like the other designers on the list, you can see CAN's previous works on their website.

What make CAN stand out are their drive and creativity. The group wants to bring positive influence to society through creativity and culture. They also offer different design thinking and creative perspectives, transforming brands and enterprises for the better.


Final Words

These are the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan. Today, a well-designed logo is pretty much a must. There are so many brands competing against each other out there. And they all have logos to represent them.

Without a well-designed logo, your brand can't stand out from the crowd and make a good impression on customers. It is a necessity to have a well-designed logo.

Creating a well-designed logo is certainly a difficult task. Everyone can make a logo, but not everyone can make a well-designed one. That is why it is better to leave it to capable hands, i.e., a professional logo designer. 

When looking for a logo designer to hire, make sure to check at least several of them. Make comparisons. Check their website, their stories and values, previous works, clients they have worked with, and, if possible, reviews from their clients.

You can't get a well-designed logo working with the wrong designer. So, you want to hire the best. Using our list of the top 15 logo designers in Taiwan, your search process should be a lot easier. Finding the right logo designer takes time, so don't rush the process. Take your time. We hope this helps.

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