The Difference Between Corporate & Product Logo Design

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Let's find out what is the difference or similarities between corporate & product logo design!
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In a more competitive business, brand awareness is a key for a corporation and company to stay alive. The best idea is to maintain specific identities used for the audience to recognize the item or the corporate. The best way that the company can use is creating corporate or product logo design. 

You got two projects that you need to tackle, the corporate or the logo for the product. So, is it different? Yes, the two are starting to have different connotations due to the more specific market or range of products. So, if you are running a company, make sure you know the difference between corporate & product logo design. Here are the details. 


How The Terms Started To Have Different Connotations? 

Businesses are starting to pay attention to creating more memorable brand awareness in modern society or the market. The high and tense competitive market makes the audience got more than enough options to choose from. That is why being memorable with visual tools is one of the best options. The difference in your sign will make a great point. 

In this case, the visual tools used are logos. In the B2B market, brand awareness takes almost 90% of the business goal. And it can help the corporate business to achieve its objective. However, the sense of corporate branding is starting to shift and expand. You can find some differences in the product logo design as one of the results. 

A corporate or company logo was one of the marketing tools. It covers many details, such as goals, ideology, identity, and many more. In the beginning, it meant to ensure the audience could get a product or service from the actual business. In other words, it merely signifies the company and invention in general. It does not specify any differences.  

But as the company or the corporate starts to expand and the more advanced marketing technique, emblems are no longer limited to business branding. You got another term called product logo design, which is a sub-logo for specific services and products. The design became the difference between corporate & product logo design. 

The main difference comes from the purpose and role of the symbol itself. Corporate branding uses the logo as the primary representation. However, the project means to specifically convey services or items. In other words, you can tell that product logo designs are mostly under the umbrella of the main branding. 

But why create two different plans? As you know the differences, you will find that the purpose is to follow the shifting marking inclination. It is also a great way for the corporate to get a more distinctive logo that helps elevate the product's existence. An emblem for specific items also helps create a separated representation in the long run.  

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Corporate Vs. Product Logo – the Differences

So, what is exactly the difference between corporate & product logo design? As said in the previous point, the terminology refers to the more specific representation. A corporate insignia means building a larger umbrella for its sub-product. However, the logo itself is not too different (in the strategy aspect). But still, there are some apparent differences to note. 

1. Corporate Logo 

Starting with corporate branding. The corporate logo mostly represents the whole business and company. In other words, it is the biggest umbrella that occupies all of the sub-design for its invention or service. The position itself shows the biggest difference between the two. The project itself mainly focuses on creating a brand identity for the corporate name. 

Another thing that differentiates between corporate and product logo design is the coverage. A corporate one is also called the center of the business. The main purpose of the idea itself is to build, elevate, and expand the credibility plus the corporate reliability. Most of the time, you will find that it will appear in almost every company item. 

So to make the corporate logo, one needs a bigger brief about the company itself. It is another difference between corporate & product logo design. Since it is the main or the global brand representation, it has more consideration in the making. The strategy must have every detail that signifies the company vision, values, and business message. 

It is way broader than the product logo design, which makes it harder or more complex to make. Another big difference between the two is the function. A corporate brand emblem mostly made by and works as the basis of the other company's visual tools. It includes the smaller sign, font, color scheme, personality, and many more. 

One of the best examples is the Facebook company. As a corporate business, the idea for its logo consists of a logotype with the company name. It has blue as the main color and simple font for the design. It is the basis for another sub-emblem, which you can see on the sub-application, such as Facebook Messenger. The difference between the two is pretty clear. 

The Facebook messenger is the sub-product design that takes a lot of corporate branding ideas. It has the same color palette to make a consistent branding. The font, element, and marketing material are also consistent with each other. So, the difference is only in the application. It makes the marketing point elevated, increases the product and audience recognition. 

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2. Product Logo 

In the previous part, you know that the difference is company branding has a bigger scope than the product logo design. However, it does not mean that a specific project has less importance than others. In the modern market, a specifically crafted identity for a specific product can help increase sales. In many cases, it also helps elevate the brand manifestation in the market. 

One biggest difference between corporate & product logo design is the focus key of the idea itself. On the opposite, the designer only focuses on the specific product feature and usefulness for the audience or customer. On the other hand, it mostly features and characterizes the image of the creation.

As a corporate sub logo idea, many business services will end up with a heavy range of products under their brand. As time goes, only using business branding will not be enough to tell or spot differences in every item. It is when the specific logo ideas are crafted to introduce the exact specific items. Thus people get to know more about the company. 

One of the best examples you can take is the business giant, Coca-cola. The soft drink business uses a unique logotype. However, it also has a range of unique and specific ideas for its products. You can see the model for Diet Coke, Minute Maid, Sprite, Fanta, Simply Orange, Dasani, and many other items. 

All of the soft drinks come from the same company. However, each of them also has its symbol. The reason to make a specific sign is to accentuate the difference in the set of customers, features, focus, and market. It is the best illustration to tell the difference between corporate & product logo design. 

What makes it even more unique and helpful in the market is that the product logo design differences eventually create novel packaging. The design is entirely different from each other, which makes it have a distinctive brand personality for each item. The personality and the identity eventually elevate the business venture. It tells that the difference is not far apart. 

While it is said that the corporate branding and the main symbol can set the theme, not all of the product logo design follows along. You can see how the Coca-Cola company creates a unique and specific insignia. Thus, making it as if from a very different company. But they are under the same umbrella. Those are the clear differences between the two. 

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Why Create A Logo For Product?  

After understanding the difference between corporate & product logo design, you might have another question. Why create one for every product? Can you represent corporate or company branding in one project? Naturally, a business wants to cut off some budget for appropriate work. However, the differences are hard to ignore. 

But when the company has a lot of products, they tend to expand their marketing with new designs. It is one of the marketing wits that big companies have to tackle in the more competitive market. Another reason goes to the fact that people have a nature to attract and build perception through symbols. The main differences are pretty much the scope. 

Most of the time, the audience or customer will perceive the corporate image through the product logo design. In other words, the symbol will lead the customer to either remember, pay attention, be interested, or not care about the product and the business itself. Making a sign for each item also elevate the business presence, even with the apparent differences. 

It is vital for a company. Many businesses, big or small, have started to realize the importance of logo design in the market. It is not only representing the company and the product but also increases the recognition rate. It is especially true if you can make a memorable work that states the two terms with all of their differences. 

A memorable design helps people to notice the company brand and its product. You can take the famous Apple as an example. The corporate technology company uses a simple yet memorable design that makes people recognize it in just a glance. It features a graphic of an apple with a small bite out of it. It does the job to epitomize the name and the personality. 

What makes the two terms unique is how the difference between corporate & product logo design can support each other. The best example is how branding helps improve the trust level for the customer, such as how the Coca-Cola brand backed up the new Minute Maid franchise. The difference makes both of them work hand in hand.

People know the popular corporate name can elevate the specific design symbol. It also works for other businesses. You can see how people take the Apple logo as a determiner of certainty and quality. People will trust the product with the symbol since they know it is made by a trusted company like Apple. 

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Creating A Powerful Logo Design 

But then, making a successful corporate branding and the product logo design is not an easy feat. There are some occasions when the strategy is considered to fail due to the inability to signify the brand. That is why designers need a lot of consideration to make a memorable, successful, and powerful idea. It is also essential to learn the differences. Here are some ideas to do beforehand. 

1. Doing The Client Research 

The best start is doing research. It is a staple point in which every designer will dig up a lot of information about the client. Learn the business thoroughly, find the difference between the two-term, and work around it. Whether you are going to make a corporate or specific symbol, ensure that you can comprise all of the essences and state them in your work. 

In this part, some of the information that you need to learn is the target market and their demography. You can list the age range, gender, social, financial, or educational background. Try to remember and work around the difference between corporate & product logo design. So If the project is creating corporate branding, you can make it general and easy to recall. 

But to produce a specific design, you can learn more about the specific item information. In this stage, you can focus on capturing the sense of the company and personality. Try to learn and pick some information regarding the typefaces, color palette, symbols, images, symbols, and the range of sub-signs. So, you can pinpoint the differences. 

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2. Take A Good Look At The Competitors

Another good point that you need to learn is the competitor difference. Many designers get some inspiration for the product or corporate branding through rival ideas. However, you should not copy the idea. It is better to work around it and make your creation. Try to learn how the competitor gains or loses fame from their sign. It also helps you learn many differences. 

The focus in researching the competition product logo design is not only learning the market but also making a difference. The best point of a successful sign is to stand out, be memorable, and be recognizable. If you want to win the competition, you have to make the corporate branding and all of the ideas better. 

Underline the fact that the main goal of creating a project is to draw your customer's attention. So, put aside all of the worries about the difference between corporate & product logo design. You can focus on creating a unique model, catchy and also has no cliched element in it. Being different is vital and also ensures everything fits like a puzzle. 

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3. Make An Impactful Design 

It is not a surprise that you will need to make an impactful design. The point is to ensure your idea can catch people's attention and make them want to buy the product. In this case, try to get creative without straying away from the main brief and corporate personality or identity. Remember the differences between the two, so you got the point. 

You can play around with color, shape, style, model, or typography. However, make sure that every piece of design can feature the corporate and the product. Don't forget to make it scalable, so you can make the product logo that denotes the company in many applications possible.  

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Reasons A Logo Fail 

If you can succeed, then you might also prepare for failure. In the design graphic realm, it is not a new occurrence. However, you can avoid a possible failed attempt. It includes learning the differences between the two terms. No one wants to spend dollars for a futile attempt. So, some points make the design fail. Here are some of them. 

1. Too Many Element 

One thing that is sure to make design fail to reach the target is too many elements. Many failed projects make mistakes by adding too many fonts, colors, or other features. The result is a mixed-signal and misconception. Remember that you want to make a logo that can send a precise message, which is easier with less color or element.

2. Do Not Do Proper Research 

A researcher can pinpoint whether you realize the difference between corporate & product logo design or not. For corporate branding, the function is to create an overall reputation, reliability, and credibility. Thus, you have to think simple yet effective. But, for a product symbol, you can use more color, font, and design elements to accentuate the feature and the target market. 



Considering how the market is getting more competitive over time, it is given that a business has more than just one logo. It is to represent the corporate and also to make a dedicated design. A logo itself is a powerful visual tool. Understanding the differences will help you introduce and tell the audience about the brand, which is vital in the market.

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